Who doesn’t want to look cool and show off modern-day advancements that they own? The most easier and convenient way to do that would be buying a cooler ride, don’t you think? You may consider skateboards and scooters to be the coolest rides but emerging from the industry is the new famous Ripstik.

If you have a thing for thrill in your life, and can’t stand being lazy, sports can make you get rid of all your boredom in no time. While most of us have limited thrilling and adventures for the athletes and travelers only, the parents at home get really worried about how to get their kids go out and play outdoor games.

In an interconnected world where you get everything on just one click, children nowadays don’t find it necessary to go out and make most of their childhood.

To put an end to their misery, and to fulfill the thrill that you may need in your life, we present the RipStik board, that would not make just a kid’s life but any user’s life wonderful and exciting. The ripstik has been designed to attract many modern-day audiences. For kids, the preferable choice is Razor dune buggy but there are more choices to choose from.

For what it’s worth, the amazing experience that the ripstik provides is undoubtedly the best and worthy of its price.

Whether you are a kid or an adult, you can rock this ride by taking it to the park, to your workplace, or on a holiday as most of the models are quite easy to transport.

Along with the thrill, the companies make sure to keep your safety first and the machines come with precautionary measures.

You may have heard of it, or considered it an advanced type of skateboard when you saw some cool kid riding it in the streets. Let us tell you that it actually is like a skateboard but with two deck for each foot and both of them are connected with a pivoting middle.

It provides you luxurious comfort and flexibility with its 360-degree included trucks, that will allow you to move around the corners smoothly and stay balanced while doing it in a fluid manner.

Due to its excellent performance and reliability, it has been called a Vigorboard, a waveboard and a caster board by different brands.

You are reading this article definitely because you either want to know about a ripstik or want to own one. In both cases, you will need guidance about the top picks and other factors.

A little research before investing in such a machinery is always the good choice, as there are many types of ripstiks out there and it can get really hard to choose the right one that suits you and fulfills all your needs.

Hence, to make this decision a bit easier for you, we have picked some of the best ripstiks there are, for kids and for adults. Keep in mind that these are selected on the basis of various factors.

To be guided well, there are a few things that you need to know about ripstiks:

How to Ride a Ripstick

Learning to ride a ripstik may seem hard if you are a newbie and completely unaware of how to keep balance but it is quite easier to pick up for those who have already rode on skateboards or snowboards or even surfboards.

Firstly, before starting, you need to take all the safety precautions that you can manage. We recommend starting from a basic safety element, that is a helmet to the elbow and knee pads, you must have everyone of these for the sake of your own protection.

Next, you have to choose the right kind of area to ride your ripstik on. Choosing a rocky area or an uneven or steep road might not be a good idea for a beginner and it also increases the chances of accident. Ripstiks are specifically designed for carving corners and cruising around gentle slopes with firm grip.

After you find the right area, you also need to make sure that you place the ripstik correctly.

Now you might think, “What is the correct position?” The correct position is to place your least stable foot at the nose of the board, and the other one, the one that has more control should go on the back of the board.

The direction of your toes should be perpendicular to the direction of the board such that your toes are facing to the side. In such a direction, your each foot should be in the center of each section of the board.

Now, start moving your feet back and forth to make the ripstik ends turn in opposite directions. This is the basic step that makes the ripstik move forward.

To accelerate your speed after gaining momentum, lean your body into the direction where you want speed to move and start cruising in that direction. Keep moving your feet back and forth in the same manner to keep moving forward. You won’t need to kick off the ground like you do on a skateboard to move forward.

Stopping the ripstik is comparatively easier than starting or moving it. The easy way to do it is to just hop off or you may head your ripstik to some grassy area to slow it down and land down.

For a beginner, the hardest part may be learning how to start a ripstik board. After learning that, the next steps of adjusting yourself and keep yourself moving don’t seem that tough and you eventually learn how to ride it like a pro.

Safety measures

Scars do not look cool and even if you think they do, they wouldn’t last long so you don’t want to risk your life over being a show-off. Safety always comes first. Even when its your own playground that you are playing in.

To reduce the chances of accidents, Razor always recommends wearing closed toe shoes that are the lace-up kind with rubber soles. Never  ride the ripstik boards barefoot or in sandals.

Moreover, before heading out, inspect the hardware of the board like wheel bearings, crakcs or any other default and make sure everything is okay for use. Check for any cracks or broken connections.

Another precautionary measure is to check is the fasteners. Make sure all are tight and nothing is rattling. Any mistakes or mismanagement can result in worse accidents that may hurt you and other people. One needs to take extra precautions for the safety whether it’s a vare thwy are driving, a bicycle or even a ripstik.

