ACTON BLINK S Electric Skateboard

Acton Blink S Electric Skateboard 2022 – Review and Buying Guide

The Acton Blink S Electric Skateboard is what you need if you are a big fan of the high speed of skateboards. It is designed especially for adventurers who crave for high range.

You will realize that it works up to its claims when you ride it! You’ll be able to enjoy a top speed of 15 miles per hour.

It provides a max range of 7 miles per charge which is pretty decent for an electric skateboard.

Carrying your skateboard around to your school, workplace, park or home will not be a problem anymore if you choose this Acton Blink S skateboard. Why so? Because it weighs only around 11 lbs. which a kid can carry too!

So not only does this electric skateboard provide high speed and range, it also offers easy portability.

ACTON BLINK S Electric Skateboard

ACTON BLINK S Electric Skateboard


High tensile strength

Apart from its claim of high speed, the manufactures did not compromise on the quality. As for the deck, the skateboard makes use of composite lightweight wood which is highly advantageous in a way that it offers flex strength and high tensile strength and also makes the skateboard look very attractive.

It is able to hold a max weight capacity of 220 lbs. which is really good if we compare it to its own lightweight of 11 lbs.

For the sake of support, the special 80 mm polyurethane wheels are used in it. Such unique types of wheels help in passing easily through rough patches, uneven terrains and even muddy ones.

It has this amazing single hub motor that delivers 600-watt power.

High-speed skateboard

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This high-speed skateboard makes use of a lithium-ion battery. The special feature about the battery is that it takes only one hour to get charged again and rock your world!

This electric skateboard allows a 15% incline rate which makes it extra special for hill climbers!

Along with all other great features, another special addition in this skateboard is the master truck. It consists of a string base plate, safety kingpin and shockproof bushing. All of these help in easy navigation through inclined roads, rugged terrains and other road conditions too. The kingpin layout of the skateboard gives it a lighter ydt strong appearance.

For safety, a regenerative braking system is installed in it. The exquisite system also helps in recharging your battery by the process of conversion of friction heat to energy.

Its phenomenal feature also includes its three riding modes.

  • It weighs only 11 lbs. so its super portable and easy to store
  • Its composite wood deck provides high flex and tensile strength
  • It makes use of 83 mm polyurethane special wheels that pass easily through the rough terrains and smooth ones
  • Master truck designed in such a way that provides equally hassle free rides on inclined roads, rugged terrains, and flat roads
  • Its master truck is prepared specially for inclined roads and includes string base plate, safety kingpin and shockproof bushing
  • It in equipped with three riding modes allowing the rider to have multiple choices for different situations
  • When the battery is low, the braking efficiency lowers

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