Is managing to learn to skateboard your New Year’s resolution? Keep your energy high as this is not one of those resolutions that will go untouched. Riding on a skateboard is a wish that is light on pocket and fun to learn. It brings the thrill in your life as you unleash your potential to ride on the skateboard like a pro. This sport will get you hooked on to it within a few hours of practice.

Reviews of the Best Skateboard for Beginners

However, you can’t reach the epitome of joy unless your skateboard is the right fit. So before you jump to placing your order on Amazon, we insist you read through the beginner’s buying guides. It entails the details of the skateboards trending these days in the market. The pro-con list will be very helpful in streamlining your choices.

1. OHDERII Skate Skateboards 31 Inch By 8 Inch Skateboard

OHDERII Skate Skateboards 31 Inch By 8 Inch Skateboard


Ohderii offers skateboard that is best suited for all skill levels; beginner to professionals. As the name suggests, the Cruiser Skateboard has a cruiser deck that acts as a strong platform and gives you the courage to balance yourself, control the wheels as you glide on it effortlessly.

The skateboard uses thermal transfer film for the vibrant, trendy pattern. These patterns add life to the skateboard. The board comes pre-assembled from the manufacturer, therefore, complies with all industry standards.

The shipping package also includes a set of four spare wheels and an extra T-wrench. This feature makes this skateboard an instant pick as it frees up the owners from the hassle of putting the board together in one piece. 

Deck DescriptionWheel Specification

The skateboard follows the standard dimensions of 31-inches by 8-inches that is perfect for adults and children alike. Impact-resistant ABS material is used for the base which gives the skateboard high-grade build quality and durability. The 7 layer Canadian maple wood panels make the deck compact, lightweight and easy to carry around. Ohderii skateboards are waterproof as well. Its anti-skidding properties give the rider the freedom of enjoying skateboarding in every weather. This low riding board ensures maximum stability, making it an ideal pick for downhill trackers.

ABS material base is shock absorbent, and the wheels are manufactured with solid, high-quality PU. This makes it an ideal choice for covering long distances. The low-riding board’s deck balances on four smooth casters that gives stability and perfect control. The 3-inch trucks are made with aluminium and possess hardness strength of up to 85 A.

  • Skateboard is 100% waterproof
  • Comes pre-assembled from manufacturer
  • Low centre of gravity gives it the stability
  • The shipping package includes spares
  • One year warranty by the manufacturer
  • Wheels are slightly hard for the young riders
  • An expensive pick

2. Minority 32 Inch Maple Skateboard

Minority 32 Inch Maple Skateboard


A skateboard that truly showcases the marvels of engineering. Each part is made with high-end material and promises world-class construction. With advanced printing technology, the board is given the outlook of graffiti street art. You can decide the visuals of the board, as per your liking, from a range of eight striking vintage designs. 

Deck DescriptionWheels Specification

The cold-pressed 7-ply hard rock maple wood brings flexibility to the board, giving it the strength to sustain bumps in your ride. It’s the best choice for skateboarders with a bigger build as the board can support weight up to 220 lbs. The design specs of the deck offer excellent manoeuvrability as it has passed the quality test on pool, pavements, and ramps. Kicktail and spacious nose are a convenient feature for beginners to learn the basic skill of gliding. The concave bend in the deck enhances the stability of the skateboard. It comes in handy when the advance riders are trying out new tricks and techniques.

The trucks are casted with 5-inch genuine aluminium alloy and chrome steel axel; the hardware is rustproof. Even with the slightest push, the 32 mm diameter high recoil polyurethane wheels produces so much power that the board stays in motion for a while, without needing another thrust. The ABEC-9 chrome steel bearings accelerate the skateboard to its top speed with three power paddles only.