It is your obligation as a good citizen to learn your local laws for skateboarding. Obey the law as yours and many other lives depend on your actions.

Take care of any traffic pedestrians or your surroundings and othet skaters. It’s always clever to avoid steep inclines. Stay on level, dry ground to minimize your chances of falling down.

To start as a fresh rider, it is best to have a friend or a fence for support before you begin riding. Take support on a friend’s shoulder to gain stability, and allow them give you balance by putting their hand on your shoulder as well. If you’re alone, the fence would do just fine.

What to Look for in a Ripstik

As mentioned above, our choice of the best ripstik boards in this review is based on the comparison of the following basic factors:

Weight limit of the boardWeight of the boardDimensions of the boardAverage ratingPrice

The weight limit of the board is a very major factor to consider before buying one as many of the ripstik boards are made to carry only up to a certain lbs. which includes riders of only small ages. If you are a fully grown adult, you might want to consider if the weight carrying capacity of the board is suitable for you or not.

Weight of the board itself is different from its weight carrying capacity. For instance, a board may be designed light weight but may have the capacity to cJ8arry heavier weights. For you to decide which one is better for you, you need to keep your usage in mind. If you will be on the move a lot, you will need a light weight board that is easy to carry around, but if you are going to stay at a specific area, a heavier board will be the perfect fit for you as it gives more stability to the beginners.

Dimensions refer to the board being long or short according to your need. If you are a tall person or have wider body shape, you will need longer boards to maintain balance and fit properly, but if you are short heightened or a kid, there are also smaller boards available for you to choose from.

It is a clever technique to look for customer’s rating before buying a thing for yourself as a person who has already used a thing already knows more than you. Customer reviews can be very helpful to see how durable a ripstik can be and other pros and cons show up too.

The Ripstik boards we have chosen for you in our review are the ones that are all rated at least four stars by the users.

Price is always a major factor when you are buying a ripstik for yourself. Generally, you will find most of the ripstik boards to fall between the price range of $40 and $100 which is quite fair considering its modern-day look and updated features. Although, there are a few ripstik boards that cost more than the above mentioned price range.

The factors above are all the most basic and major ones that would matter for making the right choice as a beginner.

Although, to make most out of your choice, you may also want to consider the material of the board, its quality, and the specific style of casters on the board. The strong build up of a board is very important as its durability depends on it. You would want to select a ripstik board that serves more and requires less investment of energy, money, and time.

Our review mostly contains manual ripstik bunch. While each one of the ripstik boards in our list stands out, there is one that specially charms the customers as it is an electric ripstik board. This is exciting news for those individuals who are fond of getting more speed by exerting less energy. The major advantage of having an electric board is its rechargeable battery that ensures long usage of your board.

Here are our best recommendations:

1. Razor Ripstik Caster Board

Razor Ripstick Caster Board



Razor has introduced a variety of ripstik boards but the original one, also called the classic ripstik board is this one.

It is the choice of most beginners as it is easy and less complicated than other boards. Despite of the fact that it is an older version, the ripstik castor board ceases to compromise on its good quality and still offers one  of the best and basic features that one looks for in a ripstik.

Firstly, to attract many, this board comes in a wide range of colors and is suitable for ages eight and above. With its easy usage, all age groups can easily learn how to ride it.

One thing that you might want to know is that the deck is larger than other ripstik boards so very small children may not be able to handle this board easily. A larger board is comparatively easy to be used by adults as it suits their size.

One of the best features that it has is that it has minimal maintenance needs. It rather provides you more facilities. This means that you will not be taking it to the workshop every other day or will not be tightening its wheels very often.

Razor has put a lot of emphasis on the design of their RipStik Caster Boards, and it you will see it for yourself. The design looks fun, attractive and makes the riders, especially kids, drool all over it when they see it.

The wheels that are used for this model are 76 mm urethane wheels. Apparently, the urethane wheels do not absorb oil, grease, or water so they make the ideal wheels for these boards.

With such a resistant capacity, these wheels help you pass easily through rough patches and muddy roads.

Although, it ensures safety at many levels but it causes a bit inconvenience due to its heavy weight. But the company has managed to overcome its flaws with even better benefits. With a 34 inch width, the deck, because of its heavy weight, provides great balance to the rider.

There are many impressive features that the caster board showcases including the inclined caster trucks, ABEC-5 bearings and pivoting deck provide stability for snowboard like carving.

The concave decks to prevent slippage, the rubber padded torsion bar just in case, and the removable deck plates so you can switch it up if you want, also add up to the remarkable advantages that are present in this board.

