As we all know, the electric skateboard is among the best toys among people of all ages. From the time they were introduced till today, they come in different models with different features and come at different prices, ranging from expensive to low.

From the sales stats, we can quickly evaluate that people’s interest in electric skateboards has been increased much in the last few months. Here we provide a list of some top options you can have a look for if you want to buy an electric skateboard and if you want to stay around a specific price limit.

Electric Skateboards, Just The Thing To Spice Up Your Routine

Nowadays, people do not want to use old fashioned means of transport, especially when they want to move around the town or travel to one of the top parties or their classes. Electric skateboards have been prime addition for the tech-addicted folks and have been proven excellent for the people who want to travel in style, and this list focuses on that.

Features to Consider in Cheap Electric Skateboards

Apart from regular top models of electric skateboards, we here focus on electric skateboards of specific price range so there are some features we will consider in this list which includes:

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Li-Ion batteries mostly power electric skateboards of different models. A typical 36V battery can be fully charged in 2.5 hours, and it powers the skateboard for the range of 10 to 11 miles. It proves to be a top solution if you want to travel to hills or uneven surfaces.

The skateboard’s top speed also makes a big difference in the price, and every model has a different top speed. Since every model is different, you can choose the top skateboard within your price range if it lies between the ranges from 16 to 18 mph, which is awesome for a deck. Any electric skateboard of this mph top speed range is good for the price range of $1000.

Wireless control is also one of the top features of any electric skateboard because it is an awesome practical way to handle a skateboard. Wireless control depends upon its remote charge capacity, range, Bluetooth connectivity to the deck, control of the board, and its battery.

We will like to start our list right from top to bottom:

1. Skatebolt



We start our list of top 10 electric skateboards, and on top of the inventory, we have our awesome Skatebolt. We have chosen Skatebolt to be at the top of the list because if you want, an electric skateboard has a high top speed, high weight capacity board, or whatsoever. The Skatebolt is an excellent option for the people who want to buy an electric skateboard for themselves or if you are one of the parents who want to choose the top gift for young ones.

Its top-quality dual motors provide the power of around 1000 watts to the deck, and its top speed can range around 25 mph. Some of the other top features include:

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The Skatebolt electric skateboard provides various top speed modes which can be changed from high to low with long-range wireless remote. Also, the remote provides options to control in moving forward or back of the board.

Skatebolt, the electric skateboard, is equipped with top-quality lithium Li-Ion battery, which takes time of 2 to 4 hours to charge right from 0 to 100%, and in ideal conditions, it provides the top range around 15.5 miles.

The most awesome feature in Skatebolt electric skateboard is that its deck is composed of nine layers of the top quality rich maple wood, which provides strength, flexibility, and durability. Due to which it provides the awesome strength to the board, and it can hold up to 280 lbs of maximum weight.

In Skatebolt, 53mm PU wheels have been used, which are known for their awesome quality in any skateboard. It ensures a good level of hardness, allowing the ability to resist a heavy workload. Another awesome feature of the Skatebolt electric skateboard is that it comes with two lights, one in the front and other on the back as a top security measure. The Skatebolt comes with wireless remote control, which makes it easier to control this electric skateboard.

  • Dual motors to ensure top power to the deck
  • The deck is made up of nine layers of excellent maple wood quality
  • Good battery to travel around
  • High speed of 25 mph
  • The 53mm PU wheels which ensure the top resistance to heavy workload
  • Poor Bluetooth connectivity
  • Cheap material has been used to build the remote controller




Electric skateboards for the price of less than $1000, we have chosen Mototec 1600W Dirt, which has been proven to be the winner due to its extraordinary features. Mototec has shown great success in the last few months in the category of electric skateboards.

This electric skateboard comes with an array of features that we will see in detail, which include adjustable speed, good quality battery, weight carrying capacity, and motor power.

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If we see at the top features of this electric skateboard, motor power is the first thing we notice. This magnetic board model is powered by a dual-motor of 800W, which collectively makes 1600W, ensuring high-end power and high speed within a moderate price. It can go up to 22 mph of speed, and it depends on the user’s weight. We can see that if a user is close to the max weight, which is 260 lbs, it might not achieve the speed of 22 mph but a little less.

The deck can carry a max weight of 260 lbs, which means that it can carry an adult person. But if you are a person of more than 260 lbs, it is recommended to choose any other electric skateboard.

