Koowheel D3M 2nd Generation Electric Longboard – 2023 Review

In a glance or from a far away view, you might confuse the Koowheel D3M with the Blitzart Huracane skateboard. But that’s just a coincidence and there’s no other similarity between the two. Their specifications are very different from each other.




Let’s talk more about the D3M. Koowheel has always been able to win our hearts with their Classic creations but this time, with the D3M, they have proved to be on another level of progress.

You can easily stay in your $500 budget plan, and get this wonderfully organized electric skateboard. This will be a great choice because the skateboard is able to achieve high speed, deliver high mileage, work efficiently, and all of this, in your budget!

Let us guide you about what’s so special about this electric skateboard.

Composition and strength of the deck

Whether it’s a manual skateboard that you are talking about or an electric one, in both of these, the deck plays the part of its backbone.

The deck of the D3M is made specially by using durable Canadian maple wood. This brings strength to. The board, and also makes it able to carry more weight.

The maximum weight that this deck can withstand is 286 lbs. This is a great opportunity fir those who were seeking a board with extended weight carrying capability.

This feature of D3M is just as appealing as the 300 lbs. of Blitzart Huracane.

Point to ponder

img source: made-in-china.com

All the electric skateboards do not necessarily deliver the promised and advertised mileage, range and speed on every try. This is due to the favt that there are a whole lot of factors that may affect them in several ways. These may include the weight of the rider, smoothness of the road, the battery charging condition and other minor factors.

So no need to worry if it’s not the full speed you’re getting to, you may want to reconsider the weight limitations, and your terrain too.

Polyurethane wheels

The D3M by Koowheel brags of the strong polyurethane wheels as used in Huracane. These bad boys save your skateboard from damage and give it a firm grip to stay on ground. They require minimal changes as they are very durable and resilient to damage themselves, making their lifespan longer.

Installation of dual hub motors and their power supply

Dual hub motors are fitted inside the D3M. Yes, you heard it right. INSIDE.

With belt-drive motors, they are always present outside the wheels. But these hub motors are hidden away in the tear wheels, which gives the skateboard a cleaner and neater finishing.

With this much of power supply, the D3M becomes no less than a beast when it races right up to 25 miles per hour as its top speed. This is unbelievably and extraordinarily high speed for a board that comes at this price range.

The Koowheel D3M has even left behind the Huracane by crossing the high bars set by it at 20 miles per hour top speed.

Reminding you again that the high speed can be reached only when a normal-sized person is riding the Koowheel D3M. Also, the path should also be even and battery should be fully charged.

All of the above-mentioned features are convincing enough to make you go for the skateboard. But these aren’t even the best things about this masterpiece. Let’s see what’s more to it!

The best range on a single charge

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To top all of the things off, the Koowheel D3M is advertised to deliver a range as high as 22 miles per hour on only a single charge! This is too good to be true.

This would’ve been the time when we finally decided to buy this skateboard if it were us reading the article but…  there’s more! Other than a high range, it also has a swappable battery that comes with it.

Quick riding tip

You could be a little extra clever to charge both your batteries when going to a trip, so you don’t limit yourself to the 22 miles range only. Once you see that your battery has ended, you can just swap and change the battery with the other recharged one at any time, any place!

With this new trick, you can get double the range and get a 40-mile range! So the D3M has set the bars even higher this time for other skateboards with its impressive benefits.

Learning from the manufacturing techniques of Koowheel, more manufacturers should focus on increasing their range like this so the customers should face minimal problems while riding their skateboard.

We are already a die-hard fan of this Koowheel D3M, and so are you, by now. But just to make it more cooler, the D3M also boasts of its built-in charging system. This system makes the battery recharged in just 2 hours and you’re good to go again!

What does the customers have to say about D3M:

You have read some very convincing features of the D3M up till now. The facts are all good and cheery but only the people who have used the skateboard in real would know if these are all solid facts or just pointless claims.

All of the other features were proven to be true for many customers. But there was a single problem faced by some people too.

These people have reviewed that they faced disconnection problems of the remote control with the board. This means that due to the disconnection, riders lost their control over the board and some have also reported falling because of this.

This issue has also been fixed by the Koowheel in their newly released skateboards. The customers are now quite satisfied with their service and enjoying the skateboards’ features to their fullest.

There is still a chance that you may face a similar disconnection problem you are buying an older or used skateboard of Koowheel.

Apart from this slight problem, which has also been taken care of by the company, the electric skateboard has won all our heart with its breathtaking features and unbelievable $499 price. It’s the skateboard that has it all!

  • Consists of a 700 watt dual hub motor
  • Able to reach up to a top speed of 25 miles per hour
  • Comes with a swappable battery and a remote control
  • Battery only needs 2 hours to get recharged
  • Deliverance of 22 mile range on just a single charge
  • Ability to carry a maximum weight of 286 lbs.
  • Customers has reported for the older version of the board to have disconnection problems

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