It is not a story of the time very far; just a couple of years ago, electric skateboards were introduced as modern, updated, and luxury gadgets as an addition to conventional electric skateboard. It was believed that the electric skateboards concept would vanish within no time, but as people started loving them, different providers started making them have various features and characteristics.
In the 1990s, Louie Finkle invented and presented the very first electric skateboard with handmade electronics. A 100% original brushed motor was used since it was the time where mostly wired electronic accessories were being used, and an addition of such a wireless skateboard was something new to the audience.

Electric skateboards

Talking about the features of an electric skateboard, various providers are making different types of electric skateboards and being sold at different prices. Here are some features which make a difference in price, and this writing is to focus on some cost-effective and cheap electric skateboards.

Who Are Cheap Electric Skateboards Best Suited For?

When electric skateboards have been introduced in the market, they were considered to be only for those tech nerds who want to look cool in high school or front of their friends, but with time everyone has used and loved them. Being used in all of the classes and the entire generations (young, old, famous, or nerdy) price was the factor that needs to be kept in consideration, and the focus was to keep them cheap.

Cheap electric skateboards

Cheap electric skateboards are usually affordable in price as the name says and used for beginners who want to get their feet in the world of electric skateboards. Since the board has been gone viral, so everyone wants to try them out, and it needs to be in a specific price limit because many mainstream models cost around $1500, which is too much for a beginner that’s why we are providing a list of cheap electric skateboards and features they have.


Not really. An electric skateboard costs around $300 indeed gives an as good performance as a $1000 costing board provides because there are companies like Blitzart, Atom, and Koowheel are providing such cheap models. They have all of the features which an expensive model has. Like premium models, they have features like better quality, replaceable batteries, LED lights, mobile apps, regenerative braking, and many others, which an electric skateboard with a high price can have. Rest assured, you don’t miss out on any performance or feature with these budget models.


This is true because if you are not a tech-savvy and want to buy the electric skateboard for you or someone like a parent, it can be tricky for you. Since boards are not as expensive as they were a couple of years before, an ideal model costs under $500. Based on the features and characteristics mentioned below, you can choose an ideal and budget electric skateboard for your cart.
Before we talk about our category for the top 10 cheapest and best price effective electric skateboards, keep it under consideration that category is based on authentic reviews, research, interviews by our tech teams, and various other sources. Pros and cons are mentioned with each category to have a better idea.




Let’s take a start to make a start with a known model, Alouette Catwalk. Interesting and having a beautiful name electric skateboard comes in two different versions, mainly depending upon the battery. One comes with a 4400 mAh battery and another with a 2200 mAh battery. Features of both of the models are almost the same except obviously price and range.

The deck includes an exceptionally modern and great look because without having an examination under this electric skateboard, no one can guess that it is different from a simple skateboard. Due to its style, quality of the wood used, quality accessories, and best speed, it has already made its place among the youngsters for being a budget skateboard and having an excellent price of around $200.

We will be looking at the model having 4400 mAh battery for being very cheap $249 and having a decent size like 29’’. Also, it can be found on sale in different stores like recently it was up for a 20% discount ($199).


Catwalk having very lightweight and portable has a minimalistic design and also carries a classy look. It is made up of 7ply maple wood, which stands the test of time and offers a weight load of 110 lbs maximum. Board has a single 350W hub motor, which can go up to 12 mph. Since it is the maximum speed the board can achieve, it also has a ‘’slow mode’’, which cuts the rate into half as 6 mph.
It also comes with an extraordinary wireless remote that can be used to control the top speed. This board has also changed the game by providing some excellent wireless features which were only available in electric skateboards, which cost around $1000 and were out of the range for a big part of the audience. Along with basics like acceleration and brake remote can also be used to change direction and put the board in reverse.

Talking about the 4400 mAh battery model in a $200 classy electric skateboard gives around 12 miles of range on a single charge, which is very impressive for a $200 electric skateboard.

