Some of the people may think that spending an extra couple of dollars may be very useful for them when it comes to buying electric skateboards. The thought behind this may be that extra money would bring extra benefits and charms. But before spending so much more money than you already can, consider a lower price range.

Firstly, before making any decision, you have to consider the pros that an expensive electric board above $500 can get you. Leave no detail when you are about to make a new purchase. You need to make sure that the extra dollars spent are worth it.

Is spending $500 on an electric skateboard worth it? What pros can you get out of it?

As we suggested above, making a list helps in finalizing hard decisions. So, here is a list of pros that spending extra money can get you:

  • Well known Brands’ product availability: Well-known and famous brands keep their prices high as the quality of their product is much better than normal manufacturers. To support this claim, we may present you with certain manufacturers that create skateboards of very high quality e.g., from Yuneec, Atom, Koowheel and Blitzart. All of these companies come off as top-notch manufacturers in the world of electric skateboard companies with their well-established products and services. Their high-end quality and the precautions they take to give their customers the best end product is their specialty. So yes, more money can buy you a board from a well-known brand.
  • Good Quality Assurance: As mentioned in the previous point, quality is guaranteed when you buy an expensive product. By mentioning this aspect again, we are putting more focus on it for you to know how important the quality of a product is before you buy anything. A product from a well-known brand would assure you a good service and will have a longer life span due to its competent manufacturing. It would require minimal effort for its maintenance over and over again.
  • Competitive specifications & modern designs: If you are willing to spend $500 on an electric board, you may want one that is equally useful to you and the kids. A board that could be suitable for adults too would be powerful enough to carry more weight and should be tough. It would most definitely provide a high hull grade for climbing steep hills and a heavy motor for more efficient working.

All of these are almost all the points that a person spends more money for. QUALITY is pretty much the main difference between buying an electric skateboard above $500 and one that comes in a lower price.

Buying both skateboards is like buying a highly branded dress from a top-notch store, and buying a cheap one from a budget shop. The main difference will be their quality. Both of the dresses would work, but the question here arises that how long would that cheap dress stay in a good condition and how would it be better for you when you purchase it.

The electric skateboards above the rate of $500 may provide all the best features, but if you have a low budget, and want the good features as well, we may have a solution for you.

Not that the electric skateboards that fall under the range of $500 are of low quality, these rather fall in the mid-tier price range and prove to be beneficial too. The boards that come under $500 are quite good and give a satisfying performance. Some of the most reputable companies have made skateboards under this range too, so you have nothing to worry about.

The Most Famous Electric Skateboards That Are Purchasable Under $500

With the emerging technology in today’s world, you can see that children are more attracted to modern gadgets like tabs, mobiles, video games, or skateboards.

Nowadays, one of the most trending gifts you can buy for a kid, alongside drones, are electric skateboards. With their advanced features, no wonder people are purchasing them like crazy. Whether it is a birthday event, or a family function, may it be Christmas or Easter, kids frequently get these electric gadgets enormously.

You are here probably because you want to purchase a skateboard for yourself or your kids or nephew, and cannot get to the right decision. Well, you have come just to the right place as we will list 10 of the best electric skateboards that you can get in a low price i.e., under $500. All of them are available in the market and are amazing and one of a kind!




In these few past years, Yuneec has worked hard to make its place in the highest leveled and well-recognized companies of electric skateboards up till now. They are now quite famous for their remarkable features, impressive quality and of course, reasonable prices.

Want a cheap yet excellent electric skateboard?

We meant it when we said that Yuneec offers its boards in reasonable prices. The E-GO2 is one of the unbelievably cheapest boards that they manufacture, and you can get if for just $355.

Composition’s effect on weight carrying capacity:

The deck of the E-GO2 board by Yuneec is made of 8 layers of strong maple wood, giving it a tough look and comfortable yet firm grip. This good manufacturing is the reason that this board is able to carry almost 220 lbs. weight of riders.

