Razor Ripstick Caster Board

Razor Ripstick Caster Board – 2023 Buying Guide & Review

Classics never go out of fashion. They have all the basic features and the original designing of the manufacturers. Razor has introduced a very wide range of products but the their Classic ripstik board is guaranteed to be one of the best.

Razor Ripstick Caster Board

Razor Ripstick Caster Board


Its easy use and minimal complications as compared to other boards makes it a perfect fit for the beginners. Being an older model doesn’t mean that its performance will not be up to the mark. Being a classic, it always brings up it’s A-game with its good quality and best features of a ripstik.

Variety in colors and versatile for usage of all riders

For you to fall in love with this classic ripstik board, Razor has introduced it in various color scheme so you may have many choices to choose from.

Classic Ripstik is not specifically made for adults, it is equally handy for kids to ride it. With the super easy features, ages eight and above can always make use of its phenomenal services.

Wider deck for adults

As we come to the deck, you should know that it is larger in size than other ripstik boards. This different feature may make it a little unsuitable for little kids. Children of lesser age may find it hard to handle the large board but it is not prohibited for their use. Although, it is not age specific, but speaking generally, a larger board is more appropriate for adults.

Requires least of your attention

One special advantage that you will get with this classic ripstik is its updated system that requires minimal maintenance. It will not require much attention from you and will not put you in a position where you have to go to workshops constantly and get maintenance done. Although, we guarantee you that you will get attracted to it anyhow, due to its perfect features and flawless appearance.

Referring to the appearance, Razor has put an extra effort on the designing of Classic Ripstik. The super cool colors and designs of the board are one of the major attractions that this masterpiece owns.

Classic 76mm urethane wheels

The company has used the best materials and equipment for the board including the wheels. The wheels used are 76 mm urethane wheels. Being strong is not their only strength, the urethane wheels are also resistant to water, grease or oil.

Their resistant characteristic saves the wheels from getting worn out soon. They will also easily pass through rough and wet terrains, as they are least affected by the obstacles, as mentioned above.

The board, due to its large size, weighs more than normal weight of a ripstik board. This comes off as a flaw as its heavy weight may cause inconvenience while riding.

Despite of the problems caused by its heavy weight, the large deck of 34 inches provides a wide area on the board to the rider to stay balanced.

Basic features

The basic features that the classic ripstik presents to impress its users are its inclined caster trucks, ABEC-5 bearings and pivoting deck that provides stability for snowboard like carving.

Safety preps

The deck is designed to be concave, which prevents slippage. To increase the safety, there is rubber padded torsion bar. An additional advantage is that the deck is removable so you may change it according to your style.

The board can be dangerous as there is no speed limit. So it is necessary to always take safety precautions like wearing a helmet, elbow and knee pads etc.

  • Requires minimal maintenance services
  • Equipped with 76 mm urethane wheels that are resistant to oil, grease and water
  • Suitable to ride on all road conditions
  • Minimum complications
  • Has a concave deck to prevent slippage
  • Removable deck plate
  • Weight is heavier than others
  • Large deck makes it unsuitable for children
  • No speed limit

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