The best longboard for any beginner is the one that has a good build quality, supports basic riding style like cruising and speed drop-down, and, most importantly, costs only a small fraction of your savings. The joy of learning a new sport will fade away if any of these essentials are missing. Choose your first longboard wisely as the survival of your newly discovered dream depends on it.

Top 10 Inexpensive Longboards and their Reviews

When a hundred dollar bill is all you can spare for your newly discovered passion, these longboards are the best. They’re not the most solid longboards in the market. But these longboards suffice the purpose and will last a few years until you can afford an upgrade. This guide will help you land at the most suitable longboard for your needs without stretching your wallet beyond $100.

1. Quest Super Cruiser

Quest Super Cruiser


Quest Super Cruiser is trending in the market these days for its pintail shape. The longboard cruises the rider in leisure, and the ease of with it carves is exceptional. The overall riding experience in light of the price point makes it the best beginner’s longboard.


Designed for broad walkways, the board is 44 inches long; the length adds stability to the board. Its deck consists of 7 plies of maple layers, mostly a layer of artisan bamboo for adding details to the floor. The Super Cruiser is equipped with Quest urethane wheels with a diameter of 70mm and 80A hardness. The 7-inch aluminum trucks are reverse-kingpin and are integrated with ABEC-7 bearings. 

The board is flat and not flexible at all. Its stiffness prevents it from diving into carve, and the wide wheelbase precludes the board from turning too rapidly. This is a reassuring feature for many new riders as the swift steering requires greater control and higher skills. The bearing is a weak feature of these boards and demands regular servicing. The rider will soon feel the need to upgrade the wheels specs. 

  • Good quality wood
  • Beautiful artisan bamboo deck
  • A stable & comprehensive platform eases the learning.
  • Wheel bite is a common complaint by users
  • Bearing are slow and call for an upgrade

The Bottom Line

Beginners always picture Quest Super Cruiser as their first skateboard because the price is right on point with the overall look of the board. It is amongst the better longboards in the affordable range of longboards. The brand has a good reputation amongst the buyers and has all the essential features to get you going. These boards will last long.

2. Yocaher Professional Speed Drop Down

Yocaher Professional Speed Drop Down


Yocaher is a much-loved brand amongst the experienced riders. The Speed Drop Down longboard offers an unmatched speed on downhill surfaces. The board is designed to set the deck closer to the ground. Lower center of gravity enhances the stability of the longboard at higher speeds. The board is stiff, making it perfect for downhill rides.


It is a 42.25 inch long and 9-inch wide deck made with 9-ply maple wood. The 33-inch wheelbase is integrated with heavy-duty aluminum trucks that have reversible kingpins and are top-mounted with a 9.5-inch hanger.

Yocaher boards are designed with Q-Balls and ABEC-7 chrome bearings. The longboard has a curved drop down between the tail and the nose; the cutouts eliminate the wheel bites’ changes.

  • Stiffness of the board ideal for dropdown
  • Trucks are in-line with the board.
  • Low-quality bearings
  • Weight-bearing capacity is not suitable for heavy riders.

The Bottom Line

The stiffness of the board, along with concavity, adds to the stability of the board. The trucks are robust, and together with the reverse kingpin, it resists swaying movements. But the bearings do not have the capabilities to handle the speed, especially on downhill rides.

Only the bearings need an upgrade. Otherwise, the longboard is an ideal pick. Once the bearings are replaced, the Yocaher longboard will be uncatchable. Speed Drop Down is made for riders who crave the adrenaline rush.

3. Atom Drop Through

Atom Drop Through


Freeride skaters prefer the drop through the truck mounting system as it allows them to drift through the curves and slide downhill at the speed of a lightning bolt. The convenience in pushing the board forward eliminates the danger of wear and tear during the regular commutes.


Atom drop through boards comes in various sizes, ranging from 36 inches long to 41 inches. Some articles also include Navigator Drone trucks, which is a hard-to-get feature for this price. This longboard has wider trucks (245mm) than usual board and therefore turns smoothly.

The 41-inch Atom longboard has trucks integrated with the reverse kingpin. The wheel placement in the design is at an ideal position of 70 mm, and wheels installed have 78A hardness. The bearings vary between ABEC-5, ABEC-7, and ABEC-9 from model to model. 

