MAXFIND Dual Motor Electric Skateboard Longboard

MAXFIND Dual Motor Electric Skateboard Longboard – 2023 Review

MAXFIND Dual Motor Electric Skateboard Longboard guarantees not only high power but also allows you to always trust its advantageous features.

Considering its name, you may have guessed that this amazing electric skateboard is long enough for proper balancing of your feet in rough or smooth patches. What you wouldn’t know is that it is 38 inches long making it the perfect longboard!

MAXFIND Dual Motor Electric Skateboard Longboard

MAXFIND Dual Motor Electric Skateboard Longboard

Longboard In Lesser Cost

What makes it so efficient and affordable are the extra features in lesser cost. It consists of specially designed dual brushless motor which provides you with a total of 1000W power.

You will definitely find the range of this electric skateboard appealing as it extends up to 10 mile while consuming only a little amount of battery. It can work wonders even after one charge!

This full coverage wouldn’t have been possible without the lithium ion battery installed in it which takes as low as and hour to get recharged. This lower time required for recharging is quite negligible in this today’s busy lives.

IP65 Waterproof Class

Adding to the uniqueness of MAXFIND electric skateboard longboard, the use of IP65 waterproof class makes the skateboard completely waterproof.

It fulfills all your expectations of a high speed giving you a maximum of 18 miles range per hour, exclusively powered by its 1000 W dual motor.

For the construction of the deck which 38 inches of length, the 8 ply maple wood is used as it ensures flexibility, toughness and more efficiency. The long length and high quality material used for the deck together make the perfect combination to provide you with the best skateboard.

It is equipped with 93 mm polyurethane wheels, that are well known for their durability, safety and long lifespan. Such dependable wheels minimizes the risk of falling down and maintains balance in areas where others cannot.

Its long size doesn’t make it heavy, in fact, it weighs only up to 13 lbs. making it really portable and easy to carry.

If you are more of an adventurer or a climber, this longboard skateboard gives you the benefit of 20% hill grade so you may climb hills effortlessly.

The Maxfind Electric Longboard Skateboard comes with a small yet easily accessible wireless remote controller. This remote control lets you have access to your speeding while you ride.

Along with dual motors, 1000W power, 8 ply maple wood constructed long deck, it also boasts of its ability to carry up to 220 lbs. of user’s weight while maintaining its effectiveness on every step.

  • Makes use of a dual motor that gives you a decent power of up to 1000 watts
  • Despite of being a longboard, it weighs only 13 lbs.
  • Consists of 83 mm polyurethane wheels which ensure durability
  • Unique quality of being water resistant making it suitable for wet weather
  • Fit for adventurers as it provides 20% hill grade for effortless climbing
  • Comes with a wireless remote controller to control speeding
  • You may experience lowering of speed when the skateboard moves uphill

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