Boosted Dual+ 2000W High-powered Electric Skateboard – 2021 Review

In need of a high powered skateboard? You have come just to the right place where we introduce you to the extremely high powered Boosted Dual Electric Skateboard.

Proving its claim to be one of the most high-powered skateboards in the market, it offers a power of 2000 watt, which is more than enough for anyone! And not just the power, it has many other features that will convince you into buying it, so you may get to experience first-class, energetic rides!

What makes this Boosted Dual+ 2000W High-powered Electric Skateboard powered skateboard one of the most popular is its dual drive system which not only allows the electric skateboard to accelerate its speed, climb the hills, cross the rocky areas easily but also maintains a smooth ride everywhere!


High-powered Electric Skateboard

The smooth ride is because of its braking system that allows you to stop whenever and wherever you want, without any hassle.

For the construction of the deck, the company has made use of 100% pure and high-quality bamboo that provides flexibility and durability. The solid nature of the pure material guarantees safe and comfortable ride on any road condition.

Laying the basis of being modern and advanced in technology, the Boosted Dual Electric Skateboard provides you with many sensors i.e., automotive-grade lithium-ion batteries, mobile connectivity, on-board processors and much more!

It boasts of its 75 mm Orangatang wheels that’d blind you with their shine! The electric skateboard also provides a high level of torque and phenomenal performance with its high power of 2000W.

For a 2000W powered electric skateboard, the Boosted electric skateboard is unbelievably lightweight i.e., only around 13 lbs., making it really easy to carry around and store in compact places.

Boosted 2nd Gen Dual+ Standard Range Electric Skateboard
  • Get around with incredible speed and ease on the most powerful electric skateboard
  • Standard Range Battery - 6 to 7 miles
  • Light enough to carry anywhere - powerful enough to go everywhere
  • 25% grade hill climbing - 22 mph top speed - regenerative breaking
  • 2,000 watts of power. Extra traction grip tape

Unlocked High speed

The advanced model of this electric skateboard offers you a great opportunity to unlock its high speed of 22 miles per hour which is one of the highest speeds that recent skateboards can provide!

Not only this, it also boasts of its pretty decent 7 mile maximum range which makes up for a short trip.

As for the battery, lithium ion batteries are used. These useful batteries can be charged in only up to an hour hence, saving you time and energy!

For the sake of your security, it is equipped with a powerful emergency braking system which is quite reliable.

It gives you full control of the speed as it os equipped with the up and down button through which you can easily accelerate or decelerate the speed of your skating board!

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Customer Reports

I’m 56 yrs old, I haven’t ridden a skateboard since I was 7 yrs old. On my third ride, I was doing a full 22 mph. Haven’t fallen yet, knock on wood, excellent product.


In addition to riding this board, I also wake surf and snowboard. After buying this Boosted Board, it’s all I want to do anymore. It’s more fun than wake surfing and snowboarding combined. The acceleration is incredible. The breaking is smooth and responsive. I just wish the battery lasted a little longer. About 5 miles is all I can get running at the 20mph setting. I’m already on the waiting list for the extended-life battery. This is exactly what I envisioned 25 years ago as a kid, wishing someone would build a board that I didn’t have to push.

Ben S.

The board is incredible. The torque is great, the speeds are incredible and it looks really nice. The remote is comfortable to hold and easy to use. It charges super fast which is nice too. Don’t think about getting a different board, get this one.


The Boosted Board is really the gold standard of electric skateboards. The build quality is superb. The ESC tuning done for the accelerating and braking is definitely refined and better than most eBoards I’ve ridden. Handles like a dream. The new V2 can be worked on which I find is an amazing option to reduce downtime. The customer service is the best in the eBoard industry. Buy with confidence knowing you will be taken care of post order, which no other eBoard company offers.

  • Consists of dual drive system that eases climbing steep hills
  • Its deck is constructed of 100% high quality bamboo ensuring its flexibility and strong quality
  • Its 13 lbs. weight makes it super portable and easy to carry around
  • Equipped with highly advanced features like automotive grade lithium ion batteries, mobile connectivity, on-board processors
  • Contains a lithium-ion battery that takes only and hour to charge
  • It has 73 mm Orangutan wheels
  • Provides a miraculously high power of 2000W
  • It is not waterproof hence, not suitable for using in rainy weather or on wet areas

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