Unique kick tail designWhat’s special about E-GO2’s motor?Let’s talk about the rangeHow long does the battery takes to juice up?3 different colors to choose from!Technological benefits

The deck has a unique and interesting kick tail design that not only creates a good look, but also provides the rider enhanced control over the board. This design also offers great help in better steering.

If you are a skateboard fan, you must know that every other company is now installing hub motors in their boards which is good. But, Yuneec here decided to stay classic and had a powerful belt drive motor installed instead in the E-GO2.

It would have been better if they had made use of hub motors but there’s also nothing wrong with the belt driven motor as the one that they use is of a very high quality.

With this powerful motor, the board is able to achieve a top speed of 12.5 miles per hour.

The maximum range that this board can deliver extends up to 18 miles which is very impressive when you keep in view its $355 price tag.

The battery that is installed in this board takes up almost 3 to 5 hours to fully charge itself. This comes off as a drawback as other boards cheaper than this have it lowered to almost 2 hours. This feature can be improved by the company for the conveyance of the users.

For the sake of the battery, Yuneec has installed regenerative braking system in this board, through which you may charge a bit of a battery every time you tap on the brake or accelerate the speed so that makes up for some of the time lost in charging.

The E-GO2 is available in three different attractive colors that are dark green, pink and blue. Colors make the riding more fun. You can gift this board to your kids and they can show off the cool colors to their friends!

Coming to the advanced technologies that this board has, number one on the list is its wireless remote control that helps you have more control over the board. It works more like a joystick and has an ergonomic designing.

Next up is the board’s very own dedicated mobile app (iOS and Android) through which you can control the contents of your board by just a click on your screen! The features that can be checked through the app are the battery percentage, battery temperature, distance crossed and current speed.

Summing up all of its properties, the E-GO2 by Yuneec is one of a kind and provides all basic functions. It offers great specifications, strong composition, reliability and a reliable after sale service too!

There’s no doubt that Yuneec has become the talk of the town with these wonderful products.

Learn more about the Yuneec electric skateboard in our review.

  • The deck is made of 8 layers of strong maple wood
  • Deck has a kick tail design
  • Delivers 18 mile range
  • Available in 3 colors
  • Comes with a wireless remote and a dedicated mobile app
  • Pocket friendly
  • 12.5 miles per hour top speed
  • Battery takes almost 3 to 5 hours to get charged




The design of the Koowheel D3M looks somewhat similar to the Blitzart Huracane model when looked from far away. But you will be highly mistaken if you think that their specs match as well. Appearance is just the only feature that’s same between the two.

Moving on to the D3M, we must say that despite of some really wonderful creations in the past, Koowheel really stepped their game up while manufacturing this masterpiece.

By spending roughly $500 on this electric skateboard, you will do yourself a big favor as it not only delivers one of the most high top speeds, but also a very high mileage on just a single charge. How cool it that?

Let’s see what specialties has this board got.

What’s the deck made of?NoticeWheelsHow much power does the motor supply?How much can it run after a single charge?Customer’s reviewsolder D3M

Deck is the most important part in a skateboard as it is required the basic structure, whether it’s a manual board or an electric one. So let’s start with the deck.

The deck of the D3M is composed of thick and strong Canadian maple wood. Apart from bringing strength to the board, this deck is able to carry around 286 lbs. of weight on it, which is just as good as the 300 lbs. provided by Blitzart Huracane.

Please take notice that the weight has a great effect on speed and mileage, so you must be careful with the limitations of weight mentioned by the company. Also, the battery charging may also affect both of the features. So don’t be disappointed if the board fails to always delivers the advertised speed and mileage.

The wheels used by this board are made of polyurethane material as in Huracane, so they provide the same resistance from any sort of damage and weather changes. These are also very durable.

The power that is supplied by the dual hub motors is almost 700 Watts. These dual motors are hidden away in the rear wheels giving the board a clean look.

With such a good power supply, this bad boy can reach a speed as extraordinarily high as 25 miles per hour which is more than the 20 miles of Huracane. Let us remind you again that the top speed can be achieved only when a normal sized person is riding the Koowheel D3M and the path is flat and even.

