Skateboarding is a unique action sport that needs precise control and management to maneuver balance. If you are on the lookout for a board on a budget, we have listed down the best cheap longboards for you.

Usually, skateboarding is loved by thrillseekers who want to experience something new that mostly includes young adults and sometimes even children. Individuals do skateboarding as a means of transport or activity that provides for jumping tricks while maintaining equilibrium on the board; at times, protection equipment is also needed along with the longboards.

There has been a recent increase in the popularity of longboards; to cater to the popular demand, there are many options of best cheap longboards available on Amazon.

Characteristics of Basic Boards

Different models of longboards are available on Amazon suited according to the needs and liking of the user. Generally, getting high-quality longboards already come assembled and are the safest option and have high reviews. It is to be noted while picking a board, the material, shape, and length should be considered.

LengthMaterials used Form of boardsThe budget

The first thing to consider is the length; this is important as it defines the use of the board. Typically professional skateboards come in different sizes that include micro, mini, mid-size, and full-size longboards. Micro, mini, and mid-sized skateboards are most suited for individuals 5 to 12 years of age. Longboards are recommended. For people, 12 years and up longer length boards are recommended as they can easily maintain the board’s equilibrium and control.

To perform tricks and jumps, longboards are recommended for highly skilled professionals.

Different kinds of materials that skateboards are made of include maple wood, fiber stick, carbon fiber, or combinations of all. To ensure the strength and longevity of the skateboard, some models are made of many different sheets of wood. How much a skateboard weighs depends upon the material and sturdiness of the board.

All kinds of skateboards are divided into two types that include concave and longboards. A concave skateboard is ideal to use for individuals who are under 12 years of age. For individuals ages 12 and up, longboards are more appropriate for use. A longboard is a broad full board with sharp ends measuring up to 32cm in length and can hold up to 100kg of weight.

No matter what kind of skateboard you pick and buy online either from Amazon or physically from a shop, at first, you need to set a budget accordingly. The guidelines in this review will help you get the best skateboard along with the preset budget.

Best Cheap Longboards to Pick

1. SCSK8 Natural Blank & Stained Complete Longboard

SCSK8 Natural Blank & Stained Complete Longboard


This longboard has a length of 40”, with sturdy wheels measuring up to 70mm and also has an aluminum hanger measuring up to 7”. The body of the longboard is very sleek looking and has one of the most well-built designs. This longboard’s impeccable quality and features make it ideal for achieving speed in races and performing extraordinary action jumps. To check reviews, price, and discounts, log on to Amazon.

  • Budget-friendly
  • Reviews suggest it to be the most user-friendly
  • Storage is secure.
  • Has a sleek, attractive design
  • The body is built to encourage secure handling.
  • Some people have complained about the bearings
  • This longboard is not suitable for professionals
  • Don’t have an extra pair of wheels.

2. Quest 2012 Classic Longboard Skateboard (40-Inch)

Quest 2012 Classic Longboard Skateboard (40-Inch)


This longboard is one of the best cheap longboards popular for its classic design. The deck is made of durable and sturdy maple hardwood body measuring up to 40inches. Speed is ensured by the 70mm wheels that give the accurateness of ABEC 5 Bearings. This skateboard is recommended for beginners as it has the ideal features of Amazon’s remarkable budget-friendly price. Also, it has the highest rated reviews on Amazon.

3. Super Cruiser Artisan Bamboo Longboard Skateboard (44-Inch)

Super Cruiser Artisan Bamboo Longboard Skateboard (44-Inch)


Manufactured from high-quality Bamboo wood, this skateboard measures up to 44” in length. The skateboard designs have many layers of wood to provide further stability and equilibrium. To make safe turns on sharp critical curves and to have the reasonable control of the skateboard, the grip is balanced to a certain degree.

Wheels are made from very sturdy aluminum and measure up to 70mm. The body of the skateboard has a very vivid design. It has very satisfactory customer reviews on Amazon.

  • Very reasonably priced
  • Maximum durability
  • It gives a very smooth and safe ride.
  • The deck has a very vivid artistic one of its kind designs
  • It has very stable trucks.
  • Some people faced some difficulties in turning.
  • Bearings may require a change
  • The weight of the trucks seems a lot.