  • Powerful brakes
  • High capacity brakes
  • Right return for the money spent
  • A high-quality board that allows weight up to 110 lbs
  • Speed of 12 mph to maintain the top place in the list
  • Users have reported issues for charging
  • Weak wireless control
  • Poor Bluetooth connection which makes the remote to lag control sometimes.

2. Airwheel M3

Airwheel M3


After a big price drop, Airwheel M3 has also has become in the line of competition by having minimalistic design and being a solid model one of its types. Here, we are talking about the electric skateboard with enormous off-road elastic wheels, which we observe very often on board. They allow you to keep your rides comfortable and smoother even in the damper and roughest of the surfaces.

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It has big all-terrain rubber wheels, which rarely can be seen in a range of electric skateboards. They allow maintaining a straight line even in the roughest of the terrains and, having built-in damper masses, provides an enjoyable off-road experience. So, with this amount of money on the table, we are very sure that you are making a right choice even if you are a school going youngster and want to look cool among the gang or you are one of the parents who want to buy something cheaper but a good quality product for your young love.

M3 is known for the quality of accessories used in the board even if you talk about the piece of board or the electronic equipment; everything stands the test of time.

If we talk about the performance, Airwheel M3 keeps the audience shocked because it provides the top speed of 12 mph, and its smart battery is capable enough to provide a long experience as 12 miles in a single charge.

  • Well known and is on top of the list because of the quality of the board
  • Good speed of 12 mph
  • Good controls
  • Excellent quality of the accessories
  • Allows single person repair
  • No tool required for the assembly.
  • Top class battery for extra miles and better range.
  • Heavyweight
  • Difficult to carry and non-durable
  • Large wheels, batter, motor, and deck makes the weight more than other electric skateboards
  • Poor acceleration




Swagtron is a well-known name in the electric skateboard industry. It has a history of proving some awesome hoverboards, and now they are also famous for providing some of the best electric skateboards.

It is considered to be a huge success in the market being NG-1 as their first model for an electric skateboard because it is affordable and has various features. Made with maple wood and proven to be nicely flexible as well.

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The feature which makes it outstanding among all is, it supports an in-wheel motor, which allows it to go as fast as 11 mph, which is extraordinary if we see the price as a top factor. If you talk about the quality of the item, which will satisfy you the most, NG-1 is UL 2272 confirmed and has top tech highlights, including a LED remote control for simple footing and control.

The board is built and intended to have ideal body adjusting. Also, have a remote sensor for better performance, which allows the user to depend upon simple turning left or comfortable than 90 degrees. Boss and metallic base plate are also included to give support and solidness to the board. It also has polyurethane wheels that are intended to provide smoother rides in street conditions and built in such a manner that wheels can make a good turn around the torque even in a vertical position.

Carrying the 24V Li-ion Fe battery, this little fellow can go up to 10 miles on a single charge, making it the longest reaching electric skateboard for a price under $200.

  • Attractive design with a lower price
  • Good top speed of 11 mph
  • Optimum range
  • Better charge to work ratio
  • Include accessories like charging connector, user manual, USB charging link, charging connector, and wrist leash for protection.
  • Limited for intermediate level users
  • Only suitable for the beginners
  • Limited miles of range




There is a reason for putting 3 models of Blitzart in the line, and that is they are known for releasing pleasing electric skateboards rather aggressively as of late. Blitzart tornado can be bought at a meager price at $299. There will be other models under $200, but it truly has lots of exciting goodies in return.

Tornado comes in a decent size of 38’’ which adds to the class of this longboard. There are 4 hues that Tornado comes in, which are black, green, red, and orange. It offers an extraordinary blend of durability and execution. We suggest Tornado to all of the youngsters who are just stepping into the electric skateboards rides because it provides far safer ride than many electric skateboards out there.

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Having decent size as 38’’ Blitzart is well known for having sturdy design, and Tornado is no exception. The deck is made out of 8ply wood sandwiched between two layers of bamboo. It allows tornado to hold up to 300 lbs of weight.

