YUNEEC E-GO2 Electric Skateboard 2023 Review – Best Buy Under $500

Yuneec has never been one of the companies that create the hype for nothing. They have climbed their way up in the industry of electric skateboards not just with their charming skateboards but also with the quality that they provide, the effort and class that they put in their work and how reasonable they keep their products despite of all the great features.

They are one of the most well known manufacturers when it comes to making economical yet fabulous electric skateboards.




If you want a cheap yet excellent electric skateboard, Yuneec is where you have to go to. Here we are with its wonderful E-GO2 which is one of the most popular, classy and unbelievably budget friendly board that Yuneec has. You can buy this masterpiece in just $355.

How deck has an effect on weight carrying capacity?

Yuneec has made use of 8 layers of durable and strong maple wood for the composition of the deck. This means that a frim grip and long lifespan is guaranteed with this kind of manufacturing.

Due to the high quality of the products used to make the deck, it is now able to carry a maximum weight of 220 lbs.

Kick tail design of the deck

The deck is not just strong but also has a very stylish look. What makes the look unique is its kick tail designing. This kick tail allows the rider to gave more control over the skateboard. It also helps the riders to have firm grip and steer better.

E-GO2’s belt drive motor

There are two types of motors that most of the manufacturers prefer to install on their skateboards. The belt driven motor and the hub motor. Difference between the two is that the belt driven motor is visible but the hub motor is hidden away in rear wheel. The hub motor supplies more power than belt driven motor but is more prone to failure too.

If you have been following the latest skateboards trends, you must be aware that most manufacturers now prefer the hub motor over the other one due to the neatness it gives to the board. But with the E-GO2, Yuneec has decided to stay with the classic choice of belt driven motor.

The usage of hub motor must have been better but the fact that they have used a high quality belt driven motor covers up for it. This motor is able to supply a maximum of 12.5 miles per hour top speed.

Maximum range

Yuneec has claimed to provide a maximum range of 18 miles which is pretty high for a board that comes in just $355!

How long does the battery takes to get recharged?

The battery department is where Yuneec is seen to lower their effort. The good thing is that the battery is rechargeable, but the bad thing is that it takes almost 3 to 5 hours to recharge. This is way longer than those boards that come in a cheaper price but still manage to get their battery recharged in an hour or two. This feature can be improved.

For the conveyance of the riders, the company has installed regenerative braking system. This means that your battery gets a little juiced up every time you hut the brake or accelerate the board. This somehow makes the battery timing better.

A variety of colors to choose from

Apart from all the good features that the E-GO2 can provide, it also offers the exciting opportunity to choose from different colors. The skateboard comes in 3 different appealing colors i.e., dark green, blue and pink.

The colors make riding the board even more fun for the kids and adults!

Technological benefits of E-GO2

The company is not unaware of the latest technologies that are desirable in the electric skateboards by the young hearted generation nowadays. Yuneec has impressed us with the provision of a wireless remote controller that helps you take over the board’s features. It has ergonomic design and works like a joystick.

Not coming slow with the technology fever, the skateboard has its very own dedicated smartphone app (Android and iOS both). Now controlling the skateboard is just a click away. One may forget the remote at home but you always have your phone with you! The features that can be controlled through the application are the battery percentage, battery temperature, distance crossed and current speed etc.

There is no doubt that Yuneec has earned its way through the market of electric skateboards with its marvelous service and performance. Specifically after learning about the E-GO2, we are quite a lot impressed with their good quality manufacturing and high level technology. It’s the most popular yet economical board you get.

  • The deck is composed of 8 layers of durable maple wood
  • Unique kick tail design of deck
  • Delivers a high 18 mile range
  • Availability of 3 different colors
  • Consists of a wireless remote and a dedicated mobile app
  • Budget friendly
  • Delivers a top high speed of 12.5 miles per hour
  • The battery charging time is longer i.e., 3 to 5 hours

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