Razor Ripstick Ripster

Razor Ripstick Ripster – 2023 Buying Guide & Review

The Razor Ripstik Ripster is a smaller version of the Classic Ripstik but you will see that it has way better and modern features than the former model.

This is your go to ripstik board if you want the basic features of the classic board but with more established style and creative technology. The ripster is the board you need to try newer experiments with riding.

Razor Ripstick Ripster

Razor Ripstick Ripster


Razor has always been one of the best companies for Ripstiks.

Versatility in colors

To give the best products in wider options, the company has made these Ripstik boards in many colors for example in blue, black or red color. There are also brighter tones available which we will describe in the next product description.

The point being that you will fall in love with every color and will undoubtedly choose one of the best.

All the richness of the classic ripstik board

Just as mentioned above, the ripster has all the basic features of the Classic ripstik, may it be the inclined caster trucks or the pivoting deck. Although, there is more to this ripster than just these. This means that the addition of basic and modernized technology in this ripster will blow your mind and give you an unforgettable ride.

Smaller size

The ripster is smaller in size as compared to the 34 inch Classic ripstik board. Its length is almost 27.5 inches long which makes it very suitable for kids as well as adults. The reason to mention children specifically is because of the small size of the board which is easier to handle by children of smaller age.

Light weight

With its reduced length, the weight also becomes half than that of the classic board. The light weight makes it super portable and very easy to handle. The lighter weight and small aperture gives the ripstik ripster a very smart look, and acts as a life saver for those performers who find it hard to try new tricks with a heavy board.

Other special specs

The specs of this precious board includes the equipment of a steel torsion bar, spinning tube made of high end aircraft grade aluminum material for extra strength.

The deck of the ripster is also known for extreme grinding and pivoting. The riders get the option to remove and replace the deck as well.

The forward movement of the ripster is possible by the extreme special twisting motion of the board so you do not have to push off to move. The snowboard like ripster delivers perfect carving motion while keeping you safe and sound.

Classic 66mm urethane wheels

The ripster replaces the 76 mm wheels of the classic board with its classy 66 mm urethane wheels, but still has the ABEC-5 bearings of the former.

The material urethane used to make the wheels is perfect as it works well on hard areas as well as plain tracks. Urethane wheels become tour support while you experience new aspects of riding or performing tricks. They have anti tear and abrasion resistance quality to cover up for the damages you may have caused to the wheels in your thrilling rides.

Suitable for kids

Due to the short size, the wheel base becomes shorter in the ripster. This is suitable for users of narrow stance. It also suits the ones who cannot handle bigger boards for example, kids of smaller age. Even if you prefer a bigger board, you will not be disappointed by using the ripstik as despite of being small, it will give you maximum balance with its slip resistant concave deck.

Safety is the company’s preference

With this concave deck, also comes the rubber padding in this board that guarantees your safety.

You will not face lack of maneuverability due to the smaller size of the deck as in other boards. The ripstik ripster rather performs really well for its size. The reduced dimensions of the board will not cause any problems.

The reduction in weight consequently reduces the quality of the ripstik ripster. Another turn off is its slow speed as compared to other boards. The slower speed turns out to be a good factor when the rider is a young kid, whereas it may not please the riders who want higher speed.

Weight carrying capacity

The ripster can carry a weight up to 143 lbs. A person beyond this weight limit nay not be able to enjoy normal features of the board.

Ripster proves to be a good ride as it amuses both the kids and adults.

  • Weight is lighter due to small size
  • Super portable
  • Easy to use
  • Deck is concave to prevent slippage
  • Rubber padding is good for safety
  • Equipment of aircraft grade aluminum tube
  • Both kids and adults can use
  • Slower than other boards
  • Lighter weight results in low quality

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