It has an attractive shape with a finger cutout on the edge of one side for holding the board well, and there are a total of 4 colors of a tornado (black, green, orange, and red). Tornado holds a single 350W hub motor, which develops a top speed of around 16 mph. It sounds imaginary if you put the deck in a test with 300 lbs weight, and it will not be an easy job to handle the board on 16 mph, but it is still quite impressive to provide the ability to hold weight up to 300 lbs.

The 36V 4000 mAh battery can provide the effective mileage for 10 mph, and charging the board can take 2.5 hours when it’s full empty, so we are talking from 0 to 100%. It also comes with a wireless remote to control basics like acceleration, brake, and reverse.

  • Wider board than other electric skateboards of this price range.
  • Wider board than Hurricane
  • Top speed of 16 mph
  • No skid marks
  • An extraordinary battery of 4000 mAh
  • Supports fast charging
  • Comes in a variety of colors
  • Powerful motor
  • Ability to carry weight up to 300 lbs.
  • Fragile remote control
  • The poor lifespan of the system
  • Poor quality of accessories and product used
  • No waterproofing which stops it from getting to the top of the category.




We are now talking about the world’s lightest electric skateboard, which is known by Blink Lite. It is made by Acton, the company that got famous with the Blink for being a robust all-around model.

It has a single center engine that offers cutting edge highlights at a very reasonable cost. This kind of engine provides a range of extra miles, which is a great and solid item. Acton Blink Lite is a decent decision for children who need to drive classy to their classes and friends.


The main feature which has become the reason for the deck’s fame is its weight; it weighs around 7.7 lbs. Combined with its excellent price and classical appearance, this little fellow can go up to 10 mph in ideal conditions.

  • Good Bluetooth connection
  • Known for having the lightest weight as low as 7.7 lbs
  • 7 miles of range in a single charge
  • Moderate speed of 10 mph
  • Poor braking system
  • Lower brake efficiency
  • Focused on young users only
  • Do not support heavy-weight




In case you’re searching for an astounding best electric skateboard, you probably won’t need to look further. Blitzart is making a lot of good and budget models for electric skateboards, which also stands the test of time and proven to be very good in competition with all of the famous names, and Hurricane is one of them.

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We will start with its 38-inch monstrosity. It is made up of 8 inner layers of maple closed off with bamboo on both sides, providing the deck with ax extra dose of flexibility and strength. This electric skateboard can hold the top weight of 300 lbs.

With roughly 15 mph of top speed, Hurricane electric skateboard provides a maximum range of 17 miles in a single charge, which proves that Blitzart knows the art to make high-quality electric skateboards.

  • Different variety of colors
  • Capacity to hold the weight of 300 lbs
  • Having good speed top speed of 15 mph
  • Range of 17 miles in a single charge
  • Powered by great 350W engine
  • Poor charge to performance ratio
  • Needs more time to get a charge as 3 hrs




Benchwhell Penny Board has been added in this category even in the range of high prices, but it does have specifications that satisfy the money spent on it. It is being sold for around $400, but it has been seen on sale pretty often.

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It features a powerful 1000W brushless motor, famous for being extra thin, and it goes as fast as 15 mph. Benchwheel is a durable and nice looking deck with excellent performance.

It is combined with a 90W Lithium-Ion battery, which supports quick charge technology from 0 to 100% in one and a half hours and still provides a mileage of roughly 7 miles.

  • Powerful 1000W brushless motor
  • An extra thin engine which provides a great look
  • Top speed of 15 mph
  • Good range of 7 miles in a single charge
  • Fast charge capacity
  • 0 to 100% charge is one and a half hour
  • Users have reported a little wobble while riding like many cheap electric skateboards
  • Also, issues with the charger have been reported




Maverix USA Monster is a go-to electric skateboard if you are on a tight budget. Even being the cheap electric skateboard, it surprisingly has excellent performance.

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Here we are talking about a 31-inch model, which is not a common size, but it has a feature that even cannot be seen on expensive models, which is LED lights. It features shiny LED stripped light wheels that give an outstanding ride in night skating sessions. Monster electric skateboard is specifically aimed for children, so the recommended weight is around 100 lbs. So, if you are a parent looking for an electric skateboard for your young one, Monster is a perfect choice for you.

