Razor Ripsurf Ripstik Board – 2021 Buying Guide & Review

Are you ready to go surfing, but get afraid to do so? We may have a solution for you! Try this new ripsurf that appears same as a surfboard but is actually a ripstik board that works good on land and keeps you safe!

Razor Ripsurf

Razor Ripsurf


You can save the time and trouble of getting yourself waxed up and go to the beach to ride along the waves. You can get the same exciting feeling of surfing but with fewer complications and in a different, new way! You’d be ready by just wearing your helmet!

What makes ripstik different than a ripsurf?

Let us tell you that the ripstik and ripsurf are not the same thing. The main difference appears to be in its manufacturing design. The ripstik has a unique hourglass shape that lets the tail and the nose of the board to twist independently.

We value your time

The reason behind you saving up the time and trouble in using this ripsurf is due to the fact that it is already prepared. This means that you do not have to sit down, and follow manual guidelines to find the right way to assemble parts of the ripsurf. It comes assembled and ready to ride! It can be your go to ride at all times with its well-assembled being.

Styling & deck

As we talk about the appearance, you will come to notice that the ripsurf has an upturned nose. This nose strengthens the board and gives you more control while riding. This is actually quite a smart design by the company.

Furthermore, there is the pivoting deck that smoothens your ride, and makes turning and carving extremely easy for you. The board is designed in such a way to provide maximum stability to its riders.

Choice to customize

There are also stickers that come with the ripsurf, that you can use to customize the deck of your board.

Learning of new tricks

Being an intelligent new member of the ripstik family, this bad guy is able to adept new tricks and movements and change its settings according to the rider. So it’s a smart choice for smart users.

Other marvelous specs

  • Dimensions

Coming to the tremendous specs of the ripsurf, let us impress you by telling that it has a dimension of 32.2″ L x 10.7″ W x 6.0″ H.

  • Weight of the board and its weight carrying capacity

It weighs only 5.25 lbs. so it makes it quite lightweight and easy to carry around. Despite of being featherweight itself, it is phenomenally able to carry a maximum weight capacity of 220 lbs.

  • Suitable for age groups

With its new designing, it is suitable for ages 8 and above. Consider keeping age 8 to 10 under supervision while you let them the ripsurf.

  • Modern technology

The patented RipStik® one-piece torsion technology is considered to be one of the most best features that the ripsurf owns.

  • Strong composition

Its deck is specially prepared with industrial grade polypropylene that strengthens the board. The deck has a wax bump texture on it for detailing and creating more traction for the rider.

Moreover, the traction pad it has is textured foam and comes with a kick tail that makes it look more like a surfboard.

  • Urethane caster wheels

For wheeling, Razor has used urethane caster wheels that are inclined at 360 degrees.

To keep a safe end for you, the company provides a 6 month warranty if you find any defects from the manufacturers.

To add in to your benefits by the company, they also provide you with an extra wheel in case you need to change it.

To enhance the quality of its products, the company adds in modern torsion technology and offers excellent quality.

You will love each and every feature of this ripsurf, we guarantee you that!


Customer Reports
David Winslow

Great board. The kid loves it. Great transition from the other boards in the category but lends a bit of surfer fun.

Daniel K.

I am amazed this hasn’t become a huge deal. So fun! You can get the same carving feeingas with surfing and snowboarding, great buy!


Gave to a 12 year old for Christmas. He loved it and got the hang of it rather quickly. Thumbs up!


I never touched a skate board or long board before, but I love it and it is possible to learn fast without prior experience even at 28 years old, ha! I discovered that surfing is one of my passions recently and I love how this can bend giving that free feeling of a surf board. No regrets and only fun.

  • Already assembled
  • Made from good quality products
  • Works like a surfboard
  • An extra wheel, stickers and a manual is provided with it
  • Not to be used in skateboard park
  • Wheels get locked up by loose debris
  • Not to be used in rain
  • Traction pad is not very long lasting

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