The electric deck comes with a feature of adjustable speed, which makes you feel in control. Depending upon the user, one can easily control the speed. For example, if the user is a beginner, he can keep the speed as low of this electric skateboard while the experienced person can keep the speed at the top also comes with a high-end quality battery.

  • Strong and durable
  • Fast charging battery
  • Great electric board for the dirt road
  • Top speed of 22 mph
  • Board is heavy to carry by hand

3. Swagboard NG-1

Swagboard NG-1


Swagtron is a well-known name in the electric rideable boards’ industry for having a history of proving some awesome skateboards, and now they are also famous for providing some of the best electric skateboards.

It is considered a huge success in the market being NG-1 as their first model for an electric skateboard because it is affordable, and we see various features in it. Made with maple wood and proven to be nicely flexible as well.

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The feature which makes this model outstanding among all is, it supports an in-wheel motor, which allows it to go as fast as 11 mph, which is extraordinary if we see the price as a top factor. If you talk about the quality of the item, which will satisfy you the most, NG-1 is UL 2272 confirmed and has top tech highlights, including a LED remote control for simple footing and control.

This board model is built, and we see the ideal body adjusting. Also, have a remote sensor for better performance, which allows the user to depend upon simple turning left or comfortable than 90 degrees. Boss and metallic base plates are also included to give support and solidness to the board, not less to any other model. We can also see polyurethane wheels in this model, which are intended to provide smoother rides in street conditions and built in such a manner that wheels can make a good turn around the torque even in the vertical position.

Carrying the 24V Li-ion Fe battery, this little fellow can go up to 10 miles on a single charge, making it the longest reaching electric skateboard for a price under $200. Also, in this model, we see a weight capacity of 176 lbs, which is less to many other models, even with this top speed of 11 mph.

  • Attractive design with cheaper price
  • Good top speed of 11 mph
  • Optimum range
  • Better charge to work ratio
  • Include accessories like charging connector, user manual, USB charging link, charging connector, and wrist leash for protection.
  • We can see an excellent battery in this model.
  • Limited for intermediate level users
  • Only suitable for the beginners
  • Limited miles of range

4. Maxfind new design

Maxfind new design


Moving towards the range of electric skateboards with the price less than $1000, which cover extra miles with durability and strength, we see Maxfind’s new design electric skateboard in the list.


There are many reasons why this model made its place among the list. One of them is we see a high-quality board in this model. It is made with high-quality material for sheer performance. For instance, this model can reach the max speed of 17 mph, considering the user’s weight as a significant factor.

Also, this model comes with a high-end battery capacity. The deck is powered by Samsung’s 18650 Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery, which allows this model to provide a massive amount of fun. One more significant feature of this model is that this model is IP65 certified means that it is waterproof, which we rarely see in electric skateboards of this price range.

This model is made in a modern and fashionable style. Along with that, the deck is made with lightweight wood and board is 3.05 inches wide and finished with multiple layers and in a heat process.

  • Top speed of 17 mph
  • High-quality battery
  • Waterproofing of this model
  • The range is limited to 7 miles in a single charge

5. Benchwheel



Moving down to the categories of electric skateboards that cover the miles of fun for you, we have our Benchwheel electric skateboard. This board is capable of doing so much because it is more than a conventional electric skateboard for the ability to achieve real high speed. Also, it can provide smoother rides even on rough or uneven terrains and surfaces.

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Among other features of covering the miles of strength and comfort for you, it is considered as one of the models of longboard type with a length of 40 inches. It is made in a bit different design for the people who are more attracted by the longboards. It is longer than conventional electric skateboards. It has an extraordinary capacity of carrying the weight up to 250 lbs.

This longboard is powered with 1800W dual brushless motors, which provide not only the power to cover extra miles but also high torque and high top speed. The maximum speed this model can achieve is 18.5 mph, and it is not equipped with a very awesome battery. Its battery can take up to 3 hours to charge, which can provide around 13 miles of range.

  • Good quality board
  • The weight carrying capacity of 250 lbs
  • Top speed of 18.5 mph
  • An extra longboard which requires more space
  • Low charge to work battery ratio
  • 13 miles of range in 3 hours charge

6. Genesis Hellfire

Genesis Hellfire


If you are looking for an electric skateboard that covers the mile of the constant ride from point A to B, then Genesis Hellfire is a good option because it has good speed and saves a lot of time.

This model comes with various features, including top speed, design, and quality of the board and battery performance.