  • Navigator trucks is a win.
  • Wide range of options to choose from
  • Hardware has a room for improvement.
  • Kingpin needs adjustment to improve turning.

The Bottom Line

A common complaint against Atom longboards is that the bearings are slow, and the truck bolts loosen up only after a few rides. On the brighter side, these two issues are easily solvable by upgrading the components, eliminating the problem.

The 41-inch boards are the best pick for high-speed rides. As the length of the board decreases, the board loses its stability at higher speeds. But the smallest variants are convenient for getting around the crowded narrow alleys. With the wide variety of longboards, Atom will satisfy the needs of every rider.

4. SCSK8 Professional Speed Drop Down

SCSK8 Professional Speed Drop Down


The SCSK8 board is manufactured while keeping speed as the baseline of the design. The extremely low center of gravity adds to the stability of the board, as you’re much closer to the ground. This design feature allows better control of the board, even at a higher speed. These specs make it the right choice for sliding on inclined surfaces.


The Speed Drop Down model by SCSK8 is constructed with 7 plies hard rock maple, and Pro Black grip tape all over the deck to improve grip. It is 9 inches wide and offers three options in deck length: 36, 40, and 42.25 inches.

The high bounce, flat spot resistant, PU wheels are 70 mm in diameter, and the trucks are 7 inches wide. The red series bearings have an ABEC-9 rating. The board can bear a weight of up to 220 lbs.

  • Excellent value for money
  • Deck has a durable build.
  • Wheels and bearings lack quality.
  • Riding through tight turns is difficult.

The Bottom Line

With a few upgrades on bearing and bushings, this longboard will become twice as good as it was out of the box and stand by you even when you have leveled up your skills. This board is user-friendly as it cruises smoothly, even in tight spaces. The longer boards attract downhill by promising stability at high speed. So the 36 inch Speed Drop Down longboard is a more convenient option for commuting in the town.

5. SCSK8 Natural Blank Pintail

SCSK8 Natural Blank Pintail

The pintail design in longboards has taken inspiration from surfboards. These longboards are made for riders who are into relaxed cruising, with occasional carving only. This SCSK8 board is the least pricey option in the market and is ideal for getting around the city.


SCSK8 is a perfect looking longboard; simplicity is its beauty. This 7-ply maple wood-based longboard uses the top-mount system. The cutaways just above the wheels prevent wheel bite. The aluminum trucks are reverse kingpin and have 7-inch hangers.

The wheels are 70mm in diameter and have 80A hardness. The ABEC-9 red series bearings’ quality and performance beat all the other longboards in this guide.  

The Bottom Line

The price this board is offered for is incomparable, but there is a catch. The board has a rather dull look due to the absence of graphics on the deck. SCSK8 has given this longboard a naked look. The visuals of this board may attract some but not the general population.

This board is as essential as it could get with the utility as the only goal. The longboard has everything a beginner needs to learn the art of balance and control. But the looks prevent it from becoming an instant pick.

6. Rimable Drop Through

Rimable Drop Through


Rimable has a good reputation in the market, and the longboards are known for its excellent build. The Drop Through boards are designed for high-speed rides. But the design does not stop the freestyle riders from trying trips and tricks on it. The Rimable Drop Through longboards is made for beginners with little or no knowledge of the art of skateboarding.


The 41 inches long and 9.5-inch wide longboard by Rimable is constructed with 9-ply maple wood. The 7-inch hangers, along with the aluminum truck, further increase the stability of the board. The wheel specification, as stated by the manufacturer, is 70mm in diameter and 85A hardness with ABEC-11 bearings.

The Bottom Line

Considering the features offered by this longboard for less than a Benjamin, it is by far the best longboard. There’s no evident compromise on the function to bring its price down. This longboard is an excellent way to enter the sport and get hooked on it.

The dimensions are high for freeriding. The only prerequisite for advancing from the learning stage to becoming an intermediate rider is to upgrade some of the parts of the longboard. The part improves starting with the bearings as these aren’t even ABEC-9.

Class ABEC-11 doesn’t even exist in the bearing classification scale by Annular Bearing Engineering. Nevertheless, the deck alone costs as much as the price Rimable is offering for a fully assembled longboard. Although the board is not suitable for a downhill ride, it can be tailored for that too.  