There is no specific speed-limit to the Ripstik Caster Board so it is not very safe. The best thing you can do is take safety measures. In the description of every caster board that Razor manufactures, there is a safety warning. The company recommends the purchase of knee pads, elbow pads and helmet beforehand. This especially applies to people who are new and have never ridden before.

  • Requires minimum maintenance
  • Boasts of its 76 mm urethane wheels that provide flexibility and durability
  • Can work on all types of road conditions
  • Less complicated
  • Has a concave deck of 34 inch that saves you from slipping
  • Deck plates are removable
  • Heavier in weight
  • Not very suitable for children
  • No specific speed limit

2. Razor Ripsurf

Razor Ripsurf


With its unique design, this ripsurf  looks pretty much like a surfboard, but performs like all other ripstik board.

The ripsurf lets you get the feeling of surfing and also saves you the trouble of waxing yourself up and traveling all the way to the beach. You would just have to wear your helmet and hit the roads!

You might be questioning the difference between ripstik and ripsurf. Let us tell you that the main difference between the two is the unique hourglass shape of the ripstik, which allows the nose and tail of the board to twist independently.

The ripsurf is already prepared for you so it saves you the time and energy to assemble different parts before starting your adventure. So if you want a board that can be you partner at all times, ripsurf is just as ready as you are!

The new design contains an upturned nose that  helps to strengthen the board and lets the rider have more control over the board.

Moreover, the pivoting deck provides smoothness, and it makes easier for you to turn around corners and jump curbs. The board offers extra stability carving out deep turns.

The ripsurf is also able to adept quick movements and tricks. It’s like it has a brain of its own!

The remarkable specs of the ripsurf are as follows:

  • Dimensions: 32.2″ L x 10.7″ W x 6.0″ H
  • Weight: 5.25 lbs.
  • Max Weight capacity: 220 lbs.
  • Best for: Ages 8+ (ages 8-10 years under supervision)
  • Best Feature: Patented RipStik® one-piece torsion technology
  • Materials: Industrial-grade polypropylene deck, “wax-bump” textured deck
  • Traction pad: Textured foam, with a ‘surfboard-like’ tract pad kick tail
  • Wheels: Inclined 360-degree urethane caster wheels
  • Warranty: 6-month warranty of manufacturer’s defects.

To create more interest for the users and giving them the chance to customize their boards, this board comes with stickers to customize the deck as you like.

Talking about freebies, let us also tell you that an extra wheel is also given with it in case it needs any maintenance.

As the company puts serious effort into making all of its products marvelous, you will experience the sturdy quality and modern torsion technology in this board too.

A crazy cool feature that only comes in this ripsurf is the textured deck on the back that creates more traction for the riders.

Whether you’re a fresh rider or a pro, you’ll love having this board surfing beneath your feet!

  • No assembly required
  • Good quality construction
  • Carves and cuts like a surfboard
  • Comes with an extra wheel, stickers and a manual
  • Not suitable for use in skateboard parks
  • Loose rocks can lock up wheels
  • Not suitable for use in the rain or ride through water puddles
  • Traction pad can get worn down over time

Learn more about Razor Ripsurf in our review.

3. Razor Ripstick G

Razor Ripstick G


If you are in search of such a ripstik board that delivers quality performance and also does tricks, then Razor has answered all your prayers by creating this Ripstik G.

The board is especially designed for those individuals who have already learnt how to ride a ripstik board as the Ripstik G is not an ordinary ripstik for the training of beginners. It is rather designed for the riders who want to experience new riding skills and tricks on their ripstik boards.

The phenomenal Ripstik G allows you to have a whole new experience of riding ripstik boards with extreme grinding. It boasts of its spinning aluminum tube that gives you the option of grinding on rails and it also won’t keep you from performing kick tricks! How cool is that?

Moreover, it is equipped with the company’s well known concave decks that saves you from slipping. Another remarkable advantage is the deck being removable so you can change it if and whenever you want to.

It is a groundbreaking caster board that works like a skateboard-snowboard hybrid. The pivoting deck it has and the amazing 360-degree caster trucks allow you to do snowboard-like carving.

The special feature of this ripstik is that it requires minimum effort from you. Meaning that you will not be spending much time on its maintenance process.

The aluminum material that Ripstik G uses is aircraft grade material, so you already know that it guarantees you durability and safety, all at once. You can now land safely from any trick without the fear of getting hurt.

The equipment of high quality aluminum makes the board a bit more heavier than other models, but you can bear that since it gives you all other advantages that other models would not.