4. Krown Rasta Freestyle Elite Complete Longboard

Krown Rasta Freestyle Elite Complete Longboard


The longboard is made of high-quality Canadian maple wood, with the body measuring 9.25-Inch x 36-Inch with 71mm 78a Wheels. The sleek and slender longboard is designed to take its rider cautiously in the streets and parks—ideal for making spinning and rotating movements on curves. The layout of this longboard ensures to boost the cruising style of the rider. Log on to Amazon to check price and user reviews.

  • The trucks of this longboard are perfect.
  • The price is very pocket-friendly.
  • Designed to cruise on slides safely.
  • Is very light in weight
  • The quality of the wheels is very typical.
  • The tapes on the grips tend to wear off.
  • The bearings do not carry a good quality.

5. Atom Drop Longboard

Atom Drop Longboard


With a simple vintage concave shape, this longboard has aluminum trucks measuring up to 8.5 inches. It has a Pintail pattern design on the laminate maple deck. Maneuver this electric longboard on numerous platforms to carry out various tricks. The long design is made to boost speed and provide increased resistance, all at a very reasonable price. To see deals, discounts, and reviews log on to Amazon.

  • The longboard is very easy to maneuver.
  • Easy to use by beginners
  • Very light in weight.
  • Ensures an effortless ride.
  • Bearings tend to wear out after prolonged use
  • Adjustments need to be done to ensure maximum performance.
  • Problems may occur during short turns.

6. Krown Rasta City Surf Longboard Skateboard

Krown Rasta City Surf Longboard Skateboard


Manufactured by the most well-known and popular brand The Krown Rasta City Surf Longboard is very user-friendly, and the price is very reasonable. The longboard has a deck measuring up to 9 x 46 inches with a wheelbase measuring up to 21 inches, presenting a Canadian maple construction, making it a unique one of a kind model.

This longboard has grip tape and wheels in black color along with the Rastafarian colors and lion trademark. And grip tape. The longboard has a classic pintail shape, which is one of the popular shapes of longboards of modern times. Supplementary parts include 6.0 aluminum alloy trucks, black wheels measuring up to 70mm, and Abec 7 bearings.

Weighing about 7.8 pounds, The Krown Rasta City Surf is a very sturdy and sound longboard making it a very reasonable bargain. This board is ideal for beginners, but professionals may not like the parts as the bearings and wheels do not have the quality to withstand experienced cruising.

The longboard has a very striking design with vibrant colors that depict a picturesque sunset; the making of the board is very durable enough to bear up against any beginners’ errors. With a price lesser than $80, this board has all the qualities to make it one of the best cheap longboards available that go well with your personality. For pricing details and customer reviews, log on to Amazon.

  • The board is already assembled.
  • It gives a very smooth cruising experience.
  • Ideal to use by beginners as it is very stable.
  • It can withstand unsteady movements.
  • There may be a need to upgrade bearings.

7. Yocaher Professional Speed Drop Down Stained Complete Longboard

Yocaher Professional Speed Drop Down Stained Complete Longboard


This plucked stained drop-down longboard has one of the chicest and modern looks. YOCAHER is one of the leading pioneer brands manufacturing longboards for decades, especially this professional longboard is one of the most popular and extremely economical longboards available. It has a distinctive deck that lowers down in the center from the trucks. This enhances stability and gives control even when moving fast by lessening the center of gravity 

The features and the built of the longboard make it the best cheap longboard under $100.

This makes it a very economical bargain of a speed longboard at a very reasonable price. As suggested by customer reviews on Amazon this longboard by YOCAHWER give great value for money with a very sturdy design.

It weighs about 11 pounds, which is perfect in providing increased stability. Measuring at 41.2 x 9 inches, this longboard is ideal for expert use. With a shape that is concave and flexed, it comes pre-assembled with maple wood construction.

  • It tends to bear the capacity of high load.
  • Perfect for cruising downhill.
  • Perfect to use for professionals as well as beginners.
  • It comes with enhanced stability, safety & balance.
  • High concavity becomes a problem for newbies.
  • Bearings go worn ff on consistent use & require frequent replacements.