7. Ten Toes Board Emporium Zed

Ten Toes Board Emporium Zed


Zed is the first longboard by Ten Toes. The flagship article was released into the market in 2016, and it received positive reviews from the skateboarding community. Zed is an extra-long pintail cruiser that works best for a beginner rider, who is still learning to balance his weight.


Emporium Zed deck is a 44 inches longboard, constructed with 8-ply maple wood. The bamboo laminate adds to the flexibility of the board and assists the rider in carving. The concavity of the deck improves the grip of the rider further.

The wheel specification is 70 mm urethane wheels with 85A hardness and ABEC-7 bearings. The aluminum trucks are reverse-kingpin and come with 7-inch hangers and black brushings of 90A.

The Bottom Line

Zed is the flagship article by Ten Toes. It is a complete package for a beginner and will stick around for a while. With this longboard, you’ll feel the need to upgrade shortly after the learning phase is over. Begin replacing the parts with wheels, followed by the trucks.

The kick in the tail, concave deck is an attractive feature of this board, along with the attractive overall look from the graphics on the deck. The Zed has already made its mark with this cruiser; the riders are anticipating better features.

8. Krown Rasta Freestyle Elite

Krown Rasta Freestyle Elite


Krown Rasta introduced its first skateboard back in 1996 and has made a name in the market. Their mission is to serve good quality skateboards built on a budget. This is the best brand for beginners and intermediates alike.

With its Freestyle Elite longboard, the rider is offered both carving and stability. These boards are good for speed racing on hills and cruising on sideways. The drop-through mount design reduces the efforts to push the board by setting the board low.


This 36 inches longboard is constructed with 8-ply maple wood laminate. The short length allows the rider to attain a tucking position, making downhill rides easier. The drop-through trucks and cutaways above the wheels allow the rider to lean without fearing wheel bite. The trucks have reverse kingpins and 7- inch hangers with urethane wheels 71mm in diameter and 78A hardness.

The Bottom Line

As a freestyle longboard, it is perfect for the everyday commute. Cruising and carving are not it’s forte, but this longboard will do that too. The rider can also experiment with some of the basic tricks on the board. The shape and size of the longboard are spot-on.

The parts are as good as the other longboards in this range, if not better. Upgrading the bearings will take the riding experience of these boards to a whole new level. Overall, Krown Rasta Freestyle Elite is perfect for a beginner skateboarder on a budget.

9. Volador 42-inch Freeride

Volador 42-inch Freeride


This longboard will win your heart at the very first glance. It is a long, low lying board with generous concavity. The 42 inch Freeride board by Volador yields a speed of up to 40 miles per hour. The features, overall looks, and the riding experience are all right on the price range of Volador.       


Volador 42 inch Freeride longboard has the best deck quality amongst all the options in this guide. It is 42 inches long, with a bi-directional kick to the tail and the nose. The concave chambered profile of the deck adds to the flexibility of the board.

This longboard is fitted with a 70 mm super high rebound, urethane wheels with 78A hardness. The bearings are ABEC-9, and the aluminum trucks have 7-inch hangers. Brushing is softer, so the board has better abilities to turn as compared to the rest of the longboards in this price range.

The Bottom Line

The price Volador has to offer for a longboard is surprising because the longboards with such features are usually much more expensive. Running through the reviews will, however, land you to some unhappy customers as well. The limitations of the board become visible only after rigorous usage.

This deck cannot take the stress of sliding on inclined pavements at high speed. The hot-pressing used between board plies is incompatible with the last chamber and deep concave. These boards are great for cruising on straight sidewalks or low gradient hills only. 

10. Atom Pintai

Atom Pintai


Atom Pintail is made for laid back riders, who do not have speed on their list. This longboard is best suited for beginners or riders planning to utilize the board for a regular commute only. The pintail design of these boards dates back to the early days of the skateboarding sport. This cruiser is not going to make you go wow, but it is a decent board with everything right.


Atom’s Pintail is constructed with eight-ply Canadian maple wood. It is 39 inches long and 9.5 inches wide. The deck is overall flat, with only slightly concave across the width. The wheels have 65mm diameter and 78A hardness, making the wheels smaller and harder than standard wheels.

The aluminum-based trucks are attached to an 8.5inch hanger. The bearings are ABEC-5; they are slow and lag quality. Therefore, the bearings are due for replacement instantly after unboxing the board.

