The 90s may have been long gone, but the charm of riding a skateboard will never get old. With the advent of technology, they too had a facelift. The new realm of electric longboards is opened to us, offering faster and smoother commutes across the campus. The speed thrill can be experienced without shedding a sweat. Electronic boards give the rider the ultimate control board’s speed through remote control.

Here Is What You Are Getting With the Liftboard

Owning your first electric board is just as fascinating as it sounds. The beginner electronic longboard is easy on the pocket and a good starting point to fuel the buzz. In our view, LiftBoard is the best option available. The collection stands out in the ocean of longboards as they are offering their basic Single Motor Liftboard for half the price of other electric longboards. The unmatched selling price makes it an unbelievably affordable pick to ride in the city, with a new style!


  • Dimensions: 39”x15”x9”
  • Deck Length: 39”
  • Weight: 17lbs
  • Material: Steel trucks & 7ply maple wood
  • Wheels type: 80mm polyurethane
  • Top Speed: 16mph
  • Hill grade: 15%
  • Distance on one charge: 16miles
  • Charging Time: 2-3 hours
  • Battery Type: Lithium-ion
  • Motor Type: 900W single belt-driven motor
  • Age recommendation: 10 above

LiftBoard 980012980 Single Motor Electric Skateboard



Liftboard Single Motor electric longboard is 39 inches long and has a wide rigid deck made with layered maple hardwood. The center of the electric board is equipped with a rubber mat that assists in maintaining riders’ grip. The electronic longboard has a stylish eye-catchy look to it.

It will reach your doorsteps as a fully assembled longboard with all the accessories in the box: hand-held wireless remote along with the charger and lithium-ion batteries. The company also offers Dual Motor LiftBoard but that will squeeze a few $100s out of your wallet.

As evident from the name, the Dual Motor LiftBoards are equipped with an additional motor, which gives it an edge over other electric longboards available in the market. If you are living in a hilly station, buying the Dual Motor Liftboard is advantageous as it assembled with two motors.

Each motor is equipped with an output of 900W generated by 8.8AH battery, so the overall power of Dual Motor LiftBoard is 1800w. The motors power the wheels through the belt and bearing and then transfers it into the truck and wheel assembly. These belt-driven motors offer enough torque for a smooth take-off and to tackle the steep terrains.

Charging a fully depleted battery, of either of the two boards, takes about 180min. With a completely charged battery, you will be able to travel a long-distance range of 16 miles. This is the same for both models. To maximize battery efficiency, the manufacturer recommends riding on flat surfaces as it offers the best mileage on plane terrains. 

The travel time is the same for dual motor and single motor longboard. But the maximum attainable speed for Dual Motor Liftboard is 18.6mph, while for Single Motor Liftboard it reduces to 16mph. In short, the additional motor does not only increase the top speed, but it also assists skating on uphill pavements. When compared, a Single Motor LiftBoard can overcome a 15 degree inclination with no loss of power, while Dual Motor can attack the slope of up to even 25 degrees.

Both models have a deck length of 39 inches and are rated at 265lb of user weight. The board is manufactured with 7 ply maple wood, which adds to the durability of the board while keeping it lightweight. The trucks are made with adjustable steel and the softness of the wheels plays a huge role in the smooth-riding experience. The wheels are made with 80 mm polyurethane, the material is rated at 78a. The longboard will give you an exceptionally trouble-free ride on paved surfaces as wheels roll on 5 ABEC bearings.

What makes the LiftBoard the best buy is its distinct design features. A handle is cut half way on the bottom side of the board which comes handy when you’re tired of carrying this bulky longboard in your hands. When you are not riding, just hang it anywhere and free yourself from the hassle of taking care of it. You can even pass a thread through the hole to attach it with your backpack.

The electric board is controlled by a wireless remote control powered by lithium-ion batteries. The remote controls mainly three functions of the board: acceleration, throttling, and braking. Red and green lights are located on the controller to indicate which of the three modes is active.

The triple-function mode is the default beginner configuration; this mode limits the speed to 9mph. Once you get used to the speed and control system of the board, the remote controller can be set to the fast mode. This gets the speed up to 16mph. Having said that, the top speed is also dependant upon the rider’s weight and the surface you are riding on.

The remote controller requires a total of 2 hours of charge time. Make sure the remote controller is fully charged before you take it out for a ride as this is the only way to control the electric board. The manufacturer does not recommend starting the board with a manual push kick as it can damage the belt-driven mechanism.