  • Strong aircraft-grade aluminum construction
  • Allows you to try new tricks
  • Extreme grinding
  • Requires minimal effort for maintenance
  • Concave deck that prevents slipping
  • Not designed for beginners
  • Heavier than other ripstik boards

4. Razor Ripstik Ripster

Razor Ripstick Ripster


The Razor Ripstik Ripster is the modernized version of the Classic Ripstik but is smaller in size.

If you are looking for a board that will provide the same features as classic model but allows you to do more tricks, then the Ripstik Ripster is undoubtedly your go-to choice.

To make things more interesting, the Ripster is available in several colors e.g., blue, red and black. No matter how choosy you are, one of these three color options will end up suiting your style.

Being an updated version means that it is equipped with the same features like the inclined caster trucks and pivoting deck and provides the similar advantageous facilities but also contains more advanced technology that did not exist in the classic version.

The Ripstik Ripster, as mentioned above, is smaller in size so it may be used equally by children comfortably as by adults. Compared to the 34 inch Classic, the compact Razor Ripster is 27.5 inches long.

Being lesser is size, it also has the advantage of being half the weight of a normal ripstik board. This benefits both adults and kids as being lightweight makes the board easy to transport and carry around. The light weight makes this model attractive to experienced boarders who have a difficult time performing tricks with a heavy ripstik board.

The unique features of ripster includes equipment of high tech polymer with the option to easily remove your deck plate. The durable deck provides the opportunity of extreme grinding. The good things don’t end here, as it consists a steel torsion bar spinning aluminum tube, and that too of high aircraft grade quality. The extremely special twisting motion of the ripster lets you move forward without pushing off. Not just this, the thrill of snowboarding on dry land is guaranteed by the Ripster with its carving motion.

The Ripster sports 66 mm urethane wheels replacing the classic’s regular 76 mm, but it is still equipped with the same ABEC-5 bearings.

The shorter wheel base is suitable for those riders that have a narrower stance, are smaller in age or those who can not manage big boards. You don’t need to worry if your preference is a bigger board or a smaller one, the Ripster always makes you feel at home with its slip resistant concave deck.

The urethane wheels used in the ripster are very suitable for carrying you on hard area, and for performing tricks mid-air, or simply sliding past on the sidewalk. Wheels made from the urethane material generally has competitive anti-tear and abrasion resistance qualities which may neutralize your aggressive behavior if you like your ride rough.

Safety is guaranteed while riding this board as it is equipped with a concave deck and has rubber padding, so you won’t get hurt.

Other compact caster boards face the problem of lack of maneuverability when the dimensions are reduced but this is not the case with ripster as it delivers performance as well as style.

Being lighter weight unfortunately makes the board less durable than the classic Ripstick. Another flaw that you may find is its slower speed which may be good for kids but kills the vibes for those who seek adventure in their rides.

The Ripstik Ripster is easy to use for everyone. As long as the person riding doesn’t exceed the 143 lbs. weight limit, there should be no problem in letting anyone enjoy its ride.

Riding this ripster board actually is a good experience for kids as it is safe and easy to ride.

  • It is lighter in weight
  • Easy to carry around
  • Contains a concave deck
  • Equipped with rubber padding for safety
  • Consists of an aircraft grade aluminum tube
  • Suitable for both kids and adults
  • Less durable than classic ripstik
  • Slower than other models

5. Ripstik Bright Caster Board

Ripstik Bright Caster Board


Razor sure knows how to make best use of their products and how to make them more attractive to the audience.

To make things more interesting and appealing, the classic ripstik is updated in the “Bright” model that comes in the clever yet catchy color combinations like tangy teal and orange, pink and blue or red and blue. With such vibrant colors, your kids will love you even more if you buy them this as a gift!

The safety is guaranteed in this ripstik board as it contains a concave deck that is slippage resistant and a rubber padded torsion bar for enhanced protection.

Wheels are made of urethane material. Urethane is perfect as it is a powerful combination of the rigidity of plastics and flexibility of rubber. The thing about urethane wheels is that they are neither rock solid nor very soft, which makes them ideal for a smooth ride on all sorts of roads, whether it’s a hard path or a smooth road.

This model of ripstik is a bit lighter than the classic razor ripstik, which makes it ideal for small adults to handle on their own. The small size also lets you carry it around easily.

  • Comes in different colors, hence increasing your choices
  • Concave and removable deck plate
  • Urethane wheels maintain balance on all terrains
  • Rubber padded torsion bar is equipped for safety
  • Lighter than the classic ripstik
  • Suitable for kids as well as adults
  • Light weight decrease the durability

Find out more in our Ripstik Bright Caster Board review.