The Bottom Line

This longboard is suitable for riders who are not into speeding and are looking for an on the budget cruiser. Atom Pintail is a decent board available at a reasonable price and has an attractive overall look.

The board is easily upgradeable, and the replacement parts are inexpensive, though the aggregated cost after all the upgrade will land you at the cost of another board in the same price range. But the custom longboard will be a perfect longboard that can last for a while.

How much should a longboard cost?

Picking your first longboard can get confusing as there is a wide range of longboards, and the prices vary quite a bit. Which longboard is the best? There’s no right answer to the question. The one that suits your requirements and falls within your budget at the same time is the one you should pick. A longboard that doesn’t fit your pocket is no good because you can’t buy it. And just because a longboard is expensive does not necessarily promise durability of the longboard, smoother ride, or even top-class features.

Cheap entry-level longboards

Beginner longboards are all the same and cost anywhere between $57 to $100. The only difference brands create while working in this price range are the graphics or the shape on the deck. And precisely these two features reflect the difference in the overall price of the beginner longboard.

Rimable Bamboo is amongst the most loved beginner boards in this price range. The components like trucks and wheels are useful for everyday cruising and better than most longboards available at this price point, so is the overall build quality. 

Better premium quality longboards

A buyer looking for high-quality longboards usually has a budget above $120. The longboards in this price range are constructed with good quality components, particularly the bearing and trucks. A step up in quality delays the need for the part upgrade by a few years. The same quality components cannot be delivered in the boards under $100, even if the companies shrink their margins, because functional quality components cost more. 

A well-known name in this category of longboards is of Sector 9 Green Wave. Explore its Amazon link to find out more about the board. The reviews will satisfy the price to quality comparison under discussion.

PRO-level longboards

Then there are longboards with extraordinary features and outclass components. Some manufacturers even use carbon and fiberglass. Only the advanced skateboarders opt for the pro level longboards as the prices go beyond $200. Landyachtz Stratus HollowTech longboards are an excellent example of advanced longboards.

Where to buy good longboards?

Amazon is hands down the best place to buy the longboard and its accessories. The deals offered at Amazon are incomparable, and the products reach your doorstep for minimal shipping charges. The convenience and affordability make it an ideal one-stop for everything. A bit of browsing can land you at unbelievable discounts by sellers. Besides the price reduction, Amazon is a great forum to learn about the experiences from the product reviews by buyers like you and me.

If you’re not comfortable shopping from online retailers, find a local skateboard shop near you. The only drawback is the limited variety. But on the brighter side, you get the opportunity to try the longboards before purchasing one. You’ll get a personalized shopping experience with a bunch of tips on maintaining your longboard to extend its life. The retail owner’s expert advice can help you pick the longboards that suit your needs the most. If you’re lucky, he might even hook you up with the local skateboarding community near you.

It’s you to Decide

We do not recommend beginners to jump straight to pro-level longboards in their early days. Begin with one of the basic longboards available under $100. By the time you have brushed up your skills and are ready for an upgrade, you’ll have a fair idea of your riding style and what you want for your second longboard. Unless you ride on a longboard, you will not understand the real significance of the minute difference in the features and how it impacts the build quality of components.

Once the learning phase is over, the quest for smoother riding experience and dump less performance on higher speed will begin. That is the time a skateboarder should explore the domain of the part upgrade. Even the most minor changes can make a lot of impact on the performance of the board. For instance, loosening the axle bolts speeds up the board; regular maintenance of the bearings improves the rolling speed by a few degrees.

But the significant difference is created by upgrading the bearings. Most longboards under $100 have low-quality bearings, and they get slower over time. Replacing them is a must, but choosing a suitable quality replacement is not an easy task. It requires a lot of research, as there are contradicting opinions over this topic. An important thing to note is that the ABEC ratings do not have a direct relationship with the right bearing, and there are only a bunch of manufacturers that produce suitable quality bearings. Amongst them are Zealous, Spaceballs, Reds, and Tektons. 

Making your longboard isn’t hard, but the key is to make sure the new components are compatible with the ones already installed. If the trucks are small or the deck is too low, bigger wheels will also increase the possibility of a wheel bite. And if your skills do not match the speed the board has to offer, even a perfectly tuned ultra-fast upgraded longboard will be good for nothing. Leveling up your skills is more important than upgrading the board. To sum it up, the riding experience of the board improves as you do.