Razor Ripstick G

Razor Ripstick G Board – 2023 Buying Guide & Review

To satisfy all your needs, may it be related to good quality or deliverance of excellent performance, Razor has got your back with its fabulous Ripstik G. Its stylish design will leave you astonished.

Not youe basic ripstik board

If you have already learned how to ride a ripstik and you know your basics, you have found your match. The Ripstik G is a next level ride that is not designed for beginner’s training. It is a powerful machine that makes you experience luxurious expert ride and lets you try new tricks on it.

Razor Ripstick G

Razor Ripstick G


The new riding experience not only involves smoothness but also a high level of extreme grinding that no other ripstik board can offer. It ticks off most of the best features that you may have in your list.

It helps you perform newer tricks as its spinning aluminum tube allows you to grind on rails. Riding has never been more fun!

Safety precautions

Keeping up the good name of the company, the concave deck is used to make this ripstik. A concave deck helps you get rid of slippage and maintain balance. The pivoting deck is also special as it is removable and replaceable, so you can change it whenever you want.

Hybrid of skateboard and snowboard

The ripstik G is a phenomenal hybrid of skateboard and snowboard and will amaze you with its groundbreaking strength. The deck and the 360 degree caster trucks offer the superior quality of carving.

The most exquisite feature of this ripstik is that it needs lesser attention from you as compared to the endless benefits it provides you. This means that you will not be taking your board to the workshop every other day to get its wheels tightened or change its deck. Minimal maintenance is required to keep it working.

Efficient construction

 The strength of this ripstik board is due to its efficient manufacturing and use of high end products for its composition. The Ripstik G is composed of aircraft grade aluminum material for competent strength and durability. With this benefit, you can stop fearing getting hurt while landing.

Heavy weight

With the use of such heavy metal, the board despite of being strong, also becomes heavy in comparison to other ripstik boards. A heavy board is not very suitable for children as it becomes hard to handle. This is also one of the main reason why this board is also not recommended for beginners.

Although the weight is a bit high, there are always more benefits than flaws when it comes to Ripstik G, you will see for yourself!

  • Durable aircraft grade aluminum is used for strong construction
  • You can try clever and newer tricks on it
  • Offers extreme grinding
  • Maintenance requirements are very low
  • Deck is concave so you may avoid slipping
  • Not suitable for beginners
  • Aluminum makes it more heavier than other boards

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