  • Greater grip and higher acceleration
  • Use straight out of the box
  • Metal alloy trucks give the skateboard strength
  • Choice in colours and graphics
  • Wheels require regular cleaning
  • Edges are likely to chip off if not properly taken care off

3. POSITIV Team Complete Skateboards

POSITIV Team Complete Skateboards


This skateboard has been in the market since 2012 as part of the Digital series by POSTIV. The manufacturer entered the world of skateboarding as ‘Skate One’. Later on, they rebranded themselves to POSITIV. The famous skaters Andy MacDonald, Sandro Dias, and Rodney Jones have endorsed the skateboards by POSITIV on several occasions.

Deck DescriptionWheels Specification

Andy MacDonald model skateboard offers a wide spacious deck that suits a significant number of skaters. Skate One uses in-house veneer sources and presses to deliver the high quality it promises with its every batch. Each ply of wood, either maple or birch, is joined together by waterproof glue in the AirLam process. The process is followed by SST treatment to boost the length of the skater’s slides.

The Andy McDonald model comes with standard 54mm, 99A wheels with Mini-Logo bearings and 7.5-inch trucks. Slight concavity in the deck and over-sized wheels enhances the board grip. The design specs and dimensions are coherent to the standards and therefore give the best experience of skate ride on the road. As a cherry on top, the package also includes “Bones Speed Cream” lubricant that enhances the riding experience by making gliding even smoother. The skateboarder will feel as if they’re floating.

  • Concave bend in the deck
  • SST slide treatment to elevate user experience
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Suitable for newbies only
  • Limited choice in visuals

4. Puente 31 Inches Complete Skateboard

Puente 31 Inches Complete Skateboard


This brand comes with a legacy that dates back to Latin America. The skateboard is available in a great range of colours and patterns suitable for a wide age group. Thermal printing keeps the colours of the design intact forever. The build quality stays true to its name and history. Their products go through a thorough inspection and are rigorously tested before they are released in the market. The after-sales team is very cooperative in providing technical support. 

Deck DescriptionWheels Specification

The 7 ply Canadian maple wood skateboard is fully covered with grip tape across the deck. With a better control on the board, the riders can experiment with a variety of techniques and exhibit their knack for skateboarding. The concave design gives it flexibility and the dexterity to absorb shocks on the go. The double kicktail breaks the speed instantly. It is good to have feature for beginners.  

The trucks are made with aluminium and the axle is made with steel. 53 mm x 32 mm wheels allow for excellent steering performance and better control of the direction and support the rider in maintaining balance. Along with 5-inch magnalium truck, the 95A hardness of the ABEC-9 high-speed bearings enhances the capability of the PU wheels to withstand wear and tear.

  • Variety of options for print design and colour
  • Offers the best grip to the rider
  • Concavity of the skateboard provides additional support
  • Higher resistance to wearing out
  • Baseplate’s lags in quality
  • Inconsistent bolt pattern

5. Powell Golden Dragon Flying Dragon 2 Complete Skateboard

Powell Golden Dragon Flying Dragon 2 Complete Skateboard


Powell Golden Dragon is the best buy for a beginner skateboarder. The brand Powell Peralta is an American based company. The manufacturing takes place in China using the maple veneer source.

They produce skateboards under strict design specifications as they hold product quality very dearly and all Powell products come with a warranty. The skateboards pass through several quality assurance tests to ensure every skateboard in the market follows the same design standards.

Deck DescriptionWheels Specification

When it comes to features, the Power Golden Dragon skateboard stands miles ahead of all the other beginner skateboards. It is as lightweight as 7ply maple wood skateboards are, but it is much more durable than the ordinary decks. The dimensions of the deck are 32inch in length and 8inch wide. Deeper concave bend in the deck compensates for the narrow width of the skateboard and gives it the right strength.

A unique feature of the Powell Peralta skateboard is that its decks have an unbreakable polymetric strap. With its flexibility, the strap holds the deck together even when the board breaks into two. This aspect of the skateboard is a must-have feature, especially for amateurs who are still learning to balance themselves. 