The regenerative braking function is the best feature available in Dual Motor LiftBoard. This feature allows the recharging of the board’s battery during the smooth speed braking process.

  • Greater weight capacity
  • Steady acceleration and braking mechanism
  • Offers smooth ride on inclined pavements
  • Excellent after-sale customer service
  • Replacement for motor and belt part is easily available
  • Unexplained events of remote control failure
  • Eboard is not water-proofed adequately
  • Battery replacement is out of question
  • No indication for controller/ eboard’s remaining battery

The feature to price point ratio, Single Motor LiftBoard has to offer is hard to come across. It has a sleek design and the matte finish gives the electric board a desirable look. The battery life and the top speeds are spot-on. Electronic Board accelerates to its speed limit in a flash and brakes very smoothly as well. 

Unlike most of the electric longboards available, both Single and Dual Motor LiftBoards have their motors mounted to the hubs and wheels. The electronic boards are equipped with belt-driven motors that provide the longboard with the power and torque needed for inclined surfaces. The electric boards are perfect for both flat roads and hilly terrains.

Most of the longboards are recommended for riders weighing less 225 pounds, the Liftboards’ electric longboards have a weight capacity of 265 pounds. This sturdy-looking board is the best choice for big boys. The overall customer reviews are positive as the owners are satisfied with the features it has to offer, and the build quality of the board is good too.

The models are shipped fully assembled and along with the manufacturer’s warranty. After-sales customer service is very responsive and helpful.

The best thing about Liftboard is that the replaceable parts of the models are available on the official website, that too, at extremely reasonable prices. It is easy to replace the belt and motor if something has gone wrong. To sum up, LiftBoard is a great-looking electric longboard to ride on.

A rather unanimous complaint in the customer reviews is that while the eboard is in motion, the remote controller experience random events of going out of sync with the electric board. The longboard has a constant lag between the commands getting translated. This poses a safety risk, especially during the event of an emergency braking situation. A quick fix suggested in the reviews is to dismount the board and push the button a few times. 

The customer service was extremely helpful in quickly resolving the complaint by replacing the remote controller, but the issue is still present in this model.

Another downside is that the board is not resistant to water as the ingress points of the board are not sealed adequately. The points in most danger due to insufficient-water proofing are the charge point and the power button. A less likely but extremely damaging case is if the copper wiring of the motor gets burned out or the electric circuitry gets short due to added moisture. Perhaps a good idea to avoid any such scenario is to check the weather forecast before heading out for a city tour. Even on a sunny day, watch out for water puddles to avoid damaging the charge points or the wiring on the electronic board.

You can not ride farther than 16 miles as the Liftboards does not support the feature of on-the-go battery replacement. The feature is available in articles by other manufacturers, But here, this is a design restriction that does not permit plugging in a secondary battery. Therefore, some impatient riders may also feel that the recharge time of the battery is too long.

Another good-to-have feature in the electronic longboards would be an indication for the percentage of battery left. This will avoid surprises like fully drained battery and will allow the owner to charge his electric longboard proactively. 


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Overall, the Single Motor LiftBoard is a simple, elegant yet pretty solid longboard. It is a good starting point for newbies to explore their avidity for eboards. Don’t be too charmed by boosted boards. When put in a head-to-head comparison, the features offered by LiftBoard is as good as them. This makes the boosted longboard a way overpriced option.

Based on owner reviews across the internet, LiftBoard Single Motor and Dual Motor longboard are amongst the best electric longboards. They are easy on the pocket, yet packed with all the essential features. It is amongst the heavier longboards in the market. The model is available in matte-black only, a downside for people who are not a big fan mono-tone gadgets. 

The functions on the remote control are fairly simple to understand and operate. It is amongst the best suited electronic boards for freshies, who wish to become professionals one day. Use this electric board for initial learning as this eboard is a good way to learn to balance the board while riding on it. As you gain acquaintance with the feel, you’ll also have an idea of the things you like and don’t like about the board. 

Once you acquire the skills to ride the electronic longboard like a pro, step your game up by upgrading yourself to the Dual Motor Liftboard. Experience the adrenaline rush as it offers greater acceleration and higher top speed.

The electric LiftBoard is a great board to begin with, and it will stick around for long (unless it dives into the water). It is the best value longboard without need to spend anything even close to what most of the brands ask for. This electric eboard will be ready to give you a ride anywhere and anytime.

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