We are pretty sure you are as flattered by these features as we are, but guess what? The top speed is not even the best part of this board!

To put a cherry on top, the Koowheel D3M has claimed to deliver as high as 22 miles of range with only a single charge!

This is already more of a range than any other board can offer on a single charge, and to top it all off, the board comes with a swappable battery!

This means that if you bring the charged extra battery on your trip, you won’t have to adjust with the 22 miles of range, you can just swap the battery right there and double the range to 40 miles. This facility is extremely impressive!

More manufacturers should focus on enhancing the range as it gets tiring and frustrating to put a pause to your journey just to charge the battery and then continue again. Extra battery is more convenient.

According to our description, you can sense that we are already a fan of the D3M. But to convince you more, let us boast about its built-in quick charging function that lets the battery juice up again in just 2 hours! This can not get any better!

By this point, we are sure that you are convinced about the Koowheel D3M as its breathtaking and interesting features make everyone drool. Well yes, the specs are very good but let us tell you about some customers’ reviews.

Some of the users have mentioned in their reviews that they have faced the problem of disconnection of the board with the remote, resulting in the riders losing their control. Some also reported to fall due to this difficulty.

The newer boards made by Koowheel have this issue fixed and the connectivity is just fine in them. The customer’s reviews about them is really good and positive.

But keep in mind, that you may face the problem, especially if you are buying an older, used version of the board.

Apart from this default, which can easily be ignored by buying new board for just $499, the Koowheel D3M is one of the best boards that one can have!

  • Equipped with a 700 watt dual hub motor
  • Delivers a high top speed of 25 miles per hour
  • Has a swappable battery
  • Battery gets charged in just 2 hours
  • Provides 22 mile range on a single charge
  • Capable of carrying up to 286 lbs. weight
  • The older version is reported to show disconnection problems of the board with its remote




Before we start telling you about this masterpiece that Blitzart has created, let us mention that the manufacturers have made two models of Huracane, so you should be more careful and not confuse the two. The two models look almost just the same, but the purpose to make two of them was obviously to introduce different features, specs and other techniques in both of them.

Let’s look at the specsPower supplyTop speedHow much range can it deliver with a single charge?Deck and construction strategyWeight carrying abilityWhat can its remote control do?Which wheels are used?Choice of colorsIs it worth purchasing?

The model that we have chosen to introduce to you here has the following specifications:

The Huracane skateboard boasts of its dual brushless motor, that individually may not provide much energy but being dual makes the power supply quite decent. Its hub motors provide 350 watt power each, summing up to a total of 700 watt power output.

What’s so sophisticated about these dual hub motors is that they are hidden in rear wheels, like most of the other hub motors. This technique gives the board a finished look and competitive neatness.

You will see on one side of the deck exactly along with the edge, there will be a handle grip present for you. This one is quite easy to grip and makes holding the board and carrying it around much easier than it ever was.

With the power supply of 700 watt strong dual hub motor, this bad boy can make you feel like you’re in a roller-coaster ride with its top speed of 20 miles per hour. This is by far the highest speed in the boards which also makes the Huracane the fastest electric board here. It definitely leaves behind the boards that have a power supply of up to 1000 watts but still unable to supply such fast speed.

Being equipped with a 36V lithium-ion battery, the Huracane is able to satisfy you by delivering the maximum range of 12 miles on just a single charge. This is double the range than Atom B.10 which can only extend up to 6 miles.

Deck design and construction follows the same recipe of the other, cheaper electric skateboard model of Huracane.

The construction and deck styling of this Huracane model is exactly the same as the other cheaper model of Huracane.

The company has used 8 ply Canadian maple wood surrounded by thick layers of strong bamboo on its top and bottom to make a smooth deck of both the models.

The reason why the manufacturers didn’t feel the need to make changes in both versions was due to the fact that this construction strategy can hold a lot of weight.