The wheels are 54 mm in diameter and 37 mm in width. Although the hardness value of 99A is well within the acceptable limits, the bearing is its weak point. Over time, the bearings hinder the smoothness in wheel movement and make the skateboard considerably slower. Nevertheless, these hard wheels can always be replaced with softer ones.

  • Offers stronger grip with the deep concave bend in the deck
  • The manufacturer has a name in the market
  • AirLam press manufacturing to enhance deck strength
  • Deck’s graphics are high quality
  • Rigorously tested for Quality Assurance
  • Wheels do not live up to the overall quality of the board
  • Trucks are a little tough

6. RockBirds Skateboards 31 Inch Pro

RockBirds Skateboards 31 Inch Pro


These skateboards are amongst the most rigid, tough boards you’ll find. The anti-shock and anti-slip tape on the deck gives it the resilience to handle all sort of slipping and tripping without breaking into two pieces. This skateboard is a perfect option for beginners and skilled skateboarders alike. Ideal for building the confidence to try out the advanced tricks and techniques.

Deck DescriptionWheels Specification

RockBirds follows the standard skateboard dimensions of 31-inch by 8-inch. The high-density emery board gives it anti-slip properties. The skateboard has a weight-bearing capacity of up to 300kgs, making it amongst the very few skateboards that can handle bulky riders. Non-slip high-density emery surface is waterproof, and it adds to the safe riding experience.

The 5-inch aluminium alloy trucks are coupled with 53 mm, 95A wheels and ABEC 7 bearings. It’s a perfect combination of riding long distances in the street as well as skate parks. The Polyurethane material of the wheels uses the ABS material base to make the skateboard impact resistant. But the downside of the wheels is that they’re soft and do not match the style of pro skaters.

  • Suitable for the wider age group of skaters
  • Wheels are impact resistant
  • Anti-slip deck surface
  • Wheels may seem soft to advance riders
  • With frequent use the bearing get slow

7. SCSK8 PRO Skateboard/Cruiser

SCSK8 PRO Skateboard/Cruiser


Not long ago, SCSK8 entered the market as a small warehouse and a retailer. Today, the company has picked up its game by offering superior quality products at an extremely reasonable price. The skateboards are popular for their high-quality construction and excellent functionality. Besides this, they offer a whole list of graphics to pick from. It’s an add-on that attracts the young skaters a lot.

Deck DescriptionWheels Specification

It is a 32-inch by 8-inch skateboard, made with 7 plies of maple wood. The board is lightweight and easy to carry around. The skateboard can bear up to 225 lbs of weight, making it a suitable skateboard for both genders and kids as well.  

The 5-inch aluminium trucks are paired with 52 mm PU wheels. With a hardness of 101A, the wheels allow flat-spot resistance and high bounce. The bearings are ABEC 9 red, and they come with black pro-grip tape. 

The price point of this product comes with a few drawbacks along with it. The trucks are made with poor quality material, so are the bearing. They will need to be replaced shortly after a few rides. If the skaters wish to make it long-lasting, he will need to extend their budgets farther than the price quote. But the skateboard will turn into a great one.

  • Very affordable
  • Standard deck size, decent for beginners to find their balance
  • Grip tape is high quality
  • After purchase adjustments are necessary
  • Bearings lack quality

8. KPC PRO Skateboard

KPC PRO Skateboard


Known Pro has over 20 years of experience in manufacturing high-quality skateboards for advanced skaters. This makes them the most trusted brand to buy your skateboards from. KPC Pro Skateboards are offered in fifteen discrete designs. Their products are equally good for fresh and intermediates riders.

Deck DescriptionWheels Specification

The KPC PRO skateboard uses Canadian maple wood to construct this 7.7 inch by 32 inches and has a concave bend in the deck along with the black grip tape; these design features enhance the grip of the skateboard. It’s extremely lightweight and the board can be flip with little effort.