8. Quest Native Spirit Kicktail Longboard Skateboard (40 inches)

Quest Native Spirit Kicktail Longboard Skateboard (40 inches)


The Quest Native Spirit Kicktail Longboard Skateboard is constructed using seven piles of hardwood maple deck with 80A PU wheels. The board is lightweight, and it is best for smooth and casual riding.

It is also equipped with This lightweight longboard is ideal for casual and smooth riding and is equipped with sensitive reverse kingpin trucks. This 40-inch longboard is one of the cheapest and highly appropriate for beginners as well as professionals, specially designed to perform along with that feeling of an athlete.

With Aztec featuring. Aztec ecstatic art, it lets you exercise the combination of stability & speed longboarding. Quest Native Longboard is suited for all types of climate and comes with the right wheels for the right price. The purpose of the board is cruising, exploring, and adventuring on your longboard.

The Quest has also manufactured another affordable classic longboard that offers not only quality but even performance with style. The weight is light enough to weigh only 7.1 pounds, yet it gives you a powerful performance. It has the most amazing reviews on Amazon.

  • The construction is sturdy
  • The Aztec-inspired design looks perfect and appealing
  • The longboard is a durable one.
  • The trucks are very stable
  • Even on a rough surface, it provides the rider with full control.
  • · The flexibility is not good enough.

9. Yocaher Professional Speed Drop Down Complete Longboard

Yocaher Professional Speed Drop Down Complete Longboard


The Yocaher Professional Speed Drop Down Complete Longboard is the most suitable professional longboard available with free shipping in $99.9. Measures about 41.25 x 9 inches and has heavy-duty HD7 trucks, aluminum alloy, with wheels of 78A hardness.

The high flex concave on nine-ply maple wood gives the user more stability to achieve high-speed cruising by reducing the center of gravity. It can withstand almost 275 pounds of weight, making it one of the sturdiest longboards extremely suitable for performing tricks, turns, and to attain high-speed cruising.

Inspired by Rastafarianism, this board’s critical feature is that it enables the user to achieve more excellent balance and stability. The board has a sleek, eye-catching design with smooth bearings. It is a one-of-a-kind board of the Rasta series by YOCAHER, best known for its distinctive features. It has many great customer reviews online.

It is effortless to carry along with a weight of 8.2 pounds. This is perfect for beginners as well as professional riders.

  • Comes pre-assembled.
  • Best to use for all kinds of riders.
  • Best suited to achieve high speed.
  • It provides high control and better stability.
  • It has a stunning aesthetic.
  • Bearings can be a bit stiff.
  • Needs to be slowed down when making a turn.

10. Atom Drop-Through Longboard (41 inches)

Atom Drop-Through Longboard (41 inches)


The Atom Drop-Through Longboard is the best rated and highest selling longboard on Amazon. The board is constructed very low to boost balance for cruising downhill, with a price of $92.99 comes with free shipping.

The deck is styled in a way to encourage users to push the board easily. Made of laminate maple deck and reverse King (RKP) 245 mm trucks, are additional components to boost speed and performance.

Atom is an established brand and has been manufacturing premium quality longboards since 1993. This longboard has all the features you need for good longboarding with a smooth ride and wheels suitable for all kinds of terrains. With 9 bearings feature of high-speed lubricant, it is indeed one of the best longboards to have. The smart shape of 9.6 inches of this longboard allows you to take even sharp turns very effectively and thus provides you under control riding. There Are a lot of great reviews available online.

  • It is very affordable
  • Best for beginners to start with.
  • Ride is very smooth and painless.
  • Well manufactured from maple laminate deck
  • Quite comfortable for long and consistent use.
  • Some beginners find it too flexible.

Essential Guidelines to follow when Picking your Board

If you are new to the sport of skateboard then you should start your journey it is recommended by experts to pick a smaller board to start. This is recommended because as a beginner smaller boards give more control of the board to the user and make spins, tricks and jumps easy to maneuver. For starting out you need a board that is easy to use while you master the art of skateboarding.