To reach the above mentioned advertised top speed, it is important that the riders do not exceed the limits as told by the company. In the case of weight, this beast is able to carry a maximum of 300 lbs. of weight, which is extraordinary for a board that comes under the $500 range.

The remote control that comes along with the electric skateboard looks quite unique and smart is style, but its functioning is very basic, like other remote controls. The features it lets you have control over are the acceleration, reversing, braking etc.

The wheels of this beast are made specially of polyurethane material to provide them the extra, ultra resistance and longer life span, since the 20 miles per hour top speed might have caused harm to the wheels while racing.

You heard it right! The Huracane is not just versatile in its features but also shows versatility in its color range. You can get three color accents for the board outside and wheels, which are orange, black and green. These colors are also available for all other models from Blitzart.

Yes, yes, a thousand times yes! This beauty comes with a price tag that says only $399. With this low of a price, this skateboard provides you so much more facilities and benefits than other boards in this range. This board can even be entered in the list of great boards that you can get under $400. This economical bad boy is highly recommended, guys!

  • Able to carry weight as high as 300 lbs.
  • Consists of a strong deck made of Canadian maple wood sandwiched between bamboo layers
  • Can deliver 12 miles range on a single charge
  • Has an unbelievable fast speed of 20 miles per hour
  • Comes in different colors
  • Budget friendly
  • Dual hub brushless motor that delivers 700 watt power
  • Equipped with polyurethane wheels for harm resistance
  • None that we know of!

Learn everything you need to know about this model in our Blitzart Huracane review.




Same price as Atom Electric H.6?!

Yes! You heard it right. This other fancy baby from ATOM, the Electric B.10 can be purchased for exactly the same amount of money that you’d spend purchasing previously mentioned ATOM Electric H.6. In case you forgot how much it was, it was $499.95, folks.

You must be wondering if the  price is the only thing that the both have in common or are there differences between the two.

What are the differences between the two?

The deckWeight carrying capacityMotor and its power supplyTop speedCan you ride up steep hills with this board?

Lets start with the deck, guys. Both of the boards are composed of good quality Canadian maple, but the thicker layers of maple wood on the B.10 makes it somewhat better than H.6. A thicker layer makes a harder deck, which in turn becomes able to carry more weight than the former model.

Having a thick layer of maple wood makes the electric skateboard able to carry up to 270 lbs. of weight, which is pretty good when compared to other boards.

Quite shockingly, the two boards have different motors and their power supplies as well. B.10 aces this field as well with its more powerful motor which supplies raw 1000 watt of power.

What makes the motor different and special from H.6’s motor is that this model has a belt drive motor.

Let us guide you about how a belt-driven motor works. This motor is present outside of the wheel of the electric skateboard, and a belt is required to transfer torque from the motor to the wheel axle.

How is it more useful? These come in handy as they supply more power to the boards. Unfortunately, this design also has more chances of failure. This is due to the crisis of the belt, that can come off, or break. Same drawbacks can be seen in the bearings.

With the help of the 1000w motor, this electric skateboard can achieve the top high speed of 18 miles per hour which gives this beauty the ‘wow’ effect!

Yes, you can. With the usage of belt drive motor that supplies more than enough power, going up steep hills will not be a problem for you!

Does the electric board actually delivers the mileage that is promised? 

As the customers have reviewed, they are not satisfied with the mileage that the electric boards from ATOM have to offer. According to them, the advertised 6.2 miles on a single charge wasn’t that far off when they rode the board.

One customer managed to get 8 miles out of the 42V battery, while another, who was a more aggressive driver than the former, only rode for 5 to 6 miles on a single charge. Their experiences were quite disappointing but these are not all the cases.

They are claiming from the manufacturers to make more powerful motors that work up to the mark and perform efficiently as promised. Moreover, such a low mileage for a $500 seems like a waste of money.

A great way of covering up their underpowered battery is the low battery charging time which is only 2 hours, so you may recharge it and get going again!

