Airwheel M3 Electric Skateboards 2023 – Review and Buying Guide

Airwheel M3 is the electric skateboard you want to buy if you want both beauties with brains. It doesn’t mean that it has a brain, literally. But what we mean is that it has some astonishing features and tricks up its sleeve that will blow your mind. Not to forget that it has ravishing beauty.




What’s the highest speed this board can get to with just one charge?

The Airwheel M3 has its own special way of impressing its users with its great ability to reach up to the maximum speed of 13 miles per hour. This speed is equivalent to 20 km per hour! Who’d not get happy with that kind of speed?!

This is not even the best part yet. With the power being provided by just one charge of the battery, this bad boy can deliver a speed as high as 12 miles. This straight-up means that you would have to take lesser stops and move forward more!

How long does the battery take to charge up?

One would think that the manufacturers Sony have already filled up their platter with so much that there’s no room for more facilitation but with their products, there’s always something more!

With this, we happily inform you that the rechargeable battery can be juiced up in just 2 hours! Two hours would pass by without you even noticing and then this bad boy would be good to go for a spin with you.

What technology does the Airwheel has to offer you?

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Up till now, we have discussed some really useful features of the M3 which show that it is already worth purchasing. But let’s get you more convinced.

It not only has distracting beauty and high speed, it also has powerful systems making it reach up that high of a speed.

The installation of double circuits and control chips have made this board shine with the benefiting beaming radiance of modern technology.

Moreover, this sunshine comes with a smartphone app of its own. How cool is that? Through this application, you can take control over the electric skateboard’s speed and other factors. This connection is maintained via Bluetooth so you also don’t have to worry about keeping your mobile data updated in order to run this board.

Wheels that give you the best off-road experience:

Sony claims to give its riders the best off-road experience by using the Airwheel M3. This is because they have equipped the board with such powerful and balancing wheels that make the off-road experience worthwhile!

What makes the wheels so much better is that they are specially wrapped up in rubber tiers. This gives an extra coating on wheels making them resistant to whatever damage the wheels face on or off the road. This includes rocks, mud, puddles, uneven terrains, and other obstructions as well.

So tighten your seat belts, as this bad boy is going to take you places with its high speed and strong manufacturing!

  • Equipped with powerful wheels wrapped up specially in rubber tier
  • Installation of a double circuit and control chips
  • Comes with a dedicated smartphone app of its own connected via Bluetooth
  • Delivers a top high speed of 13 miles per hour
  • A single charge can make the board work for 12 miles
  • Battery gets fully juiced up in just 2 hours
  • None that we know of yet

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