Raptor 2 Direct Drive Electric Skateboard

Raptor 2 Direct Drive Electric Skateboard 2023 – Buying Guide

The Raptor 2 Direct Drive Electric Skateboard can make you a fan in just a few minutes when you ride it and experience one of the highest speedings in the world of electric skateboards!

Proving its claim of being the highest speed skateboard, it offers you a maximum speed of 30 miles per hour, and that too, with a 24-mile range. What a combo, don’t you think so?

To provide such high speed, it is equipped with a strong oversized direct drive motor that allows you to take advantage of its 3360 watts power supply!

Raptor 2 Direct Drive Electric Skateboard

Raptor 2 Direct Drive Electric Skateboard


Fastest Electric Skateboard

The manufacturers have very smartly combined the 3360W motor with precision CNC trucks to give you complete control on your vehicle that runs sensibly with high speed.

The pros keep on coming with the Raptor 2 Direct Drive Electric Skateboard as it is able to carry a weight of 255 lbs. which is amazing.

Not to forget that this masterpiece provides you a 17% hill grade that makes hill climbing comfortable.

Carbon Fiber Deck

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The deck of this electric skateboard is composed of a special combination of carbon fiber and maple wood with detailing of alloy handles, precisely altogether, giving it a beautiful look!

It consists of 90 mm urethane wheels to provide balance and consistency on rough terrains.

A marvelous feature it has its offering of two rider modes, so you may choose whichever suit you better.

You will be able to choose your riding mode with the NANO-X controller it comes with. This controller has an ergonomic design, is easy to hold, and comes in a small size so you may store it in small places like your pocket.

This electric skateboard features a powerful regenerative braking system that gives you the control to stop whenever you want.

The battery equipped in it is a lithium battery and it takes only two or two and a half hours to recharge. For such remarkable features, 2 and a half hours are nothing if one has to wait! The battery used in it of high quality as it can be charged up to a thousand times!

What makes this 3360W extraordinary is its features of being not only water-resistant but also dust-resistant!

It may seem a bit heavier than other skateboards as it weighs 22 lbs.

  • It provides one of the highest speeds in skateboard i.e., 30 miles per hour
  • It gives a high range of 24 mile
  • It is able to accommodate almost up to 255 lbs. weight of rider
  • It comes with a specially designed NANO-X controller which is easy to handle and store.
  • For enhanced safety, regenerative braking system is equipped in it
  • Consists of a lithium battery that takes two and a half hours to get recharge
  • Equipped with 90 mm urethrane wheels for good balancing and stability
  • Despite of being one of the skateboards with highest speed, unfortunately it is also one of the heaviest ones with a weight of 22 lbs.

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