Overall, the features of this electric board are to die for. Quite frankly, experiences vary from person to person. Since there are a number of factors that may affect the working of a board for instance, the rider’s weight, you can never reject a board on other’s reviews.

Wireless remote and regenerative braking system:

The board comes with a wireless remote controller, which is easy to hold and even easier to understand. It withholds Samsung batteries, so you may get it in working condition for a long time.

Like all the other electric boards from ATOM, this bad boy is also equipped with a regenerative braking system. This means that every time you hit the brake, or let go of the accelerator, you are actually juicing up the battery of the board. It’s like a cool internal charging system.

For a board that costs $499.95 this one comes off as a very powerful board, which will make the toughest ones drool over it. There are certain features that can be improved, but they are not very bad as they are. Overall, this is a very good board that we would recommend.

  • Equipped with a 1000 watt powerful belt driven motor
  • Regenerative braking system is installed
  • Battery gets charged in just 2 hours
  • Deck has thicker layer of Canadian maple
  • Able to carry up to 270 lbs.
  • Delivers 18 miles per hour top speed
  • Allows you to climb up steep hills
  • Battery doesn’t provide enough mileage on a single charge (as per some reviews)




This Paradox Electric Skateboard is the perfect display of all the fine material one can think of. To make a great board, the manufacturers have made use of a bamboo deck. Moreover, there’s black grip tape so that stability and comfort go along with the nice look. Its 28-inch length makes it a perfectly normal-sized board suitable for kids as well as adults.

Is it lightweight?Unbelievable weight carrying capacityWhat’s under the deck?How high can the speed go?Battery timingBidirectional traitIs it affordable or on the edge?

Even though it’s weighing only 9 pounds, this little fella supports amazing maximum weight.

Despite of such good quality construction, it is unbelievably lightweight. It weighs only 9 pounds, but in contrast, it rather picks up very heavy weight.

Where most of the electric boards of this size and weight have their limitations of 100 to 150 lbs. of weight carrying capacity, this gorgeous baby goes all rouge and tough and amazes all its users. The unbelievable strength extends up to carrying 270 lbs.

The power supplying source of the electric board should be powerful enough to make all the functions work well. This masterpiece doesn’t disappoints in this manner as it has a strong 600 watt motor under its deck.

With a 600 watt string motor, this bad boy is going to astonish you by achieving up to 16 miles per hour top speed!

The Paradox board boasts of its lithium-ion battery which is very durable. A single charge can make the electric board run up to 6 miles only which is low mileage as compared to others in this list.

Luckily, to overcome this drawback, the battery recharge time is just 2 and a half hours to be juiced up fully!

The newest and most attractive feature of this electric board is its bidirectional trait.

You will be amazed to know that you can now change directions by just one click on your handheld controller. This saves you a lot of time and trouble of doing different tricks to change directions.

If you are a big fan of performing tricks, this easier way to change directions is indeed going to be very useful to you.

It costs around $400, which is not very expensive and keeping in mind the board’s features, very reasonable indeed!

Summing up all the points, the Paradox will prove to be a good and economical purchase for you.

Read more in our article dedicated to Paradox Electric Skateboard.

  • Budget friendly
  • Equipped with a 600 watt motor
  • Reaches up to 16 miles per hour top speed
  • Battery takes 2.5 hours to recharge
  • Deck is made of strong bamboo
  • Lightweight
  • Can carry up to 270 lbs. weight
  • Directions can be changes with the help of handheld controller
  • Only runs up to 6 miles with a single charge




Airwheel M3 is one of the most beautiful models when it comes to the electric skateboards. Besides its beauty, it has many other features that will stun your mind.

Astonishingly high speed with just one charge!What’s the charging time of the battery?What technology has the Airwheel got up its sleeves?Off road energetic wheels

The Airwheel has this impressive ability of reaching up to 13 miles per hour, which is equivalent to 20 km per hour. It can be your riding partner for up to 12 miles with the juice of just one charge! This benefits all the riders who want to travel more and stop less.

The manufacturers Sony have already outdone themselves by extending the mileage of 12 miles only after a single charge. But…  there’s more!

