Atom B10 Electric Skateboard – 2023 Buying Guide & Reviews

Here we are, back to focusing on another marvelous creation by the company ATOM who are well known for their good quality manufacturing in the electric skateboard business.




This is the Electric B.10 board by Atom. Let us tell you that you can get it exactly at the same price as the previously mentioned board H.6 by Atom. In case you do not remember the numbers, both the skateboard can be purchased for $499.95. This amount is just 5 cents away to kicking this product out of our $500 budget but since it’s here, let’s see the amazing specifications that make it worth mentioning.

Since both H.6 and B.10 skateboards have the same price, the thought of their specifications being exactly alike must have crossed your mind. But their price is the only similarity they have, strangely.

The different specifications of H.6 and B.10 skateboards

  • High quality deck

The deck being a main part of the skateboard should ne discussed first here.

The deck of both the boards is made of high quality Canadian maple wood but as we said, there is a difference. The maple wood layers on the B.10 are thicker than the ones on H.6 which makes the former stronger and a better version of the latter. This stronger deck allows the board to carry further more weight.

  • Ability to carry weight

Just like we said above, there are thicker layers of Canadian maple wood on B.10 which makes it capable of carrying more weight than H.6. The B.10 is kind of a superior in this case as it is able to carry 270 lbs. weight. This is pretty suitable for this price!

  • Motor and the power that it supplies

The motors in both the skateboards and their power supplies are different too. Like every other feature, this one is also in favor of the B.10 as it is equipped with a powerful motor that provides raw 1000 watt power supply.

How these motors differentiate is a matter of their type. The B.10 uses the belt drive motor while the other doesn’t.

If you don’t know it already, we are here to guide you about how a belt driven motor runs. Talking about its location, it is present outside the wheel of the electric skateboard. A belt is used to transfer torque from the motor to the wheel axle.

How does usage of a belt driven motor makes the board better? This is due to the very fact that this type of motor supplies more power to the electric skateboard.

But with more power, comes a flaw. This type of motor is more prone to failure chances unfortunately. This is because the belt in it can cause problems; it may come off or break at any point. Same is the case with the bearings it has.

Top high speed

If the B.10 hasn’t already impressed you by now, let us assure that it will just now. This electric skateboard is able to reach a top high speed of 18 miles per hour which is more than enough for a board available this price range! This is all possible due to the powerful motor.

Riding up the steep hills with this board

You can easily use this board to ride up the steeper hills. With the help of the 1000 watt power supplied by the belt drive motor, going up steep hills will be like riding on a smooth road!

Does B.10 actually delivers the claimed mileage? (Customers’ review)

Facts aside, the customer’s review is always important when you are going to go for a new skateboard, for an advertised statement and reality can be different.

According to the customers review that we took notice of, they weren’t much convinced that the board delivers a good mileage. The advertised mileage of the board is 6.2 miles on a single charge which is not very impressive, considering that the highest speed is 18 miles per hour.

One customer wrote that he managed to ride 8 miles on his 42V battery.

Another customer told that he being more of an aggressive driver, on a single charge, could ride for 5 to 6 miles only. These experiences were quite disappointing. But not all reviews were this bad.

These customers exclusively requested the manufacturers to make more profitable skateboards that can provide a more satisfactory outcome.

Furthermore, they said that this much low of a mileage is really unfair for a board that comes for $500.

To give a silver lining to your problematic cloud, the manufacturers have kept the battery charging time just 2 hours after which it will be as good as new.

You may have changed your mind by reading the customer reviews but let us tell you that experience of every customer is different. We wouldn’t want you to stay away from the preciousness of this extraordinary skateboard just because someone in some area didn’t like some feature.

Another point to ponder here is that the working of the board largely depends on the weight of the rider, the smoothness of the road, and many other factors. So yes, you may have a different experience than others.

There’s more to it

There is a wireless remote controller that comes with the skateboard. It’s easy to hold and use. The remote has Samsung batteries in it so it will be of great use for a long time.

The B.10 board is also equipped with regenerative braking system which keeps the battery running smoothly. With the help of this system, every time you hit the brake, a little juice goes up into your battery to keep it alive and running.

This electric skateboard comes off as one of the best ones you can buy from your $500 budget. It has most of the desirable features that every rider requires. A few of them may be improved, but it is still a very good choice, just the way it is now. It is definitely recommended.

  • Consists of a belt driven motor that supplies 1000 watt power
  • Equipped with regenerative braking system
  • Battery takes only 2 hours to recharge
  • Thicker layer of Canadian maple on the deck
  • Capable of carrying up to 270 lbs.
  • Reaches up to 18 miles per hour high speed
  • Makes climbing up steep hills easier
  • As per some reviews, battery fails to reach a satisfactory mileage

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