Munkyboards SK-250BL 250W Remote Electric Skateboard 2023 Review

Tighten your seat belts as the Munkyboards’ SK-250BL is about to take you on a roller coaster ride with its thrilling features and design!




Does the motor provide enough power supply?

The SK-250BL is equipped with a brushless motor. This quality is proven to be more advantageous as a brushless motor tends to be more powerful and durable when compared with other motors. Not only this, it also lives longer as it has good quality manufacturing and guaranteed to stay intact and not break often. These are always the desired factors when it comes to electric appliances.

Let’s talk numbers. The brushless motor here is promised to supply about 250 watts of power. This is not a fair amount of power keeping in view the price range of the product. This is also a poor performance by the so called better brushless motor.

To cover up for this lacking, the company has installed a Lithium ion 4Ah battery in the SK-250BL to make it a bit competitive in market.

Strength found in a unique shape!

The catchy yet flirtatious line above is used for this handsome SK-250BL which has is rich in both style and strength.

To prove this claim, let us tell you that the deck of the skateboard is made up of durable Canadian maple wood, and it has such remarkable yet unique designs drawn on it.

This deck is not like the others. It is different in a way that at its front side, there is a pointed edge but on the back, you will find the classic round edge that every other skateboard has.

You must be thinking if the pointy edge has an advantage or is it just a moderation to give the board a new look. Well, looks like the company is having it both ways. The edge gives this board a different look and it will also help you in gliding forward easily.

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How battery influences the speed?


By using this electric skateboard, you will have the authority to reach up to a high speed of 13 miles per hour, which is quite wonderful for such a board.

By juicing the battery up just once, you will be able to enjoy up to 8 miles per hour.

Even if you run out of battery, you can always recharge it and start your journey again!

The SK-250BL has a battery that takes 4 hours to get recharged after which you can take it wherever you want!

Dedicated remote control:

The MUNKYBOARDS’ SK-250BL comes with dedicated remote control. A lot of you must think that this is an impressive feature but the remote is of a standard quality providing only the basic features. Being so basic makes it easier to learn. This means that kids and adults both can easily learn and handle the skateboard.

Is the board worth purchasing?

The SK-250BL can be of great value due to its some special features but we agree that there are indeed better choices for you available in the market. We say this because this board is a bit pricey as it almost costs $500 and still doesn’t provide a great variety of specialties.

To conclude, we speak in support of the Munkyboard as its riding experience is as fun as its name sounds. Being an electric skateboard under $500 price range, it makes up for most of the functionality that is required by the buyer.

  • Deck has a unique design with a pointed edge at front
  • Deck is made of strong Canadian maple wood
  • Provides a top speed of 13 miles per hour
  • Equipped with a brushless motor with a longer life span
  • Consists of a 4Ah lithium battery
  • Easy to learn and ride for kids
  • Battery charging time is high i.e., 4 hours
  • Limited features in $500 price
  • Power supplied by motor is only 250 watt

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