The trucks are made with aluminium and have a 5-inch hanger attached to the axle. ABEC 7 bearings have 80 grit black tapes and have 52 mm with 99A hardness high rebound wheels. The soft wheels and slow bearings are the drawbacks of this product. Upgrading these two will make this a perfect skateboard to ride on.

  • Lightweight and easy to flip
  • Concave design
  • Design specifications are perfect for the learning phase
  • Wheels and bearings are very average in quality
  • Customization is expensive

The Best Skateboard For Beginners — Our Pick

These eight skateboards are all equally good for early practising sessions of learning balance control. Each has a bundle of unique features to offer, making it a difficult choice to pick the best skateboard amongst these top picks.

OHDERII Skate Skateboards 31 Inch By 8 Inch Skateboard


For us, the deciding factor narrowed down to the skateboard that needs the least number of modifications to improve the riding experience of the skateboard. Because the upgrading the skateboard parts, adds to the cost of the skateboard itself, we do not recommend going towards it too soon.

For a newbie, a wiser decision is to choose a skateboard that doesn’t demand wheel or truck replacement for at the very least of few months of rigorous initial training. Therefore, Ohderii Skate Skateboards is the best skateboard amongst these eight boards for beginners.

This skateboard gives smooth riding experience on paved streets and downhill tracks. It will never disappoint you while you showcase your newly acquired talent of performing stunts. The deck is waterproof and the wheel assembly, including bearings, is all made with the best quality.

Take it for a city tour on a rainy day or ride it on an inclined pavement, this sturdy skateboard will not get damaged so easily.  

Buying Guide for the Best Skateboard for Beginners

Every skateboard has a unique set of features to offer and the freedom to choose the deck print designs from up to fifteen designs. Nearly all beginner level skateboards have the essentials like 8-inch standard width, durable wheels and concave bend in the deck for stability.

So the two key factors that will make or break your decision are the budget and the durability of the skateboard. Sadly these two concerns come as a trade-off to each other. Besides the price to feature aspect, a pre-assembled skateboard that needs minimum upgrades should always be preferred.

A self-upgraded skateboard will never come at par with the quality of industrial manufacturing. The level of perfection cannot be achieved with in-house modifications. Upgrading your skateboard is part of the fun, but focusing on it too soon may not be a very wise decision in our opinion.

We recommend gaining some experience with the manufacturer-supplied wheels and trucks first. 

While shortlisting the best skateboards for beginners, always pick the 32-inch long maple wood skateboard that has a slight concave bend. This is a standard size for skateboards, with the features the board will have adequate grip and will smoothly glide by following rider’s movements.

The right specification of trucks and wheels allow smoother ride on straight streets as well as downhill pavements. The suggestions to upgrade the wheels or bearings will enhance the experience even further. Nonetheless, the originally fitted ones will work just fine for the learning phase. Do not rush into upgrading parts too soon, unless some part of the skateboard has worn out.

For a smooth riding experience, it is important to keep the skateboard in good shape. Maintaining the skateboard is easy and only takes a couple of minutes. Firstly, keep your skateboard clean and store it in a dry place and avoid taking it out in the rain if you’re unsure if it is waterproofed. Secondly, regularly cleaning the bearings and keeping them lubricated improves the life of the truck assembly. 

Why Skateboarding?No Space RestrictionPhysical FitnessComparatively InexpensiveRemoves Fear

Skateboarding holds a different meaning to every rider. The adrenaline rush skateboards offer are incomparable especially when you glide on a downhill surface or take a flip. 

For some skaters, this is more than just a fun activity. It is their ride to the campus as it makes the distances considerably shorter. Skateboarding also has amazing health and social benefits associated with it. It is amazing stress-relieving source which can also help with the depression. It keeps your mind busy as the sun breezes through your hair.

