BLITZART Huracane 38″ Electric Skateboard – 2023 Buying Guide

Before getting straight to the real deal, let us mention that the manufacturers have introduced two Huracane models. The two look exactly alike so buyers might confuse one with the other. But the reason to create two models is obvious that they wanted to make two versions of the same model with different specifications.




Specifications of the electric skateboard

Since we are here to guide you about only one of the two boards, lets start with its specialties and specifications.

Dual hub motors

The motor that is equipped in the Huracane electric skateboard is a dual brushless motor. This motor alone may not be able to fulfill the energy requirements of the board but since, it is installed as a dual motor, it pretty much does the work decently.

Each brushless motor supplies 350 watt of power, and both of them combined increase the power supply up to 700 watt. This amount of power is really good for such moderate budgeted skateboards.

Different manufacturers have different priorities when it comes to composing skateboards. Some prefer looks while some prefer good quality. Dual motors are chosen by the manufacturers who prefer cleanliness over a mess. This is due to the fact that they are not visible like the belt driven motors, they are rather hidden in the rear wheels, which gives the skateboard a flawless clean and decent look.

Exactly along the edge of one side of the deck of this skateboard, you will find a handle grip. This grip makes it easier for you to hold the board and take it with you wherever you want.

Deliverance of high speed

The Huracane by Blitzart will blow your mind with its fast speed. It is able to deliver a top high speed of up to 20 miles per hour. This is by far the best speed that an electric skateboard coming in a $500 budget can get to.

With this extraordinary service, Huracane has left behind all those skateboards who happen to have a stronger motor and power supplies than this one, but still show lacking in the speeding matter. With such high of a speed, you are guaranteed to have a roller-coaster ride experience!

Benefits of a 36V lithium-ion battery

The Huracane by Blitzart boasts of its 36V lithium-ion battery. With the help of this battery, it is able to reach up to a 12 miles range with just the power of a single charge. This wouldn’t seem quite a lot but let us tell you that it is the double of what Atom’s B.10 had to deliver on a single charge. It could hardly reach up to 6 miles, so yes, 12 miles is a fair deal.

Deck and construction strategy

The version of the Huracane that we are guiding you about is the more expensive one with better qualities.

Yet, in the case of the deck composition and design, both the versions have exactly the same structure despite of their cost difference.

Blitzart has made both the decks with 8 ply Canadian maple wood. This layer of wood is sandwiched between durable bamboo layers on its top and bottom. This not only gives the deck a better quality, but also makes it able to withstand more weight.

With every other feature changed, the manufacturers decided to keep the same manufacturing for the deck of both models, because they refuse to compromise on their deck quality, despite of the price difference.

Weight carrying limit

An electric skateboard only succeeds to satisfy its customers with its full potential under certain favorable conditions. These may include a light weight rider, a smooth road and much more. Same is the case with this Huracane. It will only provide the promised 20 mph speed when the rider’s weight is within limits.

The limits that the company has set for Huracane is 300 lbs. which is unbelievably good for a board of this price range!

A smart remote control

The unique designing and the smart look of the remote controller of this electric skateboard may impress you and higher you expectations but the truth is that it is able to do only the basic functioning and nothing special. It lets you accelerate and decelerate the speed and also allows you to reverse or hit the brake.

Special polyurethane wheels:

To further improve the quality of this beast, Blitzart has used specially made polyurethane wheels for the skateboard. This material makes the wheels resistant to damages and different kinds if weather. To walk hand in hand with the advanced top speed of 20 mph, this was a much needed step that the company took.

Variety of colors

The Blitzart Huracane not only suffices its customers with its endless features but also pleases them with a variety of colors for the outside of the board and the wheels. These choices include the colors orange, black and green. All the models from the company are available in all these colors.

Should you buy it?

This is definitely worth purchasing, guys! We don’t say this only because it has so much to offer, but because it has so much to offer in such a low price! This bad boy costs only $399 so it can easily get into the skateboards under $400 too.

What an economical yet beneficial electric skateboard to have!

  • Maximum weight carrying capacity is 300 lbs.
  • Deck is made of strong Canadian maple wood wrapped between thick strong layers of bamboo
  • Able to reach up to 12 miles rang on just one charge
  • Achieves an extraordinarily high speed of 20 miles per hour
  • Available in different colors
  • Economical purchase
  • Equipped with dual brushless motor
  • Motor delivers 700 watt power supply
  • Boasts of its polyurethane wheels that produce resistance from damage
  • None that we know of

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