Pure Energy Electric Skateboard Longboard

Pure Energy Electric Skateboard Longboard – 2023 Review

For what it’s worth, the Pure Energy Electric Skateboard Longboard is one of the most popular choices in the world of skateboarding.

Fit to be an entry-level board, this Skateboard Longboard brings you both reliability and performance. The electric skateboard consists of a high power motor that provides you with 1200 watts power and efficient working.

With the efficient working of its engine, it can work up to the top of the speed at 21 miles per hour.


Longboard & Portable

The electric skateboard is proven to be a portable and easy to carry skateboard as it only weighs around 13 lbs. So all your worries can come to an end and you can easily take it to the coffee shop or park or store it in compact spaces too.

It is equipped with 83 mm durable polyurethane wheels that are known to handle a heavy workload with ease and flexibility. Not only do these wheels contain strength, but also stay firm on rough terrains, uneven roads etc.

Rich Maple Wood Deck

The deck of this Pure Energy Electric Skateboard Longboard is made of rich maple wood. The deck of the longboard, as the name suggests, is longer than usual which ensures more space for your feet to settle and stay firm and balanced throughout the day.

This magnificent electric skateboard is designed to accommodate a weight of up to 200 lbs. which makes it quite versatile and suitable for most people.

A lithium-ion battery is equipped in the electric skateboard which takes around 4 hours to get recharged, which maybe considered as bit longer than other skateboards.

The long recharge time can be compensated by the provision of efficient range of as high as around 18 to 20 miles.

To bless your adventurous lifestyle with more comfort, the hill grade of this electric skateboard is up to 10%.

For the sake of enhanced security and protection, the Pure Energy Electric Skateboard Longboard is equipped with a regenerative braking system that makes it easy for you to stop safely wherever you want.

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To remove the discomfort for you, this electric skateboard is equipped with a truck that helps in minimizing the vibrations created by the wheels and keeping your feet calm and smooth.

The most unique feature that it holds is its equipment with USB port, through the help of which you can charge your phone anytime, anywhere easily!

  • It kvells of a 1200 watt motor that fulfills one’s need for high speed, range as well as quality
  • It is quite easy to carry around and store in compact spaces as its weight is only around 13 lbs.
  • It consists of strong and durable 83 mm polyurethane wheels that perform well on rough patches as well as muddy terrains.
  • The deck is made of high quality maple wood that offers durability and comfort
  • A long deck makes it easier for you to stay balanced on it
  • The long board contains a truck integrated in it that helps in minimizing the vibrations created by the wheels
  • Speed is not that high
  • Charging takes longer than other skateboards

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