Skating is a demanding sport that requires courage, practice and a bit of patience, and it’s only a matter of time that you will become a pro and will be hooked on to it as well. You too will find a reason to go back to the skate park. Let’s run through some popular reasons skaters gave:

The freedom of riding it anywhere in the city is what makes skateboarding so popular. You do not need a specific type of terrain to practice. Be it a large empty ground or narrow walkway. The limitation of space will not hold you back from skateboarding. It offers so much convenience that you can even practice it in the basement of your house. And when you’re through with the learning process, you can set off to the roads without any fear.

Unlike running, you do not have to push yourself to cover another mile in skateboarding. The thrills make you want to keep going. Riding on a skateboard is a fun technique to burn those extra calories. It is a great way of toning your muscles as you do not only make use of your hands and legs to push the skateboard forward. Every single muscle of your body is in play when you’re trying out those advanced tricks. From the core muscles in your torso to your quadriceps, and hamstrings. Regularly riding on the skateboard builds up the cardio strength, increases the flexibility of the body and improves coordination skills. These traits are extremely important to ace advanced techniques. Skateboarding is a complete workout plan, disguised as a fun sport for young adults as you can burn up to 340 calories an hour. Why head to the gym when you can burn so much from skateboarding?

Skateboarding is one of its kind sports. It is a great pastime which also serves as a cheap and convenient way of moving around the city for leisure as well as work. This recreational activity is light on pocket and endlessly fun. Skateboards are lightweight making it easy to carry around wherever you go.

Buying a skateboard is neither expensive nor is it a tedious task. You can get it from a local toy store for as low as 25 dollars. A bit of research can easily land you on a second-hand skateboard. These days a lot of people are selling their old skateboards online, and that too for almost half the price. Learning the art of skating is easy on the pocket, it only requires a small chunk of those savings. Buying a skateboard is the only expenditure. Besides this initial investment, nothing else is required. Even for practising you do not require any type of membership fee or team registrations. The skate parks are open for all

Talking more on purchasing the skateboard; there are countless options on the market, which slight variations in quality and style. The prices add up with the addition of extra features. The models that are integrated with gears can cost must be higher than the basic beginner skateboards, as they’re designed to cater to the needs of pro skaters.  

Skateboards bring out the brave and daring side of you. Acing the skill of performing stunts on the skateboard requires a ton of intensive training sessions along with some guts to let yourself free. Because there is nothing to hold on to while you’re carrying out the advanced tricks and techniques. The skateboard is flipping in the air and so are you. Stunts like these demand a clear mind because even the slightest distraction can bring home multiple severe injuries. We don’t mean to scare you. But it’s the practice, focus and self-belief that makes an amateur skater a stunt specialist.

Things You Should Consider Before the Purchase

The key to quickly getting comfortable with the new skateboard is to pick a skateboard that best suits your physique and the arena you will be practising in. Here a list of all the essential features to look for while buying your first skateboard and a quick guide on how to find out what suits your needs the best.

Deck SizeTrucksWheelsBearings and BoltsBrand

The rule of thumb is that a skateboard that has a deck width proportional to your shoe size will work for you the best. This is a simple analogy drawn by skateboarders to help you never forget it. So assume that you wear shoes within a range of 6.5 to 9 inches, the deck width appropriate for you is 7.5 or 8 inches. And if your size is over 9 inches, then we recommend going for an 8 to 8.5-inch deck size.

Keep in mind that your foot size is not the only measure for deck width. Skateboard size also depends on the type of surface you’ll be riding on. Beginners should go for a wider skateboard as it gives more room to position yourself firmly. A general recommendation by experts is to pick an 8 inch wide and 30-inch long deck, which is the standard size of all the skateboards we have reviewed so far.

Understanding the science that goes into picking the truck size and axle size suitable to the design of the skateboard is important too. It’s always a good idea to navigate through the skateboard specs of some of the known brands to make your choice slightly easier. As there are a lot of variations in quality and sizes, knowing what will work best for you in the key. 

Theoretically speaking, axle length is the same as the width of the deck so when the trucks are assembled, they fit the deck perfectly. Another factor that results in a smooth riding experience is the proper alignment of the skateboard.

