Swagboard NG-1 Electric Skateboard – 2023 Buying Guide

If you are much of a fan of rideable gadgets like skateboards and ripstiks, you must be aware of the fame that the company Swagboard has gotten over the years due to their wonderful creations!

They are still one of the most well recognized manufacturers when it comes to their great hover boards. Their hover boards are of such high quality and their durability amazes the users. Their other products carry the same value as the hover board.




Moving on to the actual product that we are here to discuss, let us introduce you to the master creation of Swagboard, the NG-1 (NG stands for Next Gen). This beauty is one of the most competitive boards as it not only provides you an excellent riding experience but also saves you a lot of bucks! You can get this board in just around $300.

Great manufacturing of Deck:

The deck of this product is really excellently durable. It depicts strength as it is composed of strong maple wood. The competent deck is embedded with a grip tape so you can feel comfortable on the board and have a higher and smoother grip on it. All of these come off as components of a great manufacturing.

High Speed in low budget:

img source: cloudfront.net

You may be expecting a low to moderate amount of speed from this budget-friendly electric skateboard but you will, fortunately, be disappointed in this regard.

Breaking the stereotypes of previous low-budget boards, this one proves to be quite fast. The skateboard promises to provide a maximum of 11 miles per hour top speed. How cool!

But that, of course, will highly depend on the weight of the rider. Excessive weight will cease the skateboard to provide its fullest effect.

What’s special about the battery:

The next point is to prove that Swagboard has not just added the swag factor in their deck manufacturing and speeding but also in the installation of the battery inside the board.

The NG-1 consists of a very durable and rechargeable Li-On Fe battery specially made with their Sentry Shield technology. The technical advantage of this special system is that your skateboard’s battery will have a longer life and is guaranteed to work efficiently throughout this period.

On only charging this Li-On Fe battery once, you will be able to get speeds as high as 10 miles per hour. This means that you don’t have to always keep it on the charge to get high speed. Because of being less costly, less toxic, long-term stable, and due to deliverance of its well-defined performance, the use of this battery is enhancing in-vehicle use, utility-scale stationary applications, and backup power.

Now you don’t have to worry about the remaining battery timing as it is shown very clearly by and indicating a flashlight that is present both on the skateboard and on the remote control that comes with it.

Are there any downsides to this skateboard?

Its maximum weight carrying capacity is the only disappointment you will have when you purchase the electric skateboard NG-1.

While it outdid most of the features that other boards of this range ceased to do so, it, unfortunately, lacks in this department. This little guy has the capability to carry around 176 pounds only.

It’s such bad news for that eho exceed this limit that they won’t be able to get the other beneficiaries of this masterpiece.

If we just ignore this slight turn-off, you will see for yourself that the NG-1 is one a kind that gives a lot more than it takes.

  • Gives a top high speed of as high as 11 miles per hour
  • Pocket friendly
  • A rechargeable Li-On Fe battery with a longer life span is installed
  • Remaining battery timing is indicated by flash light present on skateboard and remote control both
  • Deck is made rock solid with the use of maple wood
  • Weight carrying ability is quite low i.e, 176 pounds only

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