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Genesis Hellfire is powered by great Brushless Hub dual motors, which are built into rear wheels. Motors are set in such a manner to provide maximum power. The short cable distance between the battery housing, charging port, power button, and the motor makes the Genesis Hellfire highly efficient. All of this technology can make this electric board achieve the top speed of 20 mph, and it can achieve 20 miles of the range.

This electric skateboard is equipped with an efficient battery with a capacity of 4.4 Ah and 36V. This battery provides enough power to this board to climb a slope of 15 degrees inclination with power and agility. Also, it can cover 20 miles of range within a single charge.

This electric skateboard design is built on efficient geometric models for load-bearing, alignment, speed, and balancing. Board is made with layers of lamination which ensure strength and stress resistance. This board can hold the weight up to 260 lbs.

Also, one of the features which need to be mentioned is its good long-range remote control, which provides good control and Bluetooth connectivity.

  • Best traction for speed and acceleration
  • Good balancing and control
  • Flexible remote control
  • Good range of 20 miles
  • Top speed of 20 mph
  • Energy-efficient motor
  • Weak remote battery
  • The remote battery only lasts 7 days

7. Atom Electric B. 36

Atom Electric B. 36


Atom Electric B.46 is an electric skateboard that lies in the category of longboards as well. Also, it is famous for its power that its dual belt can deliver 3600W of power. Its features are:

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This model is built with dual motors that collectively provide the power of 3600W and built into rear wheel and truck assembly. The strong motor holders back the great belt and gear system. It mainly operates on the new technology software system, which is known as Field Oriented Control.

This technology provides enough power to provide max torque for steep slides and provide better performance. The maximum speed limit it can achieve is 18 mph, which is pretty good in this price range.

This electric skateboard is known for its great power, so for durability and security, the board is made with the best quality. The deck is 36 inches long, and it is made up of bamboo and maple wood combo, which provides strength and durability. There is a pretty handle on the board that allows our expert users to be safe and hold the board right in steep and sharp turns.

The great material used in the board provides strength and allows carrying weight up to 275 lbs. The board is all black with yellowish color outlines and a grip hole on one side to handle in sharp curves.

The high-quality dual motors provide great power, and top speed is set up to 18 mph, which is pretty impressive for this price range and with this amount of power. This electric skateboard is equipped with high-end quality gigantic 8800 mAh Samsung battery for extra reliability and mileage. This battery can provide a mileage of 12.5 on a single charge.

Since it comes with a gigantic battery so anyone can think that it might need a lot of time to get a charge, but in contrast, it takes only 3 hours to recharge from 0 to 100%, which is pretty impressive considering its size.

Regenerative braking helps to increase its battery life, which is also a positive point. Also, it comes with a remote control that can be used to control acceleration, speed, and braking systems. Remote can also be used to switch between two-speed modes of it labeled as low and high speed.

A beginner can easily switch to the low-speed mode for safety while experts can switch to top speed mode for thrill and better moves.

Learn more about Atom Electric skateboards in our article.

  • Powerful dual motors
  • High-quality batter
  • Good performance
  • Strong design
  • Ability to carry heavyweight and cover steeper surfaces
  • Powered by FOC Sine-Wave software
  • The range is comparatively low
  • Low battery output capacity

8. Genesis Tomahawk

Genesis Tomahawk


It is the second model of Genesis in the list after Hellfire. It somehow is similar in terms of features, design, and specs to the Hellfire electric skateboard but there are many other features which we will like to discuss below:

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The quality of the board of this electric skateboard is itself fantastic as it is made up of 8 ply Canadian maple wood and squishy 3.5 inches of polyurethane wheels for strength, agility, design, smoother rides, and better speed. After placing the battery, the whole electric skateboard weighs around 17 lbs, to be exact. This board can carry a weight of 264 pounds.

This electric board is powered by a powerful motor that allows it to climb steeper hills, and its design makes stable downhill thrill experience at high speed. The electric skateboard does have downhill resistance as well, which is a result of its inside mechanism and front-wheel adjustment, but it is not too inconvenient and safe.

Its motor can provide the top speed of 20 mph considering the weight as a significant factor because, at the weight on 264 on the board, it will be quite challenging to achieve the max speed of 20 mph. If we see on the range, it provides 20 miles of the max range in one full charge.

