Altered Fantom 1.0 Electric Skateboard – 2023 Buying Guide

Altered Fantom 1.0 is a great choice if you are looking for an average electric skateboard that serves you with all the basic fundamentals of a skateboard with a good credential. But it may not be a match if you look for an extraordinary product that provides not only basic but also very appealing and newest tricks and features.

It is not much of an attraction when other boards are placed with it but some of its breathtaking features have urged us to mark it as one of the best electric skateboards that you can get under the budget of $500.




Strong and long deck:

Firstly, one of the best features that make this board purchase worthy is its strong and durable composition. Its deck is made up of 7 ply maple wood that guarantees strength and reliability. There is also provision of a high surface area for well balancing of the rider as the deck is 23 inches long.

Are the motor & speed good?

Coming to the speed and motor system of the Altered Fantom.1, let us inform you that these are not the best suites of the board. This electric skateboard unfortunately has been equipped with a common motor that hardly provides 100 watt power. With such low of a power, one wouldn’t expect a high speed. The maximum speed that this fellow can deliver is 10 mile per hour only.

For an electric skateboard that costs $400, this low power supply and less speed is just unfair.

The mileage that the board’s battery can provide

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The mileage that this electric skateboard can cross with a single charge is around 8 miles which is quite near to its maximum speed. This comes off as a good thing as the timing is not very bad.

Mention again that the speed of the board under any circumstances is highly dependent on the weight of the rider and the condition of the road that you are riding the board on. A smooth road and an average weighing person will make the board work exactly according to its promised potential and vice versa.

What exactly is the weight limit of the board?

In order to make the board work up to its potential, we would like to guide you about the limitations that this Altered Fantom.1 holds in case of its weight carrying capacity.

The electric skateboard, unfortunately, is able to carry around only 120 lbs. maximum. Considering the less weight carrying ability, one may come to the thought that this board may be designed for little children. While it is not mentioned anywhere on the board and it doesn’t even look like one made for kids, it may or may not be true. You can be the judge here when you give this board a try.

Even if it were true, don’t you worry! This is not a downside. This board may become the silver lining to your cloud on your kid’s birthday or when your niece wins the game and you need to appreciate her with a gift. If you are a light weighted person or a teen yourself, you yourself are in luck as it can be a great fit for you! Kids would love to show off this new ride to their friends.

Apart from some attractive features, this product is not very impressive after all. This is why we declare it one of the least favored electric skateboards under $500.


  • Strong composition of the deck i.e, 7 ply maple wood
  • A long deck of 23 inches gives a wide surface area for rider’s balance
  • One charge can give mileage of 8 mile
  • Kids can easily ride
  • Weight carrying ability is limited to 120 lbs.
  • Motor only provides 100 watt power
  • Low speed deliverance for a comparative high price

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