It is up to the user to decide what use to put the board to, there are many kinds of boards available on Amazon to suit the needs of users. If you just want to go round with your board then it is advisable to pick a budget-friendly one. There are boards that come pre-assembled, sometimes they have parts that you can assemble later but these types of boards are used by professionals.

Things you need to know before picking a Skateboard


The plate is picked according to the shoe size you wear, it is measured in pound’s border height.

The two axis of the board is another important element to consider when picking the board. As the width of the axis should be the same or very close to the wideness of the board.

are considered according to the standard size that is for small 56-60mm and for large 56-66mm, along with the wheel composition that is either hard or soft. On ramps, damp areas and pits soft wheels are ideal to use. While hard wheels are more appropriate to use in areas that are flat and smooth usually in urban areas. They play an important part in maintaining the speed of the board.

when selecting the bearings the most important factor to consider is the quality of the bearings. Size is not a worrisome factor when picking the board. Always opt for bearing that has great quality but can be expensive as compared to bearings that are cheap with normal quality.

Skateboarding is more about the board then the rider

In skateboarding, everything is about the board itself, as it turns round to 360 degrees as it goes about drifting in a Skate Park or on the road. Users invest a large amount of money in plates that are made from a combination of wood, extravagant books, high-quality bearings, and wheels. Performance is amplified with all these things as well as additional add ons include custom made shoes and sports gear.

How to Pick the Best Skateboard

DeckWheelsWidth and ConcaveSize, width, and hardnessHeight of the system

The first thing that a skater considers when picking the skateboard is the soundness of the plate known as the deck. The deck should be durable enough to hold 50 – 100kg of weight and is available in three sizes that include Micro, Mini, Mid-size and full size. The bridge of the skateboard is made of 5-9 sheets of sturdy wood. To ensure an effortless ride deck of the skateboard plays a significant part.

If you want to pump up the adrenaline, the best cheap longboards will help you jump with super speed in skate parks.

The durability depends on the wheels that act as central alarm pulls. The firmness of the wheels is measured using a numerical scale, “a.” This scale guarantees full security. The diameter of the wheels can differ from each other, standard wheels have a diameter up to 52-54 mm 99a, while wheels having a diameter of 60mm can be ideally used on ramps and 55mm wheels are perfect to use on streets. The user can customize wheels and use medium-hard wheels that are suited for cruising up to 75mm with 78-85.

Key features to consider when getting the board are the width and concave.

  • Width: A wider board with more surface area gives the rider more balance and control (especially during transitions); boards with narrow and tapered size can perform flip tricks. If you want to cruise on the street, then a small plate (up to 7.5”) is perfect for you for parking between somewhere (7.75”).
  • Concave: A concave board that has high raised edges has a very dynamic performance. This is more suitable for expert riders as the concave shape is most suitable for standing firm against elevated jumps (especially on stairs, openings, etc.). The concave shape gives lively and energetic performance doing flip tricks.
  • Size:

    Wheels with more “a” are more remarkable, as they will give more speed to the user but can be challenging to manage and may result in the rider losing control quickly. Wheels up to 50mm – 52mm are more suited for use in streets and large wheels about 55m or 58-60mm in parks.

  • Width: Little attention is paid to the width, which is a factor customarily ignored. The narrower a wheel, the better it will perform on the street due to its lightweight. Broader wheels have a very stable transaction and are fittest for vet use.
  • Hardness: Hardness plays a vital part in the performance. Soft wheels are substantial and steady and difficult to slip even on bumpy areas. The only issue is high speed cannot be maintained. In contrast, wide wheels are most suited for high speed for a more extended period.

There are three types of heights of different systems high, mid and low. How tall order is critical. It is effortless to deliver a backflip using the backplate with systems that are more down to the network. Higher systems have broad wheels to complement the height.


Longboards come with so many varieties, and the good thing is that some of them are quite reasonable. It’s fun and an adventure to ride longboards, and especially when the price is not too high, it becomes an easy access to all the beginners to follow their adventurous dreams.  All you need to do is to look at the list, read reviews of the best cheap longboards, select the one you like, and instantly start the thrilling adventure you always have wondered about.

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