It also has a remote controller, which is pretty awesome, having good Bluetooth connectivity and range. This electric board comes pretty assembled, so you don’t need much of screwing stuff. Tomahawk can be ridden straight out of the box, and that is the beauty of this electric skateboard.

  • High-quality board
  • Ability to carry weight up to 264 pounds
  • Top speed of 20 mph
  • 20 miles of range
  • Can be ridden straight out of the box
  • Because of its material, the weight of the board is more than usual
  • Difficult to carry by hand

9. Acton Blink

Acton Blink


Now, we are talking about the world’s lightest electric skateboard, which is known by the name of Blink. It is made by Acton, the company that got famous with the Blink for being a robust all-around model.

It has a single center engine that offers cutting edge highlights at a very reasonable cost. This kind of engine provides a range of extra miles, which is a great and reliable item. Acton Blink is a decent decision for children who need to drive classy to their classes and friends.

Acton Blink electric skateboard has many outstanding features which are discussed below:

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Acton Blink is powered by a single hub electric motor to provide the optimized performance, which can push the speed from 0 to 15 mph within a few seconds. The motor is a built-in urethane-coated wheel and is surrounded by power-packed magnets to provide extra acceleration. It helps to achieve the top speed faster and efficiently. It also comes in three modes labeled as beginner, standard, and the pro. Acton Blink S motor converts the battery supply into maximum power to push the board ahead on its path.

The deck is made with lightweight wood, but it stands the test of time and can carry the weight up to 235 lbs, which is pretty impressive for a lightweight board even in this price range. The board’s material provides tensile strength, flexibility, and the manufacturers have included the warp proof quality of wood.

The regenerative braking system of Acton Blink S has a mechanism to recharge the battery by converting the friction heat into energy.

The board can perfectly be controlled by the sensors on the deck signals from which are received by the high technology remote control. Remote can be used to control the basic actions like moving front and back, reverse, and braking system. You can also use the Acton’s remote to regulate the forward speed during curves and incline roads, which is a safe measure of Acton.

  • Lightweight
  • High-quality deck
  • 7 miles of range in a single charge
  • Top speed of 15mph
  • Achieve speed faster
  • Bluetooth based remote control
  • Low braking efficiency at low battery

10. Yuneec E-Go 2

Yuneec E-Go 2


In the list of electric skateboards for the price of less than $1000, we have the last suggestion of Youneec E-Go 2. Yuneec is a company who has history of providing the best quality of drones those have been sweeping the market and their model Yuneec E-Go 2 has made its place among the famous electric skateboards for having some outstanding features. A little detail is mentioned below:IEEE

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Yuneec E-Go 2 is built as a model of a longboard but it is different from any other longboard because of its design and built quality. This electric board is stylish in design and has a modern look and Yuneec has done a really good job in designing this electric skateboard.

The deck is made with the best quality material, which can provide long term satisfaction and strength. Also, it comes in different color choices, which include pink, blue, and green. It is usually a blackboard with a sidelining of different color choices. It also has an eye-catching shape of kicktail, which is famous among all-electric skateboards of the type.

For an electric board of this price range, it has an impressive top speed of 15 mph. Also, it is quite impressive for an electric skateboard like this that it can achieve top speed like this, but it also depends on the user’s weight.

Depending upon the conditions, it can provide a range of 18 miles in a single charge. It has an efficient battery that provides a maximum of 18 miles of range in a single charge, and it takes around 3 to 5 hours to charge from 0 to 100%. These features can only be found in expensive electric skateboards, but Yuneec brought this for the people who want to but electric skateboards of price less than $1000.

  • Strong motor
  • Good range of 18 miles
  • Lightweight and attractive design
  • It takes time to achieve a top speed


This was the list for the electric skateboards of price less than $1000, and we tried to focus on the features they have in that which we rarely see in electric skateboards of this price range. The electric skateboards might not seem to be a big deal for many people out there, but many audiences do not want to use the conventional and traditional ways of traveling and want to look cool.

Mostly youngsters, who want to step into skateboarding and want to visit in style while going to their classes or group of friends in the neighborhood. The main focus of this list was to highlight the exclusive features and well as their pros and cons.

So, if you are new to electric skateboards and want to step in or you are one of the parents who want to but the best gift for their young one but want to be in a specific price range, then you can have a detailed look on the list to find the best choice for you.

We hope that this list will help you to have a keen look at the mentioned items and will let you have a better idea about them. So go ahead! Have a look and make a choice yourself.

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