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Skatebolt 2023 Review & Buying Guide – Electric Skateboard

If you want a skateboard that specifically covers all your general needs including high speed, high weight carrying capacity or whatsoever, the SKATEBOLT Electric Skateboard should be your go to skateboard. Such a coverage can be given by the help of its wondrous, powerful dual motors!

With its dual motors, it is able to provide you a 1000 watt power which is pretty decent.

A powerful motor like this one guarantees you a high speed of up to 25 miles per hour, which gives you thrill while keeping intact your safety.

Lightning Bolt Electric Skateboard


Multiple Speed Modes

This SKATEBOLT skateboard is especially designed to have different speed modes to comfort all your needs – – the speeding mode can be easily changed by you from low to high or vice versa in no time.

Not only changing speeding modes, the easiness exists in using other features like switching the skateboard forward or backward too!

What makes this 1000W skateboard special is its 15% high hull grade for easy and convenient hill climbing.

It is equipped with a lithium-ion battery which can be recharged in around 2 to 4 hours and start working again.

This special skateboard is known for its efficient provision of maximum range i.e., as high as 15.5 miles.

Exquisite Features

The most exquisite feature of SKATEBOLT Electric Skateboard is that its deck is composed of nine layers of high quality rich maple wood which provides power and durability.

Due to such a rich quality manufacturing of the deck, it ensures the best strength a skateboard can have. The elite structure makes it capable of carrying riders up to max 280 lbs.

This ability is a marvel itself but what would surprise you is that it manages all its functions at once may it be balancing, carrying, working efficiently etc.

The Skatebolt comes with a wireless remote control to give you easier access to its features but what you may not like is the cheap material used to make the remote. This material torn out soon.

It makes use of the 53 mm PU wheels which are famous for their high quality. Not just this, it ensures a good level of hardness while also having the ability to resist heavy workload.

Your safety is important to the company so they have installed two lights in the skateboard – – one in the front and other in the rear. This increases rhe rider’s visibility to pedestrians and traffic specially at night time.

With this electric skateboard, you will be able to regain the energy lost on braking through the built-in powerful braking system that it is equipped with.

  • The 53 mm PU wheels used in it ensure hardness and have ability to resist heavy workload
  • Consists of dual motors that give you a total of 1000 watt power
  • Deck is made of nine layers of hard maple wood which allows it to xarry riders up to 280 lbs.
  • Contains front and back light for visibility
  • Regains energy by using its regenerative braking system
  • Cheap material is used for making the wireless remote control

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