Wheels determine the maximum attainable speed of the skateboard. This particular part of the skateboard has more to do with personal preference and there is no specific design rule associated with it. A wide spectrum of replacement wheels are easily available at Amazon, they vary in strength, size, and colour. Finding the perfect match for you might take some experience, so we recommend mid-size skateboard wheels. They range from 52 mm to 54 mm in diameter with 90A-99A hardness.

Rise pads are an additional accessory that is needed only when the wheel size crosses over the said range. It sits beneath the truck and allows the skateboard to turn swiftly.

It doesn’t matter if you are a quick learner, in the start, you will struggle with gripping the board and keeping your balance anyway. During this period, carrying the burden of mismatched parts will be an uncalled-for. Which is why we recommend picking even the smallest part of the skateboard with extreme vigilance. Doing your homework right will most certainly land you at a skateboard that has every part of the board in sync, from deck to bearing to bolts.

Bearing spins the wheels and bolts fix the trucks on to the deck. The standard bearing size for skateboards has an inner diameter of 8 mm. The much talked about ABEC ratings of the bearings determine the physical limits and tolerance of the bearings. If you have not looked up the ABEC rating system on the internet yet, it’s time you do as it plays an important role in the overall performance of the skateboards. From the maintenance point of view, it is critical to clean the bearings and keep them drained with oil. Keeping the skateboard maintained from day one is essential for the skateboard to outlive its recommended life.

As you’re new to the world of skateboards, we insist you buy your first skateboard from the best brand that not only offers a great price point but also gives some guarantee on the durability of the material used. Low-cost skateboards lack build quality and are more prone to damages like board chipping off, wheels getting worn out. Damages like these can hurt you especially when you’re not familiar with the skateboard and the art of skateboarding.

Some of the best brands to choose from are Rimable, KPC Hikole Skateboard and of course this year’s winning brand, Ohderii Skate Skateboards.

What You Should Do Before Getting Aboard?

Besides looking for the best skateboard for your needs, it’s also important to equip yourself with the safety gear like knee pads and helmets before stepping on the skateboard. You’ll flip and fall countless times before you learn how to balance. To prevent any serious injury from losing control of the board, safety equipment is essential. Better to stay safe than skip the safety gears for a few bucks.

Watch your friends skateboard, observe their posture and every move or perhaps take online lessons to become acquainted with the skateboarding lingo. This will help you follow your trainer a lot more easily. Focus on familiarizing yourself with the skateboard first, as tricks are the last stepping stone. Eloquence comes with practice so take baby steps and do not give up. You too can be a great skateboarder.


Skateboarding is an old recreational activity that has picked up even more popularity with each year passing by. Learn to flip the skateboard is not as easy as it may seem. But the first milestone is usually the most difficult one. In skateboarding, it is achieving the balance. Once that’s accomplished, it will only be a matter of practice to become an intermediate skateboarder. Patience is a virtue. You can learn on your own by following online video guides and free lesson plans. But finding someone who can constantly guide you through the process can make the learning process a lot easier and quicker.

Know that if you are struggling to learn the basic techniques, either your form is wrong or you’re learning things in the wrong order This is where a mentor can make skateboarding simple, by teaching you the fastest ways of learning skills like gaining better control of the skateboard. We are not suggesting you look for a real tutor. A mentor can also be a pro skater who you just met at the skate park. Finding someone of your age will elevate the fun in learning to a whole new level as you’ll get to hear his learning experiences and the difficulties he encountered. Who knows, you two might even become skateboard partners and on one fine day, set out on a journey to explore the city.

The tricks that you can perform entirely depend on the characteristics of the skateboard you are using. Each of the skateboards mentioned above has some pros and cons. Their unique features and drawbacks have been listed based on the consenting opinion of skateboard users all around the world. Follow the guide and navigate through the Amazon links to land on a skateboard that best suits you.