SWAGTRON Spectra Advanced Electric Cruiser Skateboard

SWAGTRON Spectra Advanced Mini Electric Cruiser Skateboard 2023

Mini electric skateboards are trending and we are here to guide you about the best one i.e., Spectra Advanced Electric Cruiser Skateboard manufactured by SWAGTRON.

Whether it’s the perfect size you’re looking for in a skateboard, or its advancement in technology, this is the first-ever electric penny board that answers all your needs!

What this electric skateboard specializes in is its Al Technology that allows it to function according to your needs and your riding mode.

The purpose of additional technology is to smarten your vehicle and to ease your life. For that sole reason, SWAGTRON Spectra Mini Electric Skateboard has equipped this electric skateboard with five smart sensors. The service these sensors include but are not limited to are providing you easy access of the skateboard, and also making quality adjustments according to our requirement.

The smart sensors are equipped within the fine quality carbon fiber deck of the skateboard. The deck is just 19 inches long which adds to its portability and light weight.

SWAGTRON Spectra Advanced Mini Electric Cruiser Skateboard

SWAGTRON Spectra Advanced Electric Cruiser Skateboard


Mini Electric Skateboard

This is not all, apart from the sensors of this penny board, it consists of an ultra-smart algorithm that decreases our problems.

Being a mini electric skateboard, it weighs only around 11 to 12 lbs. which is quite low as compared to its average weight carrying capacity that extends up to 187 lbs. The small size and lightweight existence makes it really easy to carry around and store in compact spaces like the trunk of your car or in your bag pack.

To give you a quick review about its speed, it provides you a max speed of 15.5 miles per hour. Amazingly, with just a single charge, this electric skateboard can offer a max of 12 mile range. Such a decent speed and range saves your time and helps you hand in hand in running your errands!

LED indicators

Another unique quality of this mini electric skateboard is its equipment of LED indicators which consist of a LED headlight. This indicator lets you know about the battery time.

You don’t have to worry when the battery ends, because this mini skateboard by SWAGTRON takes only around one and a half to two hours to get recharged and start working again!

The skateboard boasts of a hill grade of 15% so you may climb hills easily with its help.

As told above, there is equipped with Al technology system which ensures you your safety by giving you full control over the brakes while assisting you at the same time.

It boasts of a hill grade of 15 percent which assures its use in climbing hills. As mentioned above, it has Al technology installed in it that assists you in turning or using brakes whenever you want! This system gives you the assurance of your safety and security.

All of these features in a mini skateboard is a win-win situation for you!

  • Equipped with Al technology which assures automatic adjustment of the system according to rider’s riding style
  • It is lightweight and portable as it only weighs 11 to 12 lbs.
  • It has a high speed of 15.5 miles per hour which is phenomenal for a mini skateboard
  • It keeps track of the battery life through with the help of LED indicators
  • It has sensors installed in its strong carbon fiber deck
  • The battery takes only 1 and a half to two hours to recharge
  • May not be very suitable for professional skateboarding

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