Ripstik Caster Board Graphic Waveboard

Ripstik Caster Board Graphic Waveboard – 2023 Buying Guide

Here we present you the famous and stylish Ripstik Caster Board Graphic Waveboard. This one’s not from the Razor family, it is rather made by a lot of different manufacturing companies. The unique and extraordinary features of this Ripstik board has brought made it one of the best ripstik caster boards in the market.

Special focus on appearance

As you will observe when you see the product in real, it is designed to be just as appealing as its name sounds. It is specifically designed for the young minds who like new designs and up to date moderations.

Ripstik Caster Board Graphic Waveboard

Ripstik Caster Board Graphic Waveboard


The first thing you see when you go to buy a new ripstik board is not its features, not its material, but only its visible appearance. The manufacturers make sure that you like what you see while going for this graphic waveboard.

The design is quite attractive as it consists of radiant colors and mesmerizing style.

Newer attractions

The styling includes special wheels that light up while working on the road. These sparkling wheels give cool colors at night, and also makes the rider more visible for traffic, pedestrians etc. There are graphics drawn on the deck of the waveboard which will make you grow fond of the board. These graphical designs are one of the reasons why this board is called Graphic Waveboard.

Fabulous specs

The fabulous specs of the Graphic Waveboard are as follows:

  • Strong manufacturing

The board proved to be quite a strong one due to its high end manufacturing. Top notch ABS and metal is used for the basic construction of this Ripstik board.

  • Wide surface area

It also provides as a wide surface area to the rider to maintain their feet on the deck with its large dimensions of 34.’ X .6’ x 5.3’ (L x W x H). 

  • Totally assembled

One thing that is totally in the buyer’s favor is the way the manufacturers sell this gorgeous product. Usually with such ripstik boards, you get parts that you have to assemble first by reading and following the manual book.

You now get to skip this assembling part while buying this graphic waveboard as it comes fully assembled with risers, hardware bearings and whatnot! This saves you not only your energy but also your precious time that you can use to do some more productive work. This board is ready to go when you are! 

  • Facilitation of a carrying bag

This waveboard has what most boards do not. This special board comes with its carrying bag. This bag makes you forget all the worries of the world when you go out and you have to carry this ripstik board on your own. You can easily put it in its casing and be on your way to work, park, café, or literally anywhere else. Just a strap on your arm or shoulder will keep it safe with you. 

  • Continuous maintenance requirements

Most of the products of Razor company are known for their well maintained being as they required lowest maintenance services. But this is not the case with the Ripstik Caster Graphic Waveboard as it craves for maintenance time after time. The main disability that it faces is that its wheels get loosened after some time. This may come off as a major drawback for some. 

  • Good for kids

The carrying case that comes along with this board is reviewed by many users to be a little tight. The tight straps make it suitable for children but not very comfortable for adults. 

Being suitable for kids is its plus point as its mentioned attractive designing, wheels that light up and every other feature is already everything that kids will love!  

  • Graphic design on deck is quite appealing
  • Both kids and adults can use
  • Freebies include a carrying bag
  • Strong composition from metal
  • Wheels that light up
  • Wheels need to be tightened as they get loose after some time
  • Carrying bag is not suitable for adults as it is tight

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