Evolve Skateboards GT Street Electric Longboard Skateboard

Evolve GT Street Electric Skateboards – 2023 Buying Guide

Have you had enough of the primitive designs of skateboards? Then we must recommend you one of the top picks when it comes to newly designed, upgraded models of electric skateboards i.e., the Evolve GT Street Electric Skateboards, which is not only advanced but also very useful.

It guarantees high quality and performance with its rich construction of the deck that is made of 2 ply bamboo material along with 7 ply Canadian maple hardwood – – both of them making match in heaven!

When it comes to power, the electric skateboard will exceed your expectations with its high powered motor that provides 3000 watt power.

With the help of this strong motor, this skateboard assures you an extremely high speed of 26 miles per hour.

Evolve GT Street Electric Skateboard

Evolve Skateboards GT Street Electric Longboard Skateboard


Longboard Skateboard – Upgrade Pick

The Evolve GT Electric Longboard Skateboard is equipped with 83-mm hybrid skate wheels that offer stability and reliability. One of its benefit includes its light weight of 17 lbs. making it super portable and easy to store and carry around.

To calm your wild side, the manufacturers have arranged an extraordinary amount of hill grade i.e., 25% in this electric skateboard for it be your new hill-climbing partner!

Piling up on the stack of advantages the Evolve GT Electric Longboard Skateboard can benefit you with, comes its amazing range of 21 miles. To put the cherry on top, all of this efficient working is available in just one charge!

The battery used in it takes only around three and a half hours to get recharged and start working again.

Remote Controlled Wireless LCD

The advancement in the electric skateboard speaks for itself when you notice the remote controlled wireless LCD screen that displays battery timing, speed, speed indicators, gears, wheel settings, trip function, diagnosis screen and whatnot! All these useful features help you to have full control of your ride!

The Evolve GT Electric Longboard Skateboard guarantees not just advanced technology but also a strong foundation that makes cruising and carving as easy as ABC for you!

What makes this 3000 watt electric skateboard extra special is its feature of being water resistant, so it may be your partner on rainy days too. This electric skateboard also has the capacity to accommodate up to 220 lbs. of rider’s weight, which is pretty decent.

  • The deck is composed of rich quality bamboo and maple hardwood that provide durability and quality
  • With a weight of only 17 lbs. it becomes one of the lightweight skateboards
  • It is portable and easily stored due to low weight
  • Gives the full high speed of 26 mile per hour
  • Consists of a powerful motor that offers 3000 watts
  • Consists of 83 mm soft hybrid wheels that are known for their safe grip
  • Carving and cruising are easy with its strong foundation
  • Contains advanced features like LCD screen that displays battery timing, speed indicators, wheel settings, diagnosis screen, etc.
  • Its expensive price range might be the only flaw that you will ever come across

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