6. Ripstik Caster Board Graphic Waveboard

Ripstik Caster Board Graphic Waveboard


The Ripstik Caster Board Graphic Waveboard one is the only board on the list that is not manufactured by Razor company, but its exquisite features have made it worthy of thie title of best ripstik and it quite earned its features here.

It is undoubtedly one of the most coolest Ripstik boards in the market nowadays as its newest design is quite appealing to the customers. The attractive design includes wheels that light up that add cool colors at night and a deck that has interesting graphics drawn on it to make the audience drool more.

The Graphic Waveboard is made of ABS and metal which makes durable to use and ensures high-quality composition. Its dimensions are: 34.’ X .6’ x 5.3’ (L x W x H).

One more advantage of buying this product is that it comes fully assembled with hardware, risers and bearings. This saves you from all the trouble of reading manuals and long instructions on how to assemble. You may save up time so you may buy it and it is ready to go!

What’s better about this board is the carrying bag that it comes along, so you may forget all the worries of how to carry around this masterpiece to a park, workplace, café, or any place that you travel to.

One drawback that we found out was that this board craves attention when it comes to maintenance. The wheels gets loosened and they require tightening every now and then.

The carrying case that comes with it is experienced to be very tight for adults so may be it is actually built for children.

If this is the case, then the bright colors, the graphic designing and the light up wheels are an even bigger advantage as the kids will love it!

  • Attractive design
  • Suitable for kids and adults
  • Comes with a carrying bag
  • Strong metal composition
  • Wheels light up
  • Requires constant maintenance as wheels need to be tightened every now and then
  • The carrying bag doesn’t fit an adult

7. Razor Ripstik Electric

Razor Ripstick Electric


The Ripstick Electric Is the only electric and automatic ripstik that you will find in this list.

Just like every other ripstik above except the Graphic Waveboard, this one is also manufactured by the well-known Razor brand.

Keeping up the good name of the company, it is just as maintained as the other models. Its effortless use, and extraordinary performance prove this point. It requires lowest maintenance to work efficiently.

Its ultimate special power is to be able to take you around town for about 40 minutes. This energy is the courtesy of its powerful lithium-ion rechargeable battery. Such an extended time on only a single charge is a win win situation for everyone!

The fast Electric Ripstik claims to reach up to ten miles per hour top speed. The high technology of this amazing product will speak for itself when you get a chance to control the ripstik with a handheld remote control that comes with it.

It is designed especially for the people aging nine and above, so you kay say that it is versatile in case of riders.

There may be a slight difficulty cum downside to this ripstik that the working of an electric motor with the new to most segmented board can get tricky and hard to understand.

The powerful 100 watt kick start motor of this electric ripstik makes it rather unique. Now riding with style and more power is just a purchase away.

Despite of having a high speed already, there is possibility of its speed accelerating while going downhill. This can be harmful and one needs to take required safety precautions to overcome the situation.

As long as you are under and/or equal to 143 pounds, you are good to go for a ride on this established and modernized ripstik by Razor.

  • Makes use of a lithium-ion battery that is rechargeable
  • Every charge makes it able to work 40 minutes
  • Speeds up to 10 miles per hour
  • Can carry up to 143 pounds weight
  • Suitable for ages 9 and above
  • Boasts of a 100 watt motor
  • Tricky working coordination of motor with segmented board
  • Going downhill accelerates the speed

So Which is the Best Choice for You?

Not that any one of the above mentioned ripstiks is any lesser than the other one, the right choice for each one of you depends wholly on your demand.

 The choice doesn’t have to be difficult. You just have to keep in mind your preference and how yoi want to use a ripstik.

 Generally, we highly recommend all the board of Razor as all their models have the basic good features of a high-quality ripstik.

Specifically, for beginners, we personally think that the Razor Ripster may be a very good fit.

If you are in for a thrilling ride, you need not get scared of trying out the wonderful experience that the  Ripstik Caster Board Graphic Waveboard can provide! It offers new tricks and cool designing in a very reasonable price.

The Razor’s products, Classic and Bright Version ripstiks are both great for normal day use as they are easy to use. They are both the perfect blend of style and performance. Classic ripstik is suitable in cases where one doesn’t want to put much pressure on the legs.

For those style seekers for whom appearance makes most of the impression, you will love the unique and stylish look of the Ripsurf. Although with this one, you might need to sacrifice some of the safety features like concave deck.

Lastly, for the best electric supplied experience, the Electric Razor Ripstik will be the perfect solution for you. Whereas, the G Ripstik Board comforts your excitement with its fast speed and clever tricks.

All of these boards are great choices and will prove to be great partners in your adventures!

Take a look at these models available on Amazon right now: