Razor Ripstick Electric

Razor Ripstick Electric – 2023 Buying Guide & Review

Manual things are found more down to earth as they require more hard work from you rather than doing all the work themselves. While, electric products have taken over the world in the past few years with their responsive services. Most of the people nowadays prefer electronic stuff to make their work easier.

Razor Ripstick Electric

Razor Ripstick Electric


Same is the case with ripstiks. There are manual versions and then there is the Electric ripstik board which is the most advanced of all. Unlike the Graphic Waveboard, this electric board is composed by the famous Razor company.

Just like the high end manufacturing of most of their products, Razor has also put the best of their effort for the good quality of this electric ripstik board.

Advanced technology of minimum maintenance

Its up-to-date system is the reason behind its minimum requirement of maintenance services. It proves to be a great partner as it performs more and asks for less in return. Its effortless use makes it one of the best ripstik boards.

Long lasting charging

It is undoubtedly the perfect choice when you want to travel around town without the hassle of stopping and charging your board again and again. Its superpower is that it can work for continuous 40 minutes without any break or problems.

The unbelievable working is the result of just one charge. The battery installed in this board is a good quality lithium-ion battery that is rechargeable. Such a competent timing is what most riders crave for!

High speed

The powerful electric ripstik boasts of its high speed as it reaches up to ten miles per hour and proves to be a board with top speed. The provision of a handheld remote control along with the electric board will not only amaze you but make you believe in its tremendous making.

Age group suitability

It satisfies a broad age group of riders as it is suitable for people of age nine and above.


The working of an electric motor with the new to most segmented board gets very complicated and complex to understand for many people. This may come off as a downside turnoff for those who want to use this product for daily chores.

Powerful motor

There is equipment of a powerful motor inside this electric ripstik board by Razor. This motor serves a  100 watt power. This means that you can find the perfect combination of power and style in this electric board.

Keep yourself safe!

It already has a high speed, as mentioned above, but there are still chances that its speed will accelerate while it is going downhill. This increase in speed proves to be harmful, so one needs to always take care of safety. A helmet and knee and elbow pads should always be worn before starting.

Weight carrying ability

The electric board has the amazing capability of carrying a weight of up to 143 pounds.

Once you make a purchase of thus masterpiece, you will not regret it!

  • Equipped with a rechargeable lithium ion battery
  • Runs for 40 minutes with only a single charge
  • Has a top high speed of 10 miles per hour
  • Able to carry 143 pounds approximately
  • Ages nine and above can use
  • Motor provides 100 watt power
  • Complex working coordination of motor with segmented board makes it hard to understand
  • Speed gets high when going downhill

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