Atom H.6 Electric Longboard Skateboard – 2023 Buying Guide

You may have heard that many light weight electric skateboards are often in the spot light when it comes to the attractive specifications. It’s a myth that only light weight boards can be the real deal. Let us introduce you to a heavy weighted bad boy that can be purchased under the price range of $500.




ATOM ELECTRIC H.6 comes from well recognized manufacturers:

The name behind the skateboard is convincing enough to make you to buy it, but since we are here to guide you, here goes.

Fellows, ATOM needs no introduction but we will be more than happy to boast about their success story. This hardworking brand has been in business since 2005 in the electric skateboard manufacturing market and has proved to be great up till now. So you should have minimal doubts about u professionalism or their experience regarding best customer services and quality manufacturing.

Price on the edge of our budget limit:

For a list of electric skateboards that are affordable in the $500 range, the extraordinary ATOM Electric H.6. comes off as a bit of pricey as it is just on the edge of our budget limit. This board costs $499.95 in the market. This means that there is only the difference of 5 cents that is keeping it in the list of our budget skateboards.

As you keep reading this article, you will see that the features in the electric skateboard are worth the price. The price range between $300 to 500 may be a bit more, but these skateboards have plenty impressive techniques installed in them to keep you on board. The Atom Electric H.6 is an excellent example.

Deck’s special manufacturing:

The special manufacturing experience of the company speaks for itself when you see that thick layers of high quality Canadian maple is used to create the deck of this electric skateboard. This deck is designed to be resistant to electric shocks.

What’s under the deck will impress you quite a lot. You will find there a bunch of high level and durable rebound wheels. These provide balance, flexibility and a much stronger grip.

Weight carrying capacity:

This skateboard is able to carry a decent amount of weight i.e., up to 220 lbs.

Hub motor is better:

To make the best out of this board, the manufacturers have used the perfectly suited equipment to fit inside the skateboard. For instance, they have made use of powerful hub motors which have unlimited benefits. In case of hub motors, there are no belts or gears available. This saves the electric skateboard with hub motors from failures as compared to the ones not in which hub motors are not present.

A single hub motor provides a power of 700 watts which is pretty decent for a board of this price range.

Is the powerful motor any good?

The double strength motor delivering 700 watt power extends the speed limit to an impressive extent as high as 16 miles per hour. If that is not good, we are not sure what else is. So if you are fond of a crazy ride, this is your carriage, Cinderella!

Battery and mileage:

The battery is rechargeable which means you can always start fresh once you get it charged and that too, in a negligible time period.

To enhance the battery timing, the regenerative braking system is also available in this skateboard.

These were the facts. Let’s talk about what customers have to say. As per their reviews, the Electric H.6 is able to cover only a mileage of 6.2 miles on a single charge. This would have been impressive if the H.6 were a cheaper board, but now that it isn’t, this mileage is quite a turn off.

What does the ATOM has to say about the complain?

Let’s start with an interview of the manufacturers in which they were asked to best describe the specifications of their product H.6. They specifically used the words “average mileage” when they were telling about how much mileage would the board cover.

Moreover, the company replied that in the future, they would reconsider their calculations and manufacturing techniques. They said that they would bring more focus on creating a board that is able to carry more weight of the rider, stays fit on more steeper terrains and also provides a higher speed level.

This statement reflects that the current models in the market are not at their best right now and that the mentioned features definitely need to be reviewed, revised and updated.

To enjoy the best possible performance of this electric skateboard, all you have to do is have your weight within the limitations mentioned by company, travel in a normal speed and avoid traveling uphill.

Speeding modes:

The ergonomic design of the remote control of this product will stun your mind. It allows you to change your speeding mode from slow to fast depending on your choice and experience with riding, whether you’re a pro or a beginner.

The features of the Electric H.6 skateboard may not come off as the best when compared to other boards but to your fortunate, the manufacturers keep their reputation in terms of quality.

So, you won’t be in loss if you make your mind about buying this bad boy.

  • Comes with a remote controller
  • Remote control allows two modes of speeding
  • Deck is made of thick layers of Canadian maple
  • Able to carry weight of 220 lbs.
  • Hub motor provides 700 watt power supply
  • High speed limit goes up to 16 miles per hour
  • Battery is rechargeable
  • Overpriced for such a low speed and mileage
  • The features are not much as compared to the price

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