It comes with a slow charging battery pack, which roughly takes 4 hours to get fully charged, and still, it lasts roughly 6 miles in one full charge. But being aimed at children, still, it is a solid choice because it has enough features being the cheapest deck in the town.

  • The best feature is LED stripped wheels
  • Outstanding rides in night skating sessions
  • One of the lightest electric skateboards
  • Unable to hold much weight
  • Allows to carry as low weight as 100 lbs
  • Poor battery performance which provides only 6 miles in one charge
  • It takes much time to charge as 4 hours from 0 to 100%.




It is also one of the cheapest electric skateboards in the line, and this reward also goes to the Blitzart. It will not be wrong to say that Blitzart will be leaders of the market for producing budget electric skateboards, yet they provide such features that electric skateboards with high price lacks. They already have gained a lot of popularity, and yet they are not coming slow.

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We will like to take the start with the design on Mini Flash. It comes with a decent style and generally sleek look that’s not ruined with any unnecessary details. It comes in 3 exciting colors, but the color mainly changes in wheels. The grip and board stay the same as the black.

The deck is made up of maple and bamboo-like other models of Blitzart, giving it some durable and flexible features. Blitzart made it in such an extraordinary style that anyone will be pleasantly surprised while holding it with both hands. The lag-free control can make it a winner!

Mini Flash comes with a durable hub motor and which makes this small thing to go as fast as 12 mph. Along with that, it comes with a pretty powerful battery pack, which takes 2.5 hours to go right from 0 to 100%. The thing to fall in love it is, it lasts for around 15 miles.

  • Comes in 3 exciting colors
  • Fast charging feature
  • From 0 to 100% in 2 and a half hours only
  • Provides better charge to work rato
  • Offers a good range of 15 miles in a single charge
  • Good braking efficiency
  • Strong electric motor
  • Poor, remote connection
  • Poor Bluetooth connectivity
  • Users have reported that it provides less mileage as described with the product.




Last but not least, we proudly want to talk about one and only Swagtron Voyager, which became one of the best electric skateboards if you talk about price. Swagtron has made decent passage available with their NG-1 and affirmed their predominance with the Voyager. Its cool design on the deck has proven entire solidity, too, that it can hold heavy weight without any effect on the board.

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The first thing to be seen is its deck, which is rich with graphics on the grip tape, and it’s pretty durable. The model is made up of a combination of maple and bamboo, which allows is to hold the weight around 330 lbs.

It features powerful and energy-efficient dual 350W motors, which can make the Voyager go as fast as 15 mph of speed, and that is a pretty impressive thing.

Added with a long-lasting battery, it shines among all of the same categories. Voyager’s Lithium-Ion battery can stay up to 15 miles in a single charge. If you don’t weight a ton, then for sure, it will last this much.

  • Good battery efficiency
  • Rich graphics
  • A strong combination of maple and bamboo
  • Supports heavyweight up to 330 lbs
  • The powerful and energy-efficient dual motor of 350W
  • Top speed of 15 mph
  • Good range of 15 miles in a single charge
  • Known for the long-lasting battery
  • Poor controls
  • Less safety
  • Poor turning ability while going up and down
  • Like other cheap electric skateboards, it is reported to provide less top speed than described (15 mph).


Here, it is an end to the category, and we will like to discuss the same thing mentioned in the beginning. It should not necessarily be too expensive if you are looking for a solid choice of the electric skateboard.

If you know what features you want in the electric skateboard, you are going to buy, and if you had a detailed looked on the mentioned category, you definitely can see what price range your choice should fall in.

Concluding from the detailed categorized mentioned models, it can be found that not necessarily costly things have all the features as we have seen that the models that even cheap have those features which the one has in the high price range.

So, before spending your precious money on an electric skateboard, first, know what features you are looking at and what choices you have so you can find a perfect, cost-imposing deck for you.