This bad boy can get its battery all juiced up and ready to go in just 2 hours! So, you do not have to wait long hours to continue your adventures with this special board.

Despite of its distracting beauty and marvelous exterior, the Airwheel proves has got more up its sleeves.. Or you may say, in its system or under the deck!

The addition of double circuits and control chips are the proof that this board is made with modern technology installation.

Furthermore, this smarty has with a smartphone app dedicated to only this board, through which you can control and take over the board’s speeding and other things via Bluetooth. That’s as good as it gets fellas!

Making this electric board great for off road enthusiasts, the fantastic and strong wheels of the Airwheel are THE BEST! They are specially wrapped up in rubber tiers so it makes them resistant to most of the damage that can happen of uneven terrains or muddy puddles.

Get ready to be thrilled on your future adventures with this bad boy!

  • Strong wheels wrapped up in rubber tiers
  • Consists of control chips and double circuit
  • Has an affiliated smartphone app to control the board via Bluetooth
  • Top speed is 13 miles per hour
  • Runs up to 12 miles with single charge
  • Battery takes only 2 hours to recharge
  • None that we know of!




Get ready to be stunned by the ultimate unique design of the Munkyboards’ SK-250BL.

Power source of the electric boardA great combination of strength and styleHigh speed and battery timingIs the controller special?Is the board worth purchasing?

The board consists of a brushless motor. The brushless motor is comparatively more powerful and more durable. The motor has a longer lifespan as it is less prone to breaking, which is always a good thing when it comes to electric equipment.

If we talk about numbers, the motor provides about 250 watt of power. This deliverance of power is quite low as compared to its price.

But the good thing here is that this little fellow runs on a Lithium Ion 4Ah battery.

If you want both strength and style this is your go to board! Why do we say so? This is because the deck itself is composed of strong Canadian Maplewood, and the maple has rather unique designs on it.

What is so unique about this deck is its shape. You will see for yourself that at the front, there is a pointed edge whereas at its back, there is the round classic edge.

The pointy edge will not cause any problems, it would help you in gliding forward instead.

With this board, you can reach up to the top speed of 13 miles per hour. How cool is that?

You will get the ultimate benefit of getting up to 8 miles per hour with just one full charge.

Even if the battery is low you do not have to worry as its charging time is quite reasonable. The SK-250BL takes 4 hours to charge after which you can plug it out and ride it wherever you want!

Let us tell you that the board comes with a remote controller. But is it really special? The controller is of standard quality but the good quality of it is that it is really easy to learn. This means that the board is equally suitable for kids as well as adults.

The SK-250BL offers a variety of services but on comparison with other boards, it proves to be a bit pricey and expensive conveyance. It cost almost $500, which is near to our limit.

To summarize it, we would say that the Munkyboard is as fun as its name sounds. It fulfills most of the desires that a buyer would want from an electric board under this price range.

Find more info about Munkyboards in our review.

  • A very genuinely unique design of the deck with a pointy edge on the front
  • 13 miles per hour top speed
  • Made of strong Canadian maple
  • Its brushless motor is more durable
  • Boasts of a 4Ah lithium battery
  • Suitable and easy to understand for kids
  • Battery takes 4 hours to get recharged
  • A bit pricey for its limited features
  • Motor provides only 250 watt power




Enough talk about the electric boards that are light weight, guys, now let’s get to the real heavy bad boys that you can easily purchase under the range of $500.

Company that you can depend on:

Here we have a product from the well-known, famous brand called ATOM. The established brand has been a shining star in manufacturing of electric skateboards since the year 2005, so there’s no doubt that they are unfamiliar with the process or unaware of what qualities a good board should have.

Price rangeDeck specialtyHow much weight can it carry?Powerful hub motorHow much speed can this powerful motor offer?Battery coverageWhat does the company has to say about it?Remote Control

Let’s start with their handsome yet a bit pricey product, the ATOM Electric H.6. You can purchase it for $499.95 in the market. There’s a slight difference of just 5 cents between its price and our budget limit or it would not have made it to the list of boards under $500.

