Paradox Electric Skateboard – 2023 Buying Guide & Review

A product prepared with dedication and good quality material never fails to deliver its users a luxurious experience. In the case of Paradox Electric Skateboard, you are guaranteed to have a good riding experience due to the utilization of all fine things in its manufacturing.

Paradox Electric Skateboard



Firstly, let us tell you that its deck is composed of good quality bamboo that confirms its high strength. Furthermore, there is a black grip tape on the deck to add stability and comfort along with the outer beauty of the skateboard. The deck has a normal sized length i.e., 28 inches which makes it equally fit to kids and adults.

Is it heavy weight ?

With a manufacturing so strong and good, you must ne considering that its weight is high. The company has proved us wrong here as the skateboard weighs only 9 pounds. Yes, you heard it right!

With an extraordinarily low weight of its own, this bad boy is able to carry a weight much higher than its own!

Extra powerful when it comes to carrying weight:

Most of the electric skateboards of the size and weight same as Paradox board are able to carry around 100 to 150 lbs. only, but you’d be highly mistaken if you think this is the case with Paradox skateboard too. This powerful fellow here will stun your minds with its unbelievable yet so real ability to carry the weight of approximately 270 lbs. Wow!

How much power does its motor supply?

All the functioning of an electric skateboard stays in working condition on behalf of the power being diffused by the motor fitted in it. The motor of this skateboard stays just with the users as it supplies 600 watt of power to keep your board running.

High speed deliverance:

A skateboard that works on a 600 watt motor is guaranteed to deliver good speed. But the manufacturers have really outdid themselves in this department by providing the maximum speed of 16 miles per hour. Are you as impressed as we are?!

Rechargeable lithium-ion battery:

The Paradox board is equipped with a durable yet perfect lithium-ion battery. By juicing up this fellow’s battery just once, you may be able to get 6 miles of mileage only. This comes off as a disappointment considering all other spectacular features of this board.

To overcome this flaw, the company has set up the charging time of the battery to just 2 and a half hours and you are good to go again!

Bidirectional characteristic:

The additional shining attraction in this electric skateboard is its bidirectional trait.

With skateboards, it’s always been hard to learn how to change directions for some people. You are in luck if you are still struggling with this difficulty as this bidirectional trait of the skateboard can make you change your direction with just one click on its handheld remote control. This is an amazing use of technology.

This feature saves the user from a lot of struggle. It is not just beneficial for the beginners who find changing directions difficult, but also for the experts who perform tricks with their skateboards. The board does half of your work for you!

Is it worth buying?

The skateboard has to offer a lot of great features and all of that for $400 only seems like a fair And reasonable deal to us! So, it’s a yes.

To conclude the facts with our opinion, we recommend that you should definitely go for the Paradox as it is a decent yet economical purchase.

  • Economical purchase
  • Consists of a motor that supplies 600 watt power
  • Able to deliver a maximum of 16 miles per hour top speed
  • Battery gets charged in 2 and a half hours
  • Bamboo is used to compose the deck
  • Light in weight
  • Capacity to carry a weight load of 270 lbs.
  • Change of directions with just one click on the remote control
  • Mileage after a single charge is limited to 6 miles only

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