Ripstik Bright Caster Board

Ripstik Bright Caster Board – 2023 Buying Guide & Review

The Ripstiks by Razor are upgraded and modified in different ways to make them more appealing and better.

Availability of new, brighter colors

 One of the clever ways Razor has found is to introduce the ripstik boards in newer, and brighter colors, because who doesn’t love colors?!

Ripstik Bright Caster Board

Ripstik Bright Caster Board


The modified colorful models come forward as the Bright Model of the ripstik. The choice of colors used in this series are very eye catching as they include clever combinations of tangy teal and orange, neon pink ajd blue or there is always the superman combination, blue and red to inspire the fans.

This special edition of the board will make your kid fall in love with its vibrant colors and smart appearance.

There’s more to this board

You may be thinking that Razor has only focused on making the visible impact of the board impressive but beauty is not the only specialty this bright ripstik caster board has. There’s more.

The features that this beauty exhibits is its concave deck that is a very good hack to avoid slipping while riding. There’s also rubber padded torsion bar in this board to increase the safety level. With these two benefits, this bright caster board is made quite suitable for a kids usage as they guarantee their protection.

Usage of urethane wheels

The wheels that this board has are made from urethane material. This material proves to be quite a perfect fit for the board as gives the suitable proportions of rigidity of a plastic and flexibility of a rubber. For those who know the importance of well balanced wheels, this property alone is quite reasonable for making this purchase.

Although, to convince you more, let us tell you that the firmness of the urethane wheels is medium, that is, neither too hard like a rock, nor too soft like slime. The medium firmness gives them the ability to travel smoothly on all road conditions whether bumpy or not.

Light weight board

The bright caster board weighs lesser than the classic razor ripstik board. This proves to be beneficial for the kids as they find it easy to manage, ride and carry around. The light weight makes it a smart alternate to the classic board.

With this bright caster board, you get equal chance to show off your lively, vibrant colored choice, and to experience safe and fun ride all at once.

  • Wide variety of colors increases your options
  • Deck plate is concave to save you from slipping
  • Deck plate is removable
  • Urethane wheels provide a smooth ride on all road conditions
  • Lighter in weight as compared to the classic board
  • Increased safety with equipment of rubber padded torsion bar
  • Light weight makes it suitable for kids as well as adults
  • Quality gets affected due to light weight

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