The boards between the range of $200 to $500 will obviously have marvelous features to make instant impressions. The Electric H.6 will prove our point right here.

The deck of the electric board is composed of thick layers of Canadian maple, hence, confirming the fact that this is a strong board that resists any sort of electrical shocks and dirt.

Under the deck, you will find superb quality rebound wheels that not only provide balanced support, but also flexibility, stronger grip and durability.

This famous board can withstand up to 220 lbs. of weight.

In this recent model of the board, there is a powerful hub motor installed. The advantages of using a hub motor are infinite. For instance, let us tell you that in case of hub motors, there are no belts or gears available, that is why the electric skateboards that are equipped with hub motors are less prone to failure.

The power supplied by a single hub motor is equal to 700W,which is pretty amazing for a board of this price range.

This extra strength, 700 watt motor offers to deliver a quite impressive speed as high as 16 miles per hour. So you have nothing to worry about if you are for a crazy ride!

With a rechargeable battery like this little fellow has, the occasional stops from your rides can be ignored as it takes little time to recharge it and get started again! Regenerative braking is provided, to help increase the battery life.

From the reviews that customers have given, we have observed that the Electric H.6 can only run up to 6.2 miles on the basis of a single charge. This may seem decent if this was a cheaper board but for a $500 board, this mileage is not enough. It is rather disappointing.

Keep in mind that when the company was asked to explain the specifications of this H.6 model, they specifically used the words such as “average” in the “average mileage”.

Furthermore, the company ATOM replied that taking in consideration their calculations,

They would focus in future on making a board that suits more steeper terrains, is capable of carrying increased rider weight and provide you a higher speed.

This means that all these qualities are not very up-to-date in the available model. As long as your weight is in the limitations, you don’t travel uphill or like to go in normal speed, this is the board that will work for you perfectly, and you will experience a better mileage and performance.

The remote control that comes with the electric board is really ergonomic. This special remote offers you two speeding modes; the slow mode for beginners and the faster one for experienced riders. So the board is guaranteed to suit everyone despite of their experience and learning.

The specifications of the Electric H.6 may not be up to the mark or very competitive when compared to other models but the manufacturers ATOM, themselves have quite a reputation for quality.

So it will not be that bad of a choice if you decide to go for a board.

  • Provides two speeding modes i.e., slow and fast both
  • Comes with a remote control for controlling speed
  • Composed of thick layers of Canadian maple
  • Carries up to up to 220 lbs. of weight
  • Equipped with 700 watt hub motor
  • Speeds up to 16 miles per hour
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Speed and mileage is low as compared to its price
  • Overpriced for its given features




Altered Fantom.1 covers most of your needs by its basic rich functionality. It appears to be quite a treat, but is originally not very powerful as compared to other boards. Hence, it is on the second last position in this list of best skateboards. But its some very pleasant features and nice designs urged us to keep it in the list.

Maple wood deckMotor & speedSatisfactory batteryWhat is the weight limit of the board?

The deck proves to be quite a good one with its strong composition from 7 play maple wood. It is well known for its reliability and durability in this field. The deck is known to be 23 inches long, which is quite a surface area for balancing.

Altered Fantom.1, unfortunately, disappoints in this department. Its motor is not up to the mark and provides only 100 watt power, which makes the board run up to only 10 miles per hour.

This speed seems a little too slow for a board that you would spend over $400 on. The price and the speed do not really match here.

The battery this board uses is not very bad as it lasts for around 8 miles. This mileage is usually a good timing.

We will mention again that the working of the board largely depends on the weight of the rider.

As we talk about weight, let us tell you that this smart thing is not able to carry much of a weight either as it has its limitations on that part. The maximum weight is allows to get on it in order to work properly is 120 lbs. only. The low weight carrying capacity is slightly giving us a sign that this board is designed for children, whereas the age limitation is nit mentioned anywhere and it doesn’t even look like one.

You may consider it one of the boards that you can gift your kids, nieces or nephews but not ride yourself if you are a fully grown adult. They may ride it to the parks or to their schools.

Other than these few good features, it is not very special in terms of specifications. That’s why it resides in the least favorable choices.

  • Deck is composed of durable 7 play maple wood
  • 23 inch long deck for good balance
  • Battery lasts for around 8 miles
  • Suitable for kids
  • Weight carrying capacity is only 120 lbs.
  • Low powered motor
  • Costly for its low speed




Swagboard is a very famous name in the world of electric rideable gadgets. Their introduction here will be limited yet enough when we say that their hover boards are still one of best-selling products in the market for their efficient working and durable built quality.

Presenting you their most recent masterpiece, the extraordinary NG-1 (which stands for NextGen), which is quite a great product with competitive performance and excellent value for money as it costs only about 300$.

Strong DeckLong lasting batteryHigh SpeedWeight carrying capacity

This board keeps up with its strong manufacturing with a deck made of durable maple wood. The powerful deck is embedded with a grip tape. The grip tape adds to the comfort during skating, so you see that satisfying the rider is the top priority of the company.

To add to the good points of this board, Swagboard has installed a very reliable and rechargeable Li-On Fe battery which is made specially with their Sentry Shield technology. This advanced technology is the best to make a battery last longer and increase its life span.

Due to its marvelous results, the board can run up to 10 miles only on a single charge. How cool is that? Due to its low cost, low toxicity, well-defined performance, long-term stability, this battery is finding a number of roles in vehicle use, utility scale stationary applications, and backup power.

To indicate the remaining battery, a flashing light is inserted both on the skateboard and on the remote controller that comes with it.

To your surprise, this unique electric board is capable of going to a really high speed in such low price.

The board boasts of its maximum speed that can be 11 miles per hour. Of course, the speed would also depend on the weight of the rider.

The only disappointment you will have when you go for this electric NG-1 is its maximum weight carrying capacity. While most of the skateboards are able to carry high weighted riders, this little fellow has set its limits on 176 pounds. It’s a shame that the people crossing the limit will not be able to enjoy all the above mentioned perks of this amazing product.

Leaving this behind, the NG-1 is quite the bad boy in such low price!

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  • Speed as high as 11 miles per hour
  • Budget friendly
  • A rechargeable Li-On Fe battery that works longer
  • Battery indicating flashlight is available
  • Deck made of strong maple wood
  • Low weight carrying capacity i.e., limited to 176 pounds only

Razor Skater’s Guards Set

If you have already selected one of the best boards mentioned above, don’t just go yet! We still have something very important to discuss at this point. You must already know if you’re an experienced rider, or maybe even a new one, that safety always comes first.

Skateboarding, as fun and interesting as it is, looks and sounds, can be very dangerous too. The injuries can be really serious. So one has to take special precautions to avoid getting harmed. One can never be too careful. So along with purchasing a new skateboard, we heartily recommend that you must never forget to buy safety equipment like helmet, knee pad or elbow pads.

We recommend Razor’s Skater’s Combo Set, if you want safety in budget. This is a must-have for all riders. It is made out of thick and good quality materials but is unbelievably cheap for its marvelous durability. You can purchase the whole set for almost $25, which should not be too much considering they’ll most likely save your children from a whole heap of pain.

This amount is nothing when the safety of yourself and your loved ones is on the stake. The whole set seems to be much affordable than the pain you or your kid might face in the safety set’s absence.


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Now that the list of the top ten electric skateboards under $500 has come to an end and we have guided you through the process of purchasing a well suited board for yourself, let us thank you for your time and consideration.

We really hope that you have no more confusion on what to buy by the information that we just provided you. We tried our best to help you make the perfect decision for yourself.

Skating is as much a passion for us as for you so we guarantee you that the our guidance will be in your best interests. We feel that it is our obligation to help you fellows to pick out the best boards for themselves and others by providing specific useful details about the products fitting